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My parent’s address in the UK will receive post and mail. Please write to me at: Richard Perry 19 Yerbury Street Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 8DP United Kingdom I will also shortly set up a PO Box address or open a Mail Box for people to write to me in North America and Canada. I cannot give out the address of where I live because of safety concerns for those around me. If there is anyone out there who has the courage and resources to take my case on, help prevent this extreme cruelty from happening to others and who wants to have a hand in making history for a better future, then please contact me. I need a Human Rights lawyer to help me draft an information to lay in the International Criminal Courts against the United Kingdom for Crimes Against Humanity. Your services may have to be completely free or pro bono. We now have a potential billion dollar lawsuit. If you take my case on, you will also be facing a mountain of United Kingdom Government corruption and abuse and they will also start targeting you and your businesses, like they’ve done to me. This is all because the United Stink-hole Kingdom refuses to recognise or enforce intellectual property rights whilst they watch the nation slowly sink to the bottom of the Atlantic. If anyone wishes to donate, please send funds to my UK Lloyds Bank Account: Account Name: RICHARD PERRY ACC. No. 46175968 Sort code: 30-91-08 (You may need an IBAN number or Swift Code -google it: Lloyds UK Bournemouth Branch, Commercial Road) OR Paypal: email for recipient is: trainsdiytrains @ gmail .com HELP RICHARD PERRY - THE INVENTOR IN THE PDF BELOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SIGNS AND NOTICES TO PIN UP IN BUS STOPS, NOTICE BOARDS AND IN YOUR COMMUNITIES TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT TO HELP STOP THIS HIDEOUS SET OF EVENTS FROM HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE. PLEASE PUT THEM UP EVERYWHERE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (not yet active). Visit Britain. Business is Good - For Thieves.
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The United Kingdom has deliberately blocked the above email address and most of my email addresses from receiving any email. They are unlawfully monitoring my private email addresses to prevent any emails related to this situation from reaching me and to prevent anyone from providing any support, and from the Defendants providing evidence because they know that what they are doing would cause a war if enough people spoke up about it. Go to Mental Torture page to read the rest. Please try emailing me at :