What is Intellectual Property?

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So Here It Is: What is IP? Everything around us in the world that is man-made has been brought into life or reality by an idea. Ideas change the world. In relation to the present case and in the context of a ‘product’ arena where a product that is derived from an idea is created for the purpose of financial gain, a simple idea can build an empire and create vast wealth. In today’s world, anyone from any background, race or gender can successfully have an idea and bring it to life regardless of one’s status or level of education, intellect or finances. Of course as the world knows this, many individuals and businesses fiercely compete to bring out the next new product or ‘big idea’ before their competitors, in order to gain a market advantage and generate wealth and profits through sales of their product. Due to the very existence of competition and due to the costs of bringing to life one’s ‘big idea’ in the first place, both people and businesses will generally try to obtain legal protection for their product and creative rights, said legal protection that will provide a short term monopoly in the marketplace. The creators use this short term monopoly to enter into markets and gain ground to establish their products and businesses for financial reward before big competition can come along and diminish the creators’ investment. Creators are rightfully given this monopoly in order to protect them and their investment, otherwise nobody would ever create anything and the human race would stand still or relapse! Creative rights are otherwise known as Intellectual Property rights because an idea or ‘creation’ generally stems from one’s mind and intellect. Our creative rights are made tangible and are able to become physical ‘property’ by recording our ideas. This is done by writing our ideas down or by making drawings of them to present them in a way that is easily understood, so that the idea is birthed from the human mind into our physical world. An idea is invisible until announced, recorded and/or executed in the form of a physical tangible product (I will stick to product references here because i’m not writing a dissertation on intellectual property or creation). As the centuries have gone by, the human race has developed a system known as the patent system which is effectively an archive of everyone’s ideas that are recorded and stored generally in a chronological order; by date and time, so that the creator or ‘inventor’ of the idea or ‘concept’ has an official way of claiming that they are the original creator or inventor of the idea or concept, and/or that they ‘beat another to the post’ (got there first). The inventor generally identifies what is unique about their idea and makes a set of statements that distinguish their idea or concept from what is already known and released to the world. This set of statements is generally called ‘claims’ and become ‘rights’ that are owned by the creator. Sticking to the context within a products arena, when an inventor creates something new as identified by the set of claims, he/she is given a certificate by the recorder of the official records which confers a set of rights or title for a set period of time otherwise known as patent rights or intellectual property rights. These rights are supposed to prevent anyone else from using the inventor’s idea to make a gain for themselves without the inventor’s permission, and so effectively the inventor is given the aforesaid monopoly, by law. Without this legal protection there isn’t any deterrent to dissuade or prevent others from coming along and just taking the inventor’s idea and commercializing it for themselves, which would immediately annihilate the inventors idea and any investment made into bringing his/her idea to life. These investments are usually enormous and inventors such as myself often invest vast chunks of their lives and lifetime’s savings into their IP rights. The above of course is why undesirable people such as the Defendants come along and steal intellectual property, because they know that they instantly gain on the inventor’s investment and therefore don’t have to make any investment themselves or pay the inventor and, they are still able to make gains they are not lawfully entitled to. This is because they have taken the idea from a point after heavy investment has been made by the inventor, so these costs are avoided by the thief. Very large corporations have endless financial resources compared to an individual and these resources enable them to instantly commercialize ideas and make vast gains for themselves whilst the inventor’s intellectual property suffers complete devaluation and becomes completely worthless as well as his/her investment. This type of corporate crime and irresponsibility is extremely serious; it wrecks people’s lives and contributes to a breakdown of civilized society and makes a mockery of harmonious trading and the entire patent system. Worldwide companies stealing and financially butchering little individuals and small start-up enterprises because they don’t want to enter into licence agreements in the proper way or can’t think of anything for themselves is just pure evil and barbarism. Ultimately, whilst the big corporations make unlawful gains and keep people in jobs, the inventor is unable to create anything new, his/her life is lost and society loses the talent and progress. Usually the inventor’s goal or dream is to develop their ideas and create businesses that will become large corporations; building a future and continuing the economy. The inventor’s outlook is in complete contrast to a giant established corporation that has to make profit to run for the sake of running, when perhaps it should have died out a long time ago to make room for new enterprises that will take the human race forwards. Ideas and intellectual property is far more valuable and lucrative than most professions. In fact intellectual property rights are one of the very few ways that any individual can make vast fortunes in a lawful way and within a short period of time. However, whilst this is true, due to the way the world has developed and the abundance of ideas and products already realized, it is actually very difficult to acquire patent rights and the process of doing so is very expensive and takes several years to complete. The United Kingdom’s own Government website states that only 5% of patents filed by individuals ever reach grant stage. Only five percent of tens of thousands of applications filed every year. Therefore whilst vast fortunes can be made, the likelihood of being able to come up with ideas that have any commercial potential or mileage is very small. The application process is that the inventor drafts his patent specification and claims, pays for a search of the archived records and an examination of his/her application and then if the concept is unique, has patent rights granted. This initial stage of bringing a product to market is in itself very expensive. Most individuals will require the help of patent attorneys and the average spend is £100,000 for this stage because once one has an idea, there is some initial research and investigation required to determine whether or not there is any commercial potential and whether or not there is already a similar idea in existence. After one has been granted patent rights then there are the enormous costs of prototyping and development which, depending on the complexity of the product, can easily run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. After this, when a product has been developed to a market entry stage then there are the costs of starting up an enterprise, advertising, marketing and all of the usual start-up costs, which again is a vast investment of time and money. After all of these investments, the inventor then has to actually be able to sell his/her product and be able to make a profit. Again, this is very risky and extremely difficult due to competition and the fact that sometimes people will just not buy the product, no matter how good it is. An example of this was when digital mobile phones superceded analogue phones. I remember it took several years for people to become convinced that digital technology was reliable and stable enough and generally better than analogue before people were willing to put away their analogue phones. This took years. When an inventor is granted a short term monopoly of only 20 years, ever second is critical in the value and life of the patent because the clock is ticking, and once started it cannot be stopped or rewound. As this clock ticks, one’s investment into his/her enterprise generally increases but the profits may increase, decrease or not materialize at all. So this is an extremely risky business which is why generally only large corporations can or will do it because they can afford to take the risk. This is also why individuals will often licence their ideas and patents to large corporations in return for a royalty, so that they don’t have the financial risk or their risk is minimized and the inventor will take a share of profits on sales. I cannot emphasize enough how risky this undertaking is. Many people invest vast amounts of their own money and savings into their ideas in the hope that they will hit the jackpot and make the fortune. They will even go into large debts, remortgage their houses and beg and borrow from family and friends in order to obtain their patent rights and take their products to market. Then, even after they have done all of that and even if they have secured intellectual property rights and then successfully developed a product and sold a few, they may not have any business acumen and will still fail. If you take a minute to reflect on this, these are huge sums of money and, to the average individual these are lifetime’s savings and investments and the risking of money that has taken decades to earn. This is why, when large corporations just come along and steal intellectual property rights, the effects upon the individual are truly devastating and can often never be weathered or overcome. In some circumstances such as mine it leads to hate, bitterness and war. In the USA the Authorities understand this situation very well and they take action to enforce infringement and fraud of people’s creative rights. The punishments of doing it are severe. This is why the USA is light years ahead of the UK in terms of innovation. If you want to make money in the UK, simply go around stealing and defrauding intellectual property rights because the UK Authorities don’t understand the importance of it or the value of it and have absolutely no interest in enforcing it. Just to recap or further explain what intellectual property actually is. Intellectual property also consists of copyrights, designs, trademarks, formulas, compositions and sequences, but for the scope of this basic overall explanation I’m largely referring to patents. Intellectual property can simply be a piece of paper with a design drawn on it, stamped and dated, or it can be a song that someone has written or it can be a statement drafted on paper supported with drawings and a set of claims. These are creative rights and your Patent Office should endorse those rights. You will receive a certificate with a copy of the rights attached that sport a nice little ribbon and seal thus binding it all together. This is your intellectual property that is announced to the world and reflected in your product. So the actual physical tangible intellectual property itself could be just a few sheets of paper having very little value, but the value of the idea itself that is announced and contained within these few sheets of paper is enormous. Therefore to steal intellectual property or defraud intellectual property, the thief doesn’t have to physically get hold of your actual certificate at all. The thief simply finds the patent on the public records and then makes use of the know-how contained within it. The other and most common way of carrying out this crime is that the criminal will simply take your product and copy it or try to make tiny modifications to try to ‘get around’ your patent or so that these modifications give them a means to argue only a civil liability and not a criminal one, even though the intent is to deprive you of your idea which is acting criminally. Due to patent law, when someone does modify or design around a patent their product has to be a modification of more than one step to bypass the patent. This means the concept itself has to be modified or the product has to be modified in a way that takes the concept itself further, otherwise the patent is still infringed. It is now my experience that the UK Government and Judiciary do very well understand how modifications to a product may make an actual product different to another product produced under the same patent, but they do not understand that the concept itself has to be moved on by one step, and this is where the entire system is completely flawed. It is also a total injustice to the people of the United Kingdom when Government and Judges are deliberately aiding, abetting and encouraging worldwide companies to steal and defraud inventors. How intellectual property is valued. There are several ways of doing this and there are various theories such as the plumber test that help one estimate a value of intellectual property. The simple ways are looking at a financial sum of money that has been made from the patent through a product, which is generally turnover or profit or a combination thereof. There is goodwill and a consideration of how the sales of the product and/or the patent portfolio itself has increased the recognition and customer loyalty etc. therefore increasing value. There is the method of estimating target audiences and their volume and what one could expect to sell into the market and what financial sums this would generate and so on, and there is taking into account a patent’s past performance and likelihood of future successes, future licencing potential and so on. There are more ways than this but these are the basics of it. Hence, evaluations can have a range of values depending on the way the evaluator has made the estimation and what information has been taken into account when evaluating, but generally intellectual property has considerable value. For a proven product and established brand the value is enormous. For a market leading product the value is even greater and for a product and ideas that actually create new markets entirely, the value is astronomical. The reason is, you’re opening up new markets for more revenues, more products, more ideas, more job creation, more economic prosperity etc. and the human race flourishes. It is my belief that intellectual property should be the most regulated and heavily protected commodity in the world because most of the world revolves around it: industries are created and thrive upon it, jobs are created, people are happy and fulfilled and it is a very heavily interwoven part in the fabric of society. Without ideas and progress, the human race freezes. Even simple ideas such as a plastic Christmas tree have brought an abundance of joy to the world! In relation to my case, I have a proven track record of producing market leading products and brands that have sold in many millions of units all over the world, helping tens to hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve created unique products and pioneered areas in construction that have in fact created entire new markets and it has been a trecherous, risky and perilous journey. I have been investing all of my adult life into my work and it has taken everything i’ve worked for and every minute of my time for around 15 years without having any funding or outside investment. My products are a roaring success. You can read more about it under the Richard Perry Life page. Unfortunately for me, I have been robbed of my achievement and success by the Defendants in this case who have made many millions of pounds out of my work by stealing it and defrauding me of my creative rights whilst refusing to pay me a single penny or enter into any proper legal licencing agreement. Instead of coming to me and saying “we love your products; here’s a sign on bonus and a royalty - lets team up and sell your fabulous products worldwide and we can all enjoy the success’’, the Defendants willingly chose to break the law and defraud me of my lifetime’s work and investment. They have been encouraged, supported, and aided and abetted by the United Kingdom Government and its corrupt Judiciary and Police Force. The Defendants have perpetrated these terrible crimes against me through sheer greed and jealousy because they can’t think of anything for themselves and the United Kingdom Government refuses to do anything wahtsoever about it because it is enjoying the taxes and revenues being made from my creative rights - revenues that rightfully and lawfully belong to me. It is in fact much more serious than this: the Defendants actually carefully planned and plotted criminal conspiracies to deprive me of my creative rights and market leading products. They carefully allocated parts of the conspiracy and crimes amongst one another (or effectively ‘divided the plot’ amongst themselves) in order to cleverly evade different Acts of Civil Law. The Defendants carefully executed their crime spanning at least 10 years and then went to enormous lengths to cover it up; lengths such as fraudulently using my name to order goods stolen from my patent rights and then bringing civil cases against me based on perjury and false witness testimony when I demanded that they paid for the use of my rights. You can read the full account of events under the case pages. This has led to this ugly situation and I claim unlimited compensation/damages upwards of GBP 150m based on track record and sales, and evaluation of my work. Confessions have now been received from the Defendants proving serious and organised crime. Going back to the topic of What is Intellectual Property - It is the glue that binds trade and prosperity. As we move further into the 21st Century, any Country that doesn’t enforce IP rights will witness the death of its economy. The United Kingdom is deliberately breaking EU Treaties on sincere co-operation with Europe and the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11, by deliberately rubbishing intellectual property rights and helping corporations to murder and butcher inventors for short term financial gain. How to run your Country - crush and crucify all of your talent that is the backbone of the economy and allow serious crime to be carried out against the talent, whilst you watch your economy tank. Apply for a patent in the UK and get your life destroyed. If my case is blocked by this corrupt Government when I lodge it in the UK, then I will litigate it in the International Criminal Courts. I have already notified the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC in the Hague and they sent the forms to make a claim for crimes against humanity. I should be a national treasure and valueable asset to the UK. Instead i’ve been treated like a five year old; mocked, ridiculed and battered by corruption. Do not invest your money in the United Kingdom if it has anything to do with innovation because you will lose it along with your life. Richard Perry
A Matter In The Public Interest In order for the reader to understand the seriousness and implications of the Defendants’ law breaking and how this case has come about, first of all I need to explain the nature and purpose of intellectual property itself; what it is and why it is so valuable. This is because it has been brought to my attention through the incompetence of the Authorities that have been involved in this terrible situation, that many people don’t even seem to know what intellectual property is, which is why they have no experience or capability to deal with it or, even have any interest in its enforcement. There are a range of Charges in this case where the overriding objective was to steal and defraud my intellectual property rights and conceal all of the offences, such as the conspiracy, fraud and perjury, in order to achieve that overriding objective. It was successfully executed with the helping hand of corruption and it has completely annihilated my business, lifetime’s work and all of my friendships and relationships. You can see the amount of devastation caused in my Victim’s Personal Statement click link.