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It is very difficult and traumatic trying to put this into words that adequately describe the terrible, terrible, losses that I have suffered as the consequences of the crimes against me. I’m trying to put it into some order below. The first issue is severe defamation but the most harmful has been the emotional and mental trauma of the situation. Severe Defamation. One of the most painful and insulting parts of the whole situation is that now across the bottom of all of my patents, designs and trademarks there is a notice that states that I’ve been made bankrupt. To me this delivers a heavy emotional blow. After all the years I’ve worked and worked, struggling and making sacrifices to bring my patents to life and products to market, I have to suffer the ridicule and loss of my good reputation and trademark as a known inventor, due to criminal activity of the Defendants. Effectively I could be a trademark myself which is why the Defendants were using my name to make it look like the manufacturer was dealing with me, because I am well known for creating established market leading products. This situation has become well known across the industry especially as some of the Defendants have been going around telling people that I’ve been make bankrupt and that they claim my business will soon be gone - which is yet more lies to absolve themselves and to cause as much damage as possible. This has destroyed my good reputation and business reputation. Further, due to the effects of the bankruptcy order, I’ve had my good credit rating completely ruined. After a difficult start in life due to my parent’s divorce when I was a teenager, I had racked up a few debts and it had taken me years and years to pay them off and establish a debt free good credit rating. I was proud of my debt free life even though I was struggling to build up my business. One of my achievements that I was very proud of was building up my enterprise without having any debt, loans or borrowing, which is an incredible achievement considering that I created a market leading product and an established brand. All of this has been decimated by the Defendants and their serious organized crime. Other people associated with the Defendants have also now begun writing extensive blogs on these cases which they don’t really know anything about and their blogs are written in bias and against me designed to help the Defendants absolve themselves and to help them conceal crime. I was made bankrupt through Judicial fraud and corruption in earlier civil cases in relation to the first theft of one of my patents carried out by the Defendants. The effects of the bankruptcy order also led me to being struck off as a Director for one year, which has tarnished my career as a director for life. These documents and the information held at Companies House show a history of my directorships that were previously unblemished. So to summarize; the effects of the crimes against me reputation and career-wise are: Injunctions against me Contempt of court orders against me Restraining orders against me Bankruptcy orders against me that have wrecked my patents with bankruptcy notices all over them and ruined my previously clean debt free credit file which has been tarnished for life. More restraining orders against me I’ve had my career as a Director ruined by being disqualified as a director etc. I’ve had all of my customers and business stolen and the defendants continue to tell the entire industry that I’m bankrupted and ‘will soon be gone’ and that their offending products are cheaper than mine etc. so to keep buying theirs. I’ve lost my good standing in the eyes of the public. I’ve had bailiffs at my house claiming money that wasn’t lawfully owed because a costs order was obtained through fraud and crime. I’ve had all the distress of having to fight off notices from creditors. I’ve had my phones cut off because I couldn’t afford to pay the bill. I’ve had my good reputation tarnished with my landlord of my business premises because my rent has been behind for months at a time when in the last ten years of renting from this particular landlord, the rent has been paid on time and most of the time for months in advance because my business was doing well. I’ve also had to suffer the indignity of people knowing that I’ve had to return to live with my mother from the age of 37 – 42 which is extremely degrading and embarrassing. I’ve lost nearly all of my friends and relationships because they are aware of the court cases and orders against me and good people do want to be associated with a person known for being embroiled in court cases. I’ve suffered UK corruption and the Government suing all of my businesses for petty pathetic nonsense reasons in order to intimidate me into dropping my claims and seeking justice. All of the above is extremely defamatory and automatically makes people think that I my work is worthless and done in vain and aftermy work has helped hundreds of thousands to millions of people. Loss of Livelihood and Financial Loss. A number of the Defendants brought a perjured and malicious prosecution against me designed to conceal their crime. They have then gone around stealing all of my customers from my own business using unlawful means and I have lost my entire business and livelihood. I am unable to ‘just start again’ because now I don’t have the 15 years of savings and capital that I had to start with or any profits being generated that were continually reinvested into growing the business. I cannot take out any loans or obtain any credit due to the bankruptcy order and even if I could, I don’t have the income to service any borrowing because everything I have earned and done over the last 15 years has gone into my patents and products that the Defendants have stolen or defrauded me of. Basically I have lost everything that I’ve worked for, earned and invested in since the age of 25. I do not know how to word this strongly or effectively enough for people to understand what such terrible financial consequences the Defendants’ crime has had on my finances, which has obviously affected every area of my life. I spent years and years building up my construction business and practically every penny went into acquiring patent rights and developing my own products and taking those products to market. This has cost me hundreds of thousands of pounds, not just a few hundred quid here and