Synopsis & Tiny Auto-Bio.

My name is Richard Perry.

I’m an English born inventor and product entreprenuer.

To keep this relevant to the case and situation i’m not going into my history because nobody cares and it isn’t all that

interesting - just life, right? So here is the little bit about my journey in innovation.

I filed my first patent when I was 21 years old for a cable tidy invention and realised that I had a calling for innovation and

business. Back in the day, 21 years old was very young for a person to be filing patents and getting into product

development because it was more or less unheard of in the UK for people to be doing it at that age. It was normally only

large corporations who would develop products and offer royalties if they took your idea on, and the royalties would be pitiful.

Occasionally inventors would sell their ideas for large sums and they would be paid. I had heard of a few million pound

buyouts etc but it wasn’t a regular occurance. At least corporations used to go about their business in an ethical way. This

was before the technological revolution and before the internet and before the world changed. This was 25 years ago in the

days where invention was extremely difficult and not like today where everything is available at the touch of a screen or a

click of a button. I had to learn the secret formula over decades and now I don’t divulge this recipe for success to anyone. It’s

a trade secret! :)

I always had ideas coming to me throughout my life and at some point I understood the value of my gift in a commercial

environment and began honing my skills and visions to start off on a journey or career in the world of invention and products.

I was always told that I was an idiot and that I wouldn’t go anywhere in life and that my ideas were stupid and that I should

‘get a proper job’, all of which used to irritate me intensely. I’ve since realised that these were small minded jealous little

English people who hate success and despise anyone with a goal and who is building their dreams.

My gift is that I have visions of ideas and products, often in dreams or when I’m doing something where I need help to

complete the thing i’m doing. I will suddenly have a burst of visions and ideas of something that doesn’t exist in our world

that will seem as real to me as if I already have it in use. I can see these things in my mind from multiple dimensions and I

can twist and turn these ideas around in my head, pull them apart and reconstruct them and see them being adapted and

modified in hundreds of different ways. It’s weird. I often think I’m seeing visions of a future world or if I’m drawing ideas from

another world into this one, and of course this is why I have made such great successes in innovation. I can develop

products in my mind and see them in use and imagine any flaws or problems before I ever make a prototype. This is a very

powerful talent and it has saved me a lot of money in R&D costs!

Around the age of 21-ish I began inventing these little gadgets and dreaming up ideas and then let the whole thing go

dormant again because I was listening to all those losers that were telling me that I was an idiot or who were making fun of

me. I then began a construction business at the age of 25 and built it up to employ many people, running multiple jobs

simultaneously, and building my future. It was a great sucess until that was destroyed by United Kingdom Government and

Judicial corruption which is yet another whole other story. I continued the building work alone but through that work I found

many needs in the construction industry that could be fulfilled by products to help people do things. That was really the

basics of it. I found I needed tools and products to complete tasks. I suppose my professional career as an inventor/products

man really started off with my fencebrackets® that I designed to help myself and my staff put up fences, albeit that by the

time I actually managed to get my products to market the recession had also come along and the staff were long gone.

Actually there really is a long interesting and colourful history to my life but it isn’t relevent here. From the birth of my

Fencebrackets™ that I initially drew up on a beer mat in a pub garden after work, I have invented and worked on dozens of

products, many of which never had any mileage in them or were more costly to develop than the returns I could realise from

sales, or which had to be put on the back shelf because I simply didn’t have the money to develop them. Loans and grants

weren’t available in the UK to inventors because inventors were seen as idiots and risk takers. Basically the people who are

now the future of any economy were treated like shit. Because I’m trying to keep this synopsis very short, the real success

story lies in my Fencebrackets™ which have sold all over the world helping tens to hundreds of thousands of people and

that have supported business and revenues worldwide. These little things were also the launchpad for my other innovations

in construction and garden products, and so to keep this on track in relation to the case, we’ll go to the Fencebrackets™


Copyright © Richard Perry 2018. Copyright commencement date is 14th February 2018.
Richard Perry A brief History.

A Brief History of my life &

How I have arrived at this case.

This isn’t by any means a full auto-biography; that could be an entire

novel in itself.

This is to give some background to the audience of the achievements

I made in relation to my inventions and start-up business enterprises.

It explains, or gives good credible reason, as to why the defendants

have robbed me in the first place - because if there wasn’t any value

or potential, they wouldn’t do it would they!

The Fencebrackets Story.

