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Richard Perry Versus. settlement offer  to the defendants In light of this development, the offer has now changed. This offer is being made public so that the world can see that the Defendants have had every opportunity to come forward, reconcile and make amends for the torture, anguish, and humiliating and degrading treatment they have forced me to suffer, and the consequences of their serious crime which has robbed me of my life and achievements.  I have had several rough evaluations of my patents and IP portfolio, with a global figure of around GBP150m of the value to me in royalites from those products if a royalty had been paid.  The overall value is hundreds of millions of pounds. The GBP150m sum does not take into account damages for crimes against humanity, mental torture, and all the suffering and torment I have had to bear, now including a divorce from someone who I loved. At my age i’ve now most likely been robbed of the chance of having children because of the time to heal from a divorce and this misery. The chances of finding someone else that would want to have a family with a victim of serious and organised crime or be a compatible mate, are low.  All the money in the world doesn’t mean anything at all when you don’t have any family of your own and no business or career and nothing left to offer anyone. There is also the goodwill, the enormous potential I was cheated out of without any way of recovering it, and being left lost in life.   I have now lost all faith in people and Justice and Government and would never take a risk starting a business again in the United Kingdom.  I also have no idea how likely it is that I would come up with market leading products again.  My life is now empty. On top of which the Defendants have gone around the entire industry making such bad blood and defamatory statements about me and my business that it is highly unlikely anyone would want to stock my products again anyway, despite my fight and this case also standing up for their rights and freedoms.  Now that almost a decade has been wiped out of my life, the patents have lapsed or have been drained of time and so there wouldn’t be any point trying to launch products with only a few years left. It would be a foolish investment.  Licencing my patents isn’t any deal that I would have done because I was happy on my own path creating lots of products and seeing where it took me - it wasn’t ever about the money, and the sleazy little shit Defendants have broken the law and committed sinister crime which is in fact so serious that it undermines the economy and the entire Rule of Law.    This offer isn’t about fair market value anymore - it is about making the oppressor pay for what they’ve done. I want a very large sum of money that would put me on a level equal to what I had achieved and that will go some way to helping me put this terrible ordeal behind me. This is all because a group of ill-willed, under-achieveing little losers can’t think of anything for themselves, and so they target one little man and bleed him dry of his love, passion, enjoyment and happiness in life.    The Offer is Now:  GBP 150m after tax   There is a choice of 2 deals:  _____________________________   In full and final settlement and the Choices are:  1). You can admit to violating my Human Rights, inflicting inhumane, humiliating and degrading treatment and committing serious criminal offences and make an open public apology. In this instance the 150m is not subject to tax.  2). You can deny all allegations and buy a release from further litigation or criminal charges being brought against you for an amount that would  leave me with 150m after taxes are paid    Mandatory Terms as part of any of the above Options:  (i): You will make arrangements to annul the bankruptcy order against me and file it at the court yourselves.  (ii): Identify which Defendants are included in any settlement agreement.  Hint: The firms below may choose to list their staff involved to save them from facing criminal charges.  FH Brundle will pay at least 13 million pounds- the money that they knew they had defrauded and immediately put into a new company in 2010 to try to hide, ring-fence, conceal and protect when they realised they had been caught.  Betafence will pay at least 100 million pounds  Birkdale Sales will pay at least 7 million pounds  Collyer Bristow LLP will pay at least 10 million pounds  Wake Smith LLP will pay at least 10 million pounds  Begbies Traynor Group will pay at least 10 million pounds  Britannia Fasteners will be closed down by the Authorities.  YOU HAVE TO COME UP WITH GBP 150M BETWEEN YOU - I DON’T GIVE A SHIT HOW YOU DO THAT AND MY SETTLEMENT WILL BE MADE IN ONE PAYMENT.    TO THE READER:  THESE SUGGESTED AMOUNTS FROM EACH DEFENDANT WILL ALLOW THEM TO STAY IN BUSINESS, GO AWAY LEARNING A VERY HARD LESSON KNOWING THAT THEY HAVE NARROWLY AVOIDED LIFETIME PRISON SENTENCES AND CRIMINAL SANCTIONS. IT WILL DRAIN THEIR SAVINGS AND CAPITAL RESERVES AND THE FIRMS THAT ARE NOT MEANT TO BE IN BUSINESS WILL NOT SURVIVE - THAT’S CALLED KARMA.  THERE ISN’T ANY REASON WHY THEY COULDN’T START AGAIN AND REBUILD THEIR BUSINESSES FROM NOTHING AND WITHOUT ANY FUNDING OR SUPPORT - JUST LIKE I DID.   