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Richard Perry Versus.

The Defendants:

1. DS. JONATHAN LEE (Wiltshire Police Head of Complex Fraud) 2. MIKE VEALE (Wiltshire Police Chief Constable) 3. TIM CORNER (Wiltshire Police Professional Standards Dept.) 4. STEVE THORPE (Wiltshire Police Litigation Dept.) 5. ALLAN JOHNS (Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office) 6. IAN YOUNGER (Deputy Director Action Fraud, City of London Police) 7. MATHEW BODERICK (Director of Action Fraud, City of London Police)

The Charges:

1. Improper conduct of a Police Officer > Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 > upto 14 years in custody. 2. Corroboration > Criminal Law Act 1977. 3. Conspiracy to Commit Misconduct in Public Office. 4. Perverting the Course of Justice and Perjury / Offences akin to Perjury. 5. Tendering of False and misleading statements, on oath or otherwise. 6. Aiding, Abetting and Subornation. 7. Participation in serious crime (cartel offences). If anyone can think of anything else - let me know and i’ll add it in.
Going back to Action Fraud, they pass the complaint back to Wiltshire Police who they already know are being non-cooperative and so the Police don’t do anything at all. I made another complaint to the Chief Constable. The Chief Constable then refuses to divulge details of the conversations that the Head of Complex Fraud had held with the Defendants because they know it proves their complicitness and proves my allegations. It also proves that COLLYER BRISTOW LLP firm told the Police ‘you have to prove patent infringement before you can prove fraud’ which is a false statement designed to conceal crime and mislead an incompetent Police Officer. It is also an offence - Tendering of false statements on oath or otherwise under the Perjury Act. The Chief Constable refuses to provide the details of the conversation which he is obliged to do under the Freedom of Information Act, and uses the excuse that he’s refusing because I’ve made a complaint to the Professional Standards Dept who claim ‘we can’t see how there is any crime’ blah blah blah. A lot of nasty and unpleasant letters passed between myself and the Chief Constable. I was hammering them with complaints and demanding proper credible reasons as to why they wouldn’t investigate crime that undermines the economy and they were pushing back at me with fraudulent and misleading statements. Details to be published shortly. The Chief Constable writes to me stating that the offences should be dealt with under the Patents Act in the civil courts because they are following orders from Government or the Palace to refuse to enforce any crime related to intellectual property theft whatsoever, despite the seriousness of it and despite the fact that this is serious and organised white collar crime that tears peoples lives apart. Criminal offences that carry a fitting criminal punishment. The Chief Constable is then aided by his colleague in the WP Litigation Department STEVE THORPE who claims: “these offences should be dealt with under the Patents Act….” - an exact replication of the letter from the Chief Constable in order to support the Chief Constable who realises he is in a lot of shit, and attempting to do anything or say anything they can to prevent me pursuing justice or enforcing the rights I have paid the United Kingdom Government to accquire. This is called improper conduct of a Police officer and conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office. The row spilled over into the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner also hell bent on supporting the Chief Constable and who sent me letters mocking and ridiculing me and trying to make out that I was ‘abusing the complaints process’ when they have deliberately committed offences against me to prevent any review or any formal investigation. I reply to Prof. Allan Johns at WPCC and say: so you’re telling me that over 20 criminal offences that do not have to be related to patent infringement at all, are all the same offence as Patent Infringement? You’re telling me that: Conspiracy, Fraud, Aiding, Abetting & Subornation, Dishonest Assistance, Trading in Influence, Bribery, Corruption, Perjury, Death Threats, Malicious Communications, Companies Act Fraud, Corroboration, Abuse of the Administration of Justice, Wasting Police Time, Sharing of information for an unlawful purpose, Counterfeiting, Intellectual Property Theft/Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Tampering with evidence, Perverting the course of Justice, Falsely impersonating another for the purpose of crime (passing off), Money Laundering, Participation in Serious Crime (cartel offences), etc etc Are, according to you, all the same offence as Patent Infringement? They refuse to reply and then later fob me off to the Independant Police Complaints Commission who repeats the same ridiculous nonsense and claims that they don’t have any power to investigate anything at all. To clarify: the WPCC fobs me off to the Independent Police Complaints Commission who ridicule me and pass me back to the Wiltshire Police !! This is also conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, fraud by abuse of position and improper conduct of a Police Officer having a punishment of 15 years imprisonment. I have over 15 crime numbers with Action Fraud that are according to them open and active investigations and yet they refuse to investigate anything at all. The Police refused all access to the Victim’s Support Fund. The Police fraudulently construct letters that are designed to fob me off, or mislead me, or prevent me from enforcing IP rights which is a criminal offence. The Police tell me face to face that I should pursue the civil court route and try to convince me not to pursue the criminal route at all. They said: ‘you want them to give you a load of money and that is the civil route’. I said I wanted to bring criminal charges and that the money was of secondary importance. They refused to take any action. The Police refused to inform me that I had a right to a review and then I was only told over a year later so that by that time the review period had ended and then the Professional Standards Department (PSD) used that excuse not to launch a proper investigation into serious and organised crime. The Police deliberately merge and confuse different crime numbers into one response from the PSD and tried to claim that they had reviewed both crimes in one instance when there was a time difference of over a year to 18 months before the second crime number had materialised and so it is impossible that they could have reviewed both. I made this complaint again in writing and was fobbed off back to the IPCC who fobbed me off again back to Wiltshire Police - the fucking merry-go-round. The Police have never investigated anything because after one conversation with the Defendants, the Defendants tell them they don’t think there is any crime and so they tell me ‘we don’t think there is any crime’.. This is absoultely fucking ridiculous - ‘these are not the droids you’re looking for’ - it is a total failure of policing and it undermines the entire Rule of Law. This is the shit that i’ve had to deal with for six years - all on my own and without any help - Police corruption, Judicial corruption, Government corruption and the actual Defendants themselves who are bribing and influencing these entities. I have about one hundred pages of correspondence with the Police all found under the Evidence page click above. It proves that they have been told by Government not to investigate or enforce anything to do with intellectual property. I have undeniable proof in the correspondence. They tell me to sue for patent infringement again instead of continuing with a claim for fraud which I was in the process of doing. This threw off the civil court cases and then the Official Receiver and the Judges involved do everything they can to prevent my case from ever being heard. The Officers involved with this are named Defendants in my case. I wonder what other Policemen would think of this? They’re out on the beat every night policing the streets and trying to maintain law and order whilst these seedy little pen-pushers that are hiding away in offices are undermining their efforts, risks to their own safety and everything they’re tackling.
Link to Police Correspondences between Richard Perry and the Police Link to Police Correspondences between Richard Perry and the Police

“I must point out that the

Chartered Institute of Patent