there; literally hundreds of thousands of pounds. For an individual without any borrowing or loans, this is an enormous amount of money to invest in your dreams. The majority of people would not have the finances at that age or the talent or gift for innovation or even the confidence to take the enormous risk. When I was in my 20’s I started off as a one man band and built my construction business up to eventually employ over 40 people. I even had to walk to my first few jobs carrying my tools and ladders down the street because I couldn’t afford a van. I’ve been homeless four times and scraped together every penny to invest in myself and my future. At any one time I had a minimum of four or five full time staff and then many part-time. I didn’t employ 40 people all in one go but I had several sub-contracting firms working for me and my own staff. I had provided jobs and business for dozens of families. I spent the harshest of winters putting up fences for people and building extensions in the freezing bitter cold. I never really had many holidays, I didn’t have any new nice things that one would expect with a good growing business, because I was constantly reinvesting to grow the business which was supposed to be my retirement fund. My business was paying me good profit in return for absolutely backbreaking work which would on most days involve me working an 18 hour day, but I had the youth and the energy which I no longer have, as I am now 17 years older. Through my construction business I came about inventing my products and patenting my ideas which cost me everything I had accumulated over all of those years. I even had my own property which I had bought in cash before the housing boom and sold at the peak of the boom to triple my money and put the equity into my patents and products, which the Defendants have just come along and stolen. All I would have had to do to become a millionaire was practically nothing - just bought and sold a few properties as I had the first one that I paid for in cash which I had saved up. Imagine trying just to do that in these times. It is practically impossible. Instead of just flipping properties for a quick buck, I decided to embark on a much bigger journey and set a goal to do something meaninful and make a difference in the world by using the gift I’ve been given. So far tens of thousands of people have benefited from products derived from my talent and hard graft. The Defendants and their organized corporate crime has literally left me without anything at all, absolutely nothing. Even if I had just gone and worked for someone else, an average salary for someone at my level would have been around £40,000 in 2003 increasing up to now around £100,000 in 2016. For the last 15 years I would have earned up to and possibly more than £1m without any of the stress, taking the risks, making the mighty sacrifices and persevering during the toughest of times to make my products the market leading products with unprecedented demand. My products are the leading products in the industry without any shadow of a doubt. If you take away the counterfeits, copies and infringing versions that the Defendants have flooded the market with out of their sheer jealousy, envy and greed, I would have the monopoly and profit that I rightfully and lawfully deserve. Anyone selling an intellectual property portfolio with 17 granted patents, 100+ worldwide applications, market leading brands and established products would be selling it for many times more than a mere one million pounds. In fact the portfolio seems to be worth in excess of £25m+, where it was at the stage before the crimes took place. This is why the Defendants have come along and stolen it.
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Loss of Business Opportunity. The actions of the Defendants has had crippling effects on my business and the progress and expansion of it, as previously explained. However, on top of this restriction to my products business and its growth, I have also suffered enormous losses of other business opportunities where I would have made large profits and expanded both my business career and personal life. I am now 42, don’t have anywhere to live, no independence and no conventional adult life. All I would have to had done to become financially secure was to concentrate on the property business instead, and most likely I wouldn’t have any of the worries I have today. Also over the years, opportunity after opportunity has presented itself to me and I haven’t had a penny to my name to take advantage of any of these opportunities. I was in North America and a financier who I came into contact with presented me with a range of investments where I only needed to invest a million dollars and manage a large town house development. After I crunched the figures and scrutinized the project, I would have come out with a profit of around $5,000,000.00. This was because the project was within my skill and expertise and I would have made myself several million more than expected because much of the skill that was required I have. I have been carrying out this type of work for decades in the UK. Had the Defendants gone about their business in a lawful way and entered into a licencing agreement, it is highly likely my business would have easily generated me $1m (£600,000GBP) to play with. I have watched opportunity after opportunity sail away from me due to this terrible situation that has been going on for at least a decade according to the Indian Manufacturer who alerted me to the unlawful use of my name by the Defendants. At the moment in 2017, my stock of products has depleted and I no longer have any money even to buy any more stock. I have customers phoning in who become angry and upset because they can’t buy my product and I have retailers telling me to my face that they will go and buy the counterfeit from the Defendants which is both humiliating and insulting, when they know they are contributing to the crime. I expected better of the people in the United Kingdom which has clearly become a nation of cheats, liars and crime. This is of course soul destroying – watching my work and investment being slaughtered in front of me. Complete destruction of social life, long term personal relationships, friendships and family life and personal injury. I have gone into more detail to describe the charges related to this suffering in an effort to highlight how severely every aspect of