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The evidence so far that proves my claim and allegations is extensive, indisputable and undeniable. The defendants are unable to produce any evidence that would give them an alibi because they don’t have it, therefore also proving my allegations. If an ordinary person on the street was accused of serious criminal charges and they were innocent, they would say ‘here’s the evidence or alibi, you’re wrong’. What they wouldn’t do is start employing large lawfirms to bring malicious and meritless lawsuits based on false witness testimony and documents that are designed to conceal crime, to a United Kingdom Court of Law. This is a breach of any legal practice licences, totally immoral and more than that, this is called perjury under the Perjury Act, Concealment and Corroboration under the Criminal Law Act and it undermines the entire Rule of Law. It is a public disgrace - solicitors standing before a Judge in a UK Court of Law, lying through their teeth, knowing that every word they are saying is designed to conceal crime and evade punishment without any evidence whatosoever that gives them an alibi and refusing to hand over any evidence that proves my case. This is also known as Fraud by abuse of position, Perjury, Deception, Participation in Serious Crime and a Failure to report a suspicion of money laundering: stealing intellectual property rights, producing products that they know infringe those rights and then turning the proceeds from the sales of those goods into ‘supposedly’ legitimate money and then putting a legal defence to a civil court which is “we didn’t know and it wasn’t us”. This defence/excuse for bringing malicious and perjurious claims against me has been fully accepted in a United Kingdom Civil Court, along with the other statement “our client would lose business if anyone found out about this”. Yeah - God damn right they would and they’ll be going to jail for it as well. Astonishingly, these firms think that they are so big and powerful, they continue to send me correspondence that is designed to conceal crime and they think they’re going to get away with or or be able to pay me off. There aren’t going to be any deals - that chance has passed. My evidence is substantial and already includes and is not in any way limited to: 1. Undeniable intellectual property fraud/theft proven in evidence (not all of this can be published yet). 2. The unlawful use of my name on purchase orders to order counterfeit and patent infringing goods and according to the Indian Manufacturer receiving the orders, there are ‘many’ of them: There is a copy of one of the purchase orders using my name below. It should be highlighted that the page numbers on the bottom right were added to the pages by the Defending Law firm and submitted by that same firm to a United Kingdom Court of Law where it is blatantly obvious there is serious crime being carried out by them. These documents were used by them to bring a prosecution against me - that is called Perjury under the Perjury Act 1911, Fraud under the Fraud Act 2006, Participation in Serious Crime, Dishonest Assistance, Aiding, Abetting & Subornation, Corroboration, Other offences akin to Perjury and it undermines the entire Rule of Law. The High Court Judge involved in this has deliberately aided them and allowed them to carry on doing it. He claimed ‘they’ve done nothing wrong’ whilst being well aware of, and presented with, undeniable proof of a criminal conspiracy to steal tens of millions of pounds worth of my IP rights and then he denied me all access to any evidence whatsoever that he knew would further prove my case. Read about it under the Judicial Corruption page click here. I demand this person is removed from Judicial Office immediately and the Law firm involved disbarred and jailed. 3. Hundreds of pages of documents drafted to conceal crime and proving intent to commit crime. 4. Trademark Theft - Companies using my registered trademarks to launch patent infringing/counterfeit products. This is serious economic crime. To explain: I invent a product, patent it and think of a name for it that I register as a trademark. The defendant comes along, produces a product that is designed to copy and infringe the product I patented, and then to add insult to injury they call their offensive product the same name that I trademarked for the product that I invented which they have stolen!! The corrupt Wiltshire Police claim - ‘we can’t see how there is any crime’ when, if you go the Crown Prosecution’s own website, it’s all on there. 5. Intentionally manipulated CAD drawing sheets with falsified design drawing dates and copyright dates to make it look like ‘they’ thought of my products miraculously only 6 weeks before I filed my patent and to provide themselves with a false alibi, when it is proven in 3 other pieces of related evidence that the dates are false and that the CAD drawings couldn’t have been drawn on the supposed date and therefore ‘they’ couldn’t have thought of my product before I did. 6. Above is supported by a patent application filed by the criminals with the Patent Office which was then abandonded before they put their counterfeit product into production and when ‘they’ realised that ‘they’ couldn’t get around my patent. 7. Their own witness testimony, that is designed to conceal evidence and which is also perjurious, also supports the fact/allegation of the false CAD sheets. 