THERE ARE NOT ANY DEALS FOR SIMPSON STRONG TIE -  I DEMAND CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE BROUGHT,  NOR ARE THERE ANY DEALS FOR ANY INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED UNLESS THEY ARE NAMED IN ANY SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT - I DEMAND CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE BROUGHT.   (iii): There will not be any further litigation or threats from any of the Defendants.    (iv): It is to be understood that ANY Defendant that is not identified or found not making any contribution will have charges brought against them and, if these are Judges, Police Officers or Government Officials, I will constantly pressure the UK to take action to stamp out corruption and remove those individuals from any position of Authority or issue criminal charges myself.     (V): You will withdraw the offending products from market immediately.   (vi). You will post a public apology on your websites that will remain online for three years and this apology is worded as:  Notice to customers regarding Richard Perry’s Intellectual Property rights: It has come to our attention that we have mistakenly manufactured, sold or distributed goods that were derived from Mr.Perry’s intellectual property rights, namely his Fencebrackets™ and other products known as Rafterclips® etc.  We did not have any licence or agreement with Mr. Perry to do so and have effectively withdrawn the ‘mistakenly produced’ products from market. Customers wishing to purchase these products should contact Mr.Perry or his business United Fence Products, Inc. directly, as they are no longer available from us. Thankyou.  (vii). You will not return the offending products to market regardless whether or not the IP has expired.  (viii). You will send a letter to every one of your customers that you have sold the offending products to that states that you have made a mistake and the products shouldn’t have ever been sold through you as they are/were under patent rights and that anyone wishing to stock the products should contact me - worded similarly to the first notice above. You will send this letter by means of recorded delivery and you will provide me with a copy of every recorded delivery slip and address to prove that you have done it. This may mean divulging your customer list.  (ix). If I am asked by Authorities to provide information in relation to this matter at any time, I will do as requested regardless of any settlement agreement.  (x). You are not buying or licensing any of my Intellectual Property rights.   Point 3. You will provide evidence and testify, if necessary, against those that do not pay up or reconcile. ____________________________________  In Consideration:   	1.	I will remove this website once payment is recieved and the bankruptcy order annulled. 	2.	I will not bring any further charges against those Defendants paying up, or publish any further information against the corporations. Those refusing to pay their share and that are not named in any agreement will be answering to criminal charges. I have enough evidence and the Police have enough evidence against every one of you.  I don’t want to hear the words “we can’t…” or “ we don’t have…” or lame and pathetic excuses.   There aren’t any deals for you to licence my IP - that ship has long sailed, and I don’t do those types of deals with criminals; especially ones pretending to be Christians whilst murdering people.  If it needs to be shown that this is some sort of negotiation, and if it helps, I can give you 5 off.  I don’t want shares in your Companies because you can’t or don’t want to pay, because I don’t do business with criminals.   I ‘aint accepting less than GBP 150m in my bank after tax - reflecting the damage caused.   Look on the bright side:  Some of you might go bankrupt, Some of you might lose your jobs, Some of you might no longer be able to afford the lavish lifestyles you have enjoyed through the crime you perpetrated,  Some of you might lose your businesses and careers,  Some of you might never work in law or have anything to do with financial management ever again.  Some of you might lose your marriages and all of your fake friendships, Some of you might manage to get to the other side of the river of pain that is before you without drowning. But look on the bright side, here’s your chance - and this really is your final chance, to avoid jail and lifetime prison sentences.  So now it’s time to settle the debt that is of your own making, You’ve had over twelve years to pay me and your time has ran out.   GBP 150 million, so when people learn about this case, and if people are thinking about robbing and butchering others, they will know what the consequences will be and there will be a deterrant.  You can write to this address in the United Kingdom postal address, I am currenly living abroad:  RICHARD PERRY 19 YERBURY STREET TROWBRIDGE WILTSHIRE BA14 8DP  You can reply through:  The email address:  HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY BLOCKED BY THE UNITED KINGDOM and therefore you will need to write to me or try the above email address. Any hate emails will be used in evidence even if you try to mask your sender’s address as you did in the past and in your silly death threats.