my life has been completely annihilated, which is a direct result and consequences of the Defendants’ recklessness and despicable trading practices, for which they should be jailed. Throughout the last four years and particularly the last two years after the bankruptcy order was made against me and due to the increase in the number of court hearings and costs incurred, I have suffered complete poverty, destitution and all the detrimental effects of being completely penniless; I’ve even struggled to afford to feed myself for days at a time. When I was building up my business and spending every penny doing it, I often didn’t have anything to eat for days at a time because I had to pay staff to keep the business going. Does anyone know what it is like not having anything to eat for days at a time? First there are cravings, then panic, then tiredness, then panic, then cravings, then one contemplates trying to eat wood or any other object whilst the emptiness in one’s stomach knaws away. You pray for money to come in or have to go begging for food around friends and family. I didn’t have any friends left so I had to wait and suffer through it. I would not want anyone else to go through these circumstances. Even whilst this situation has been going on, I’ve often not had anything to eat or any money in my pocket for long periods at a time. For anyone that hasn’t experienced this themselves, it is absolutely humiliating and degrading and rips away all sense of pride, confidence, manhood, enjoyment of life, enthusiasm to even carry on with life and, has made me feel suicidal for at least a year. Poverty alone has torn my social and business life to pieces and left it in tatters and it has wrecked my state of mind and destroyed all the enthusiasm I have to start again. Before this situation arose and before the Defendant’s darkness has embroiled my life, I had an active enjoyable life. I had a wide range of hobbies and pastimes that I enjoyed doing. As we all know hobbies tend to be reasonably expensive in the UK. Even going to the cinema is now at least £25 just for a couple of cinema tickets. My situation and these circumstances have wiped out my entire social life. I haven’t been able to pursue any of my favourite hobbies for almost five years now due to all the money I have had to spend in the previous cases and hearings defending myself, battling corruption and trying to seek justice. I also had an active and enjoyable maturing business career that showed tremendous promise and enormous potential. I may not have been making millions as I hadn’t got to that stage yet, but I had an increasing turnover year on year that went into hundreds of thousands. I had started to build a good customer base and I was slowly but surely developing my enterprise and growing it, with a view to long term financial security and building a business that would generate jobs and bring happiness and fulfillment into my life and other people’s lives. My sales were increasing year on year. I enjoyed receiving my orders for my products and shipping them out even if I had to struggle lifting boxes around my workshop in the freezing cold. I enjoyed creating all the products even if I had to do it on my kitchen worktop because I didn’t have any space anywhere else. I enjoyed designing and building my exhibition stands and going off for a few days to take part in the trade shows even though I had to lump exhibition stands around on my own, and I was proud of what I was slowly achieving. After having sold millions of my own products that have supported over 1000 retailers, small businesses and families in many countries, and after bringing revolutionary products to market that have helped tens of thousands of people, I have been left penniless and impoverished and on my own without any legal assistance and up against worldwide and national firms who chose to go around butchering individuals and stealing their creativeness because they can’t think of anything for themselves. This has been a total failure of Government and it is outright corruption to protect national firms. I had been building up my business that was generating enough income to pay my bills and invest in developing other products and securing more intellectual property rights for new products that I had thought of. I was managing this very well but not without sacrifice: previous romantic relationships had ended because I couldn’t afford to entertain whoever it was or take them out often enough, and I couldn’t commit to previous partners for any substantial milestone in life because I simply didn’t have the money, because I was investing every penny into my products and business. I keep referencing financial success because that’s the goal isn’t it? That’s the dream – financial security and the enjoyment of life that goes with it. I saw the potential in my products and patents and took the risk to sell my property and use the money to spur my patents and products onwards. I mistakenly put my faith in the UK Government and thought that my rights would be protected by the UK Government which I have found to be completely corrupt and that doesn’t have any interest in enforcing intellectual property rights whatsoever. Not a single person, not a single one has come to my aid to give me any help and, in fact and as proven in evidence, the Government Departments involved have actually gone out on a limb to persecute and bully me and do everything they can to actually prevent justice and prevent my claim from going ahead. It is now proven in evidence that two judges in particular have committed criminal offences against me through deliberate fraudulent judgements. The effects of this are that I have lost all faith and confidence in the United Kingdom Government. This has taken away all of my confidence to even start up my business again or ever invest another penny into the United Corrupt Kingdom’s economy. This is Human Rights abuse and outright fraud; Big corporations paying off the United Kingdom so that they can go around breaking the law and making profits that they have no legal entitlement to. All of the small businesses that were around when I was building up my construction business have gone on to grow and become large companies whilst I am forced to stand by and watch other people’s successes when I know I have achieved far more and would have gone on to greater successes if it wasn’t for the Defendant’s crime. Continued next page click here.