Here is a list of my Patents. This doesn’t include any of my worldwide patents, designs or trademarks and there are almost 100 unregistered designs date stamped by my solicitor. This portfolio and my amazing products is what the Defendants have targeted and stolen due to the value of it. Nearly all of my portfolio has been completely lost due to the Defendants’ criminal activity and total contempt for the law. Each one of the applications listed below equates to months to years of relentless work and perseverance and these applications were meant to give protection to a range of over 50 construction, garden and DIY products I had been working on. It often takes months just to write a patent when coupled with product prototyping and development and the overall process takes years to produce anything worthwile when you’re an individual on a shoestring budget.
UK Patent Application No.’s - 17 of which are GRANTED PATENTS, several applications still pending for grant.
CANADIAN Patent Application No
USA Patent Application No.
US 13 751 174
US 62 516 169
US 62 031 311
US 61 989 676
AUSTRALIA Patent Application No.
+ 4 LOST APPLICATIONS due to the crime of the Defendants
EUROPEAN Patent Application No.
5 LOST APPLICATIONS due to the crime of the Defendants.

My Fabulous Fencebrackets™ Products & Brands:

Products I was working on before the consequences of corruption led to my future

developments being crippled.

1). My Rafterclips®. These were my next big product. They hold insulation between rafters. These have now been copied

and stolen by the Defendants despite myself holding the patents and pioneering this area of construction. I got to trialling

testing and launch stage, sold a few thousand at trade shows, begun working on improved versions, filed more patents, made

more prototypes and got to launch stage of a range of different models for different purposes. The whole lot took me 5 years

and tens of thousands of pounds of investment. Wiped out and destroyed by the Defendants. The Defendants have sold

millions of their version stolen from my patents and called them ‘Rafterclips’ which is my registered trademark. This is a

serious criminal offence under the Trademarks Act and it is also IP fraud. The UK Authorities refuse to do anything about it.

2). My Plantladders®. This was a range of garden trellises and vertical growing apparatus. They were brilliant. i got to testing

stage and patent grant stage and then the whole work was ruined by the Defendants and the consequences of their serious


3). A Gun Saftety Device. Since being in North America for a few years I’ve been working on a device for gun safety. This is

yet another amazing innovation with a lot of physics behind it but the idea was to reduce accidental firing and impulse firing to

prevent suicides, hate crimes and accidents. The work has been delayed because of the Defendants.

4). A new product for installation of insulation into floors. Not a clip or small product - a game changing large construction


5). A new cereal - called ‘Phonios™’ - they’re sooo foney™. A little fun cereal I wanted to bring to market - for the adult kids.

6). My Spirit Level Bolt-ons. A range of products adapted to fit spirit levels for different construction applications. This was

actually fucked up by the crime of the United Kingdom Patent Office. You can read about their criminally run office here. Click.

7). A machine to revolutionize the printing, sign making and sheet manufacturing industry. Can’t say much more because this

is another big one. The next thing since the 3D printer. Guess who’s not going to get the privilege of this technology and the

revenues from it? That’s right - the United Stinkhole Kingdom - so the joke’s on you.

8). My fence post holders. These were quick release to help people install fence posts without injury and in a better method

without tools required. Completely lost and ruined by the consequences of the Defendant’s crime and the incompetence of the

UK Patent Office.

9). A new joist for construction.

10). A new type of fixing for walling.

11). A new method of preventing damp in walls,

12). A new product for installing agricultural fence posts.

13). AFTER I’VE WON THIS SITUATION: I will be setting up the Richard Perry Foundation and have plans for projects

to combat child poverty, homelessness and I’m working on inventions to tackle food shortages under my BigAg

Food Project.

I’m currently preparing websites: richardperryfoundation .com, allthekids .org and bigagfoodproject .com.

i’ve been given visions and inventions of what I need to do and it will cost tens of millions of pounds to get these

things working. However:

I have currently lost all enthusiasm and interest in developing anything else when all I end up with is crime being

carried out against me and poverty and going through absolute torment. When I look at my notes and sketches I am

reminded of the happiness I felt when I came up with these ideas and the enjoyment they would bring to the world.

These feelings then turn to hate, sadness, disappointment and despair and then more hate. I will bring these people

to justice even if it takes my entire life to do it. These evil little shitheads. I will point out that the above applications

are for all sorts of different products and innovations I was working on and had patents granted on. I also had

products for sports such as fishing and shooting, products for gardening and construction - all sorts of things. The

value of this isn’t just one hundred million - it’s hundreds of millions of pounds.

My Trademarks: (These are the main ones; in fact there were at least a dozen others and proper formal

applications, all lost by the Defendant’s crime or that are pending or that are not as established as these:



Fencebrackets - the strength in fencing,



Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Click the page numbers above. This was how it all begun. I will update this with more photos later this year. Thanks for reading!
2006. The first commercial batch going on sale in a garden centre.
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There has been a real journey and a success story . Read the fencebrackets Story. Start on page 1.
Me in 2007 - 2nd year of fencebrackets being on sale in the stores.

My Intellectual Property Rights List

I had sold between 3 - 4 million of my fencebrackets

and the sales were booming and growing year upon

year. The Defendants robbed me of this success. I

was stocking over 700 retail outlets and upto almost

1000. I now don’t have any customers left. To see the

advantage of these products and what they do, visit

my website .