8. The defendants attempted to change my tax returns at HMRC to make it look like I worked for them at the time they were using my name to order the counterfeit goods - HMRC refuses to hand over this evidence despite it being HMRC themselves that alerted me to it. HMRC have then gone on a witch hunt against me sending me threats and bailiffs to my house to collect the equivelant of $90,000 in unpaid taxes when I haven’t even earned $90,000 in the last 7 years combined due to this situation that left me bankrupt. I reported it to the Police and then HMRC sent another letter claiming it was a mistake and told me that ‘there should have been a mountain of correspondence sent to you before it ever gets to that stage” then reverted to an original sum that I actually owed which was 40 GBP which I paid - yes 40 pounds, not 40,000 pounds. This is bullying, intimidating, abuse of Human Rights and invoking powers of the state for an unlawful purpose. In a similar situation in Canada, the Canadian Revenue Agency were ordered to pay a couple almost $2,000,000.00m in compensation and damages for doing this and i’ve had to endure YEARS of it - Government departments carrying out crime against individuals and all because the United Kingdom refuses to enforce intellectual property rights. 9. Proof that some of the defendants planned and carried out a criminal conspiracy to steal and defraud my IP rights because without commiting criminal offences some of the defendants couldn’t have know about the actions of the others. The proof of this was also submitted to a UK Civil Court of Law and the corrupt judge involved willingly laped it up and dismissed this proof of serious crime and then ordered another fraudulent judgement against me. This constitutes several criminal offences. See the Judicial Corruption Page click here. 10. Proof that Government employees have aided and abetted the defendants and tried to pervert the course of justice, and have carried out several other related criminal offences such as interferring in civil cases when induced by the Defendants and then witholding rights and information until the civil cases had passed when they knew the information and rights would prove my case. The Judges involved refused to allow access to the evidence as well. 11. Records of telephone conversations that prove the defendants knew they were commiting serious crime against me such as “would you like to go to India” meaning, in the context of the call, would I like them to manufacture my products in India. I declined. 12. The forming of new Companies at Companies House and the filing of false and misleading documents for the purpose of hiding assets, when the Defendants know they have been caught - and they’re still doing it to this day, hoping that they have been clever enough. However, money and assets accumulated from the proceeds of crime cannot be hidden or protected by registering Limited Companies. This is also a breach of the Companies Act, it is fraudulent trading and money laundering. 13. Documentation being sent to me to deliberately mislead me and to conceal crime. 14. Witnesses to death threats made against me by the defendants. The Defendants are so dumb that they actually got my phone number wrong and phoned my distributor thinking it was me telling them that were going to “bury me in concrete”. 15. Emails and threats made by the defendants. 16. Police Officers claiming that over 20 criminal offences are all ‘the same offence as patent infringement’ and ‘the police don’t investigate patent infringement’. These high ranking officers have corroborated and concealed evidence, committed fraud, aided and abetted the other defendants and refused to investigate anything whatsoever. They deliberately mislead civil cases and refuse to adduce the evidence that I know they have, or which can be obtained, that proves my allegations. Improper conduct of a Police Officer carries a punishment of 3 years to life in prison under the Criminal Justice & Courts Act 2015 and their actions are also conspiracy to commit misconduct in Public Office. 17. Fraudulent judgements being made against me by corrupt judges who denied all access to any evidence that the Judiciary knows proves my allegations, and then making fraudulent judgement against me claiming that I don’t have a ‘high enough level of evidence’ because they have deliberately denied access to it. I’ve had other judges contradicting those judgements stating that the evidence would prove my allegations and yet further refuse all access to the evidence again. This was for the purpose of aiding and abetting the defendants and furthering a corrupt United Kingdom Government agenda of refusing to enforce intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. 18. Civil cases being brought against me by law firms bound by ethics, oaths and practice licences. Cases based on perjury, false witness testimony and fraud - proven in undeniable evidence and signed and sealed with their own names on it along with statements that confirm they submitted these documents to the Courts. This undermines the entire Rule of Law. It is downright disgraceful, abusive and makes a complete mockery of the entire Justice system. A corrupt Judiciary has then knowingly allowed this disgusting behaviour to continue. The law firms and Judges involved in this are listed as Defendants. 19. Failure to provide any honest and legitimate reason why the defendants do not sell some of the products that I alledge have been stolen from me when they are flooding the worldwide market place with these products and yet don’t sell them in the UK, when the construction methods are the same in most of those countries. This proves intent to try to get around the law by using their foreign corporations and sister companies to distribute the goods. This is called conspiracy under the criminal law because the activity began/ or is in partnership with firms in the UK. 20. The Defendants’ own marketing literature citing parts of my patent therefore proving patent fraud. 21. We now have other witnesses coming forward making the same or similar allegations against the same Defendants - so other people that they have also fucked over are coming out of the woodwork. 22. One Defendant sent me a letter in response to my reaching out to various firms offering licence opportunities. His letter says: ‘we don’t sell wooden fencing only metal fencing’ and then himself and his daddy immediately set up a company at Companies House and put 13 million pounds into it because they realised they had been caught and “after 150 years of doing honest business” (according to their own emails). Why would you form a company after 150 years of ‘honest trading’ and put 13 million pounds into it at the same time you have received a letter that you know identifies goods that you are counterfeiting, if you don’t have anything to hide? 23. Another of the Defendants who have stolen my fencebrackets patents and my rafterclips patents and even rafterclips trademarks claim that ‘we don’t sell wooden fencing’. Surprising similar defence. Then they immedaitely deleted links to the front firm distributing the goods from their wesbite to try to conceal their crime. However, they were not clever enough because I printed it all off and now also have additional evidence from the European Trademarks Office. The reason they are making the statement ‘we don’t sell wooden fencing’ is because they are trying to get around my patent where wooden fencing is named as one of the uses of the product. Then they produce a product that is stolen from my Rafterclips patents, flood the global market place with it and then claim that they are marketing it under the name ‘Rafterclip’ because it is descriptive of the product’s use. They could have easily called it Rafter Connector, or Rafter Bracket or Rafter Fixing - but my name ‘Rafterclip’ is more pizazzy and more marketable. This is why the United Kingdom Patent Office granted it to me as a trademark. This is serious and organised crime by Companies who think they can abuse our system, break the law, and then try to argue out of it after they have committed the crime. Extract from the Crown Prosecution Service’s OWN Website: Criminal Offences contrary to the Trade Marks Act 1994 (TMA) Section 92 TMA covers unauthorised use of trade mark, in relation to goods. Section 92 is not confined to fraudulent misapplication/misuse, the prosecutor does not have to prove mens rea - R v Keane [2001] FSR 7; no requirement to prove mens rea, the offence is one of "near absolute liability" - Torbay Council v Satnam Singh (1999) 163 JP 744. Section 92(1)(a),(b),(c), (2) and (3) offences are all hybrid offences, for which the maximum sentence on indictment is 10 years' imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Section 103(2) sets out the definition of use. Elements of the offence To establish the offence under section 92(1)(a) the prosecutor must prove: Registration of the trade mark - the prosecutor must prove that, on the date of the commission of the alleged offence, the trade mark was registered; and the registration had been published; Rafterclips is my registered trademark. "Application of a sign to goods within the registration" - the prosecutor must prove that: the sign is identical to, or likely to be mistaken for, the registered trade mark in question: the Defendants’ own letter to me confirms they are doing it and then try to argue out of it. (This letter cannot yet be published due to pending case). the goods are goods in respect of which the trade mark is registered OR, if they are not the trade mark has a reputation in the United Kingdom and the use of the sign takes or would take unfair advantage of, or is or would be detrimental to, the distinctive character or the repute of the trade mark the application of the sign was by the defendant (or the defendant conducted one of the activities set out in section 92(1)(b) or (c)) Lack of consent by the proprietor - In Houghton v Liverpool City Council [2000] Crim.L.R. 574 - lack of consent is "... a matter, like so many matters of fact, that may be the subject of proper inferences by the court, never forgetting the criminal standard of proof applies. In this case ... the inference is most plainly to be drawn." That the registered trade mark was being used as a trade mark. See my website / (forwarded to For each of the offences in section 92(1) - (3) it is also necessary for the prosecutor to prove that the person conducted the activities "... with a view to gain for himself or another, or with intent to cause loss to another." Defendant refused to licence my patents or stock my products and then commits serious crime. These words appear in the Theft Act 1968 and the meaning given for the purposes of that Act (section 34(2)(a)) is "... 'gain' and 'loss' are to be construed as extending only to gain or loss in money or other property, but as extending to any such gain or loss whether temporary or permanent and (i) 'gain' includes a gain by keeping what one has, as well as gain by getting what one has not; and (ii) 'loss' includes a loss by not getting what one might get, as well as a loss by parting with what one has...". R v Zaman [2002] EWCA Crim 1862, considered whether the words "with a view to" have the same meaning as "with intent to" in section 92 - and concluded, dismissing the appeal, that they did not.