Defendants: If you are a Defendant and you wish to avoid punishment, you can provide me with a full written confession, detailing EVERYTHING you know and supported by hard undeniable documentary evidence that you will testify to in Court. I will provide you with immunity and call you as a witness to testify against the other Defendants. The time has come to think about saving yourself. YOU CAN PAY UP, CONFESS AND TESTIFY, OR GO TO JAIL. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY DEALS FOR YOU ‘ON THE COURT STEPS’ i’d rather have you all jailed - i’ll get more satisfaction. There aren’t any ‘better’ deals - you’ve had the best offers and all the chances. EVEN IF I HAVE TO ISSUE CHARGES AGAINST THE UNITED KINGDOM IN THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURTS, IT’S NOW PAYBACK, RESTITUTION, AND JUSTICE TIME
JAN 2020 Message to the PALACE AND UK Authorities: IF THEY REFUSE TO PAY, JAIL THEM. YOU’VE ALLOWED THIS SITUATION TO CONTINUE FOR 8 YEARS, BREACHING THE UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE, ARTICLE 1.11 AND INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS. YOUR CONDUCT IS BARBARIC (WORSE THAN ANY OF THAT PERPETRATED BY ISIS); BARBARIC AND DESPICABLE. YOU ASKED ME WHAT I WANTED.   I SAID: 150 MILLION or the Defendants jailed - ALL OF THEM. You have enough evidence and ANY LEGAL SETTLEMENT CAN BE PROCESSED BY EMAIL.  Regardless of whether the firms involved pay up, I demand that all the Judges, Police Officers and Government Officials in this are all jailed and criminal charges issued, including against the man of power and influence behind the London Economic Crime Directorate preventing any arrests from being made and obstructing justice. This person isn’t from one of the bloodlines controlling humanity - he is a little nobody like everyone else and is deliberately preventing justice because he hasn’t achieved anything himself and has to follow orders. To preserve the integrity of our Justice System, I demand that HHJ RICHARD HACON is removed from judicial office and jailed - use the court hearing tapes and his published judgements as evidence - that’s all you need to put to a jury, regardless of anything else. HHJ COLIN BIRSS is removed from judicial office HHJ PATRICK McCAHILL is already gone, but a punishment must be served HHJ MANN removed from judicial office Deputy loser GIDDINGS (Bath County Court) removed from judicial office HHJ MORGAN removed from judicial office HHJ Newey removed from judicial office District Judge Exton, (Bristol County Court) removed from judicial office. All Police Officers involved in corruption and crime removed from the Police Force Ian Younger, Johnathan Lee and the man behind the London Economic Crime Directorate who is preventing justice, jailed for improper conduct and abuse of function. Patrick Wheeler (Collyer Bristow LLp) to be struck off, disbarred and jailed Stuart Baran (Collyer Bristow LLp) to be struck off, disbarred and jailed Chandi Rhani (Collyer Bristow LLp) to be struck off and disbarred Jane Lambert (NP Law) to be struck off and disbarred Michael Locke and Paul Howarth (Begbies Traynor Group) to be stuck off and disbarred Mark Serby (Wake Smith LLp) to be struck off and disbarred. Patent Office Executives outlined as Defendants on the Defendants page, to be removed from the Office. Mark Forge (Bristol Official Receiver) to be disbarred and struck off Hayley Bird (Bristol Official Receiver) to be removed from employment and fined a minimum of twenty five thousand pounds. Mitzi Mace (Bristol Official Receiver) to be removed from employment and fined a minimum of fifty thousand pounds.  Glee Birmingham Show and ITE Events Group to be prevented from holding exhibitions under serious crime prevention orders and fined 1 million pounds. The Biggest Losers: Michael Brundle to be jailed Henry Hulme to be jailed John Abernethie to be jailed Richard Brundle, Abigail Abernethie, and the Defendants at Britannia Fasteners to be served with serious crime prevention orders. The tall, lanky dark haired man and the Fat man behind the silly Plymouth Brethren and FH Brundle crime to be jailed and all assets frozen with serious crime prevention orders to prevent them from trading.  To Summarize: 1. Minimum of GBP150m after taxes. 2. Anyone not paying up to be served with criminal charges and I’ll be there to see a case through. I would like a criminal case brought against Simpson Strong Tie and one against Judge Richard Hacon. Optionally, for Richard Hacon, he can make a broadcast public apology and resign from the Judiciary. 3. I want my work protected which can be started by the counterfeits being removed from the marketplace. 4. The criminally obtained Bankruptcy Order annulled and my work returned to me and any lost patents reinstated. If my patents are restarted from Year 1 then I will consider allowing my products to be sold in the UK. Before you ridicule and belittle me, you don’t know what plans and I have and what my next projects are despite the mole that you put into my organization and the information you’ve tried to gleen through unlawfully monitoring my emails and sending people to follow me around and others to befriend me.  5. Broadcast Public Apology and what was done to resolve this situation. 6. The United Kingdom will cease and desist from bringing any further malicious and unfounded claims against me and if any claims are made I will immediately issue a claim in the ICC. In Consideration: 1. I will remove this website and I will not bring any claims against the United Kingdom in relation to this matter. 2. I will not publish any more information about it, other than very brief references IF I HAVE TO which is because of the level of destruction caused and, because the United Kingdom have allowed this to carry on for 7 years, i’m sure at some point other people are going to want to know where those years went and the reason why no progress with my inventions or work was made, and why everything suddenly stopped.