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I will publish all of the evidence eventually. There are thousands of pages of it.

Each piece of evidence would see the ordinary person on the street jailed for life

and this lawlessness has been supported by the United Kingdom Government.

This has now been reported to the FBI in the USA and Interpol in Europe.

Basically - the evidence proves serious crime and when it is all put together, it proves United Kingdom Government corruption and Crimes Against Humanity when these firms have just been allowed to carry on breaking the law and even though every Authority in the UK has been informed, let alone the serious crime and fraud carried out by the other Defendants doing it. I have suffered terrible, terrible consequences of this lawlessnes, cruelty and evil, and the Authorities continue perpetrating it or deliberately turning a blind eye to it and pretend they don’t know what crime is. After reporting this to the City of London Police who told me they had several lines of enquiry for a Police investigation, they passed it to the corrupt Wiltshire Police who claimed they had contacted the Defendants who told them that they didn’t think there was any crime and so the Wiltshire Police said - ‘ok then, in that case there can’t be any crime’ and then refused to investigate. See the Police Corruption page with hundreds of pages of correspondence between myself and the Police. Also see the Police Correspondences under the Tab above top of page. There is about 150 pages of letters between myself and the Police who have done everything they can to conceal crime, pervert the course of Justice and protect the Defendants who have bribed their masters. After the one letter above and after the Defendants had bribed Government Officials, all of sudden the Police deliberately refused to investigate anything, refused to co-operate or take my case on and in fact fraudulently drafted letters to me to fob me off and find a way out of bringing any Charges whatsoever. They even claimed that over 20 different criminal offences ‘are all the same offence as patent infringement’. This is fraud by abuse of position, fraud by false representation, improper conduct of a police officer (that carries a punishment of upto 15 years in prison) and conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office. This ‘Evidence’ section will eventually be re-written, piecing this evidence together and demonstrating how the defendants have been ‘caught’ and how each piece of evidence relates to other evidence that proves the crimes have been carried out. This is what will be put to the jury but I’ve basically been left trying to deal with this on my own. I will re-write this page once I have authored the entire evidence bundle because it is extensive and complicated. Because the defendants have tried very carefully to conceal their crimes and have followed elaborate plans to carry them out, it has been very difficult piecing it all together and it has taken years. This is largely because the United Kingdom Government, Judiciary and Police Force have refused to help or co-operate and have actually acted to block all access to this evidence that we all know exists and proves my allegations. Often some evidence from previous years only becomes relevant and falls into place when events from years later take place, or have to happen as a result of events put into motion in those prior years. I can now understand why some murder investigations take years to complete. However, in these circumstances many of the defendants have provided the evidence themselves in the civil cases when they were desperately trying to get themselves out of serious fraud ‘civil’ charges and they only did so because they have been aided and abetted by corrupted Judges, Senior Police Officers and Goverment Officials. Yes - it is proven in evidence, which will be published on this page in the tabs above. The corrupt judges involved in these dark circumstances refused to look at, or take into account, any of this evidence and actually took action to deny any and all access to evidence that they knew would prove my case. They knew the defendants have evidence that would prove my allegations and blocked it because they have been bribed and induced by the defendants and/or the UK Government. This is called ‘Abuse of the Adminstration of Justice’ and ‘Conspiracy to Commit Misconduct in Public Office’. Their fraudulent judgements are Fraud Act Offences, Concealment Offences and Perverting the Course of, or Obstructing, Justice. These are all serious criminal offences and i’ve had my life and business completely destroyed by this lawlessness. There have also been instances where the defendants would have to provide evidence in order to give themselves an alibi - which they were unable to do because they don’t have it. When I made yet another application for this evidence to be subpoenaed, one of the subsequent rulings in the civil cases was made by a High Court Judge. He considered my application, denied it yet again and made a judgement that was designed to ridicule and mock me. However, in his desperation to ridicule and mock me he made a drastic mistake: He stated in his judgement “The true purpose of Mr. Perry’s application is to support his claim for conspiracy and fraud….because it would prove these documents don’t exist” - therefore proving my case. In layman’s terms: they know the defendants can’t provide evidence that gives them an alibi because otherwise why wouldn’t they just do so freely and say to me ‘you’re wrong here’s the evidence that absolves us’. The Judges involved know that the defendants have evidence that proves my allegations which they refuse to hand over because it would put them in jail. All of the Judges involved in this situation are huddling together in their little group, taking it upon themselves to make political decisions and doing everything in their power to prevent me from enforcing my intellectual property rights that have a value of tens of millions to hundreds of millions of pounds and which are generating enormous revenues and recognition for the United Kingdom. Meantime, i’m left at the hands of these loathsome people suffering bankruptcy orders, restraining orders, injunctions, contempt of court orders, more restraining orders, corruption, the loss of my lifetime’s work, business and career, and the loss of all of my friendships and relationships. These people need to be removed from Judicial Office immediately and they should be jailed for their involvement. They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Court of Law for the rest of their lives with the exception of answering to Charges. I made over 24 applications in the United Kingdom Civil Courts over a period of five years to subpoena evidence (this is proven in another judgement wherein a judge confirmed I had done this found in the Tab above) in addition to the evidence that I already have, and was deliberately blocked every time by Judges and their judicial corruption because the wretched United Kingdom Government refuses to enforce intellectual property rights. I was denied all access to evidence and then had judgements against me by the very same judges who claimed their reason for the judgement against me was because I didn’t have enough evidence!!! This is fraudulent and it is serious crime. It makes a complete mockery of the enitre Justice system, dilutes all of the power and integrity from the patent system, undermines everyone who is making a contribution to the Country and undermines the entire economy.
Would Mr. O’Doherty (former Director of Action Fraud) please come forward and contact me. I wish to know why he was removed as Director immediately after I began speaking out against United Kingdom Corruption, Judicial Fraud and Corruption and Police Corruption, and after his above letter to me that clearly supports my allegations. Only to be replaced by M. B who has since sent me another letter claiming he can’t see how there is any crime when he didn’t have any of the details and couldn’t possibly have investigated anything!
Indian Manufacturer: “We are already manufacturing your range of products and supplying it in UK…as per Betafence UK specifications”.
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Defendant’s (Collyer Bristow’s) own numbering submitted to a UK Court of Law and used in a fraudulent legal defence, when they knew their clients FH Brundle and Betafence and Britannia Fasteners had committed fraud by using my name to order goods defrauded and derived from my patent rights AND DEFRAUDING ALL OF MY PRODUCTS making themselves tens of millions of pounds through fraud.
Copy of just of ‘many’ purchase orders used to order goods in my name. The judges involved in this refused all access to the ‘many’ that we know exist.
23 July 2015 “The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has reviewed the information and have found sufficient viable lines of enquiry for a possible police investigation” “ I am pleased to inform you….” JANUARY 2020 UPDATE: AND yet 5 years later in January 2020 and after receiving written confessions from the Defendants themselves, and even after their own complex fraud investigation from Sept 2018 to Jan 2020, the United Kingdom Police Force refuse to take any action, allow the defendants to continue their fraud and undermining the economy and willfully breach the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11, by allowing my suffering to continue. This has forced me to lose all faith and respect for any Authority and lose comprehension of the value of human life. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ACTION FRAUD LETTER (LEFT) FULL DOCUMENT.
January 2020 Confessions and Revelations Page - Proof of Corruption and Treason: CLICK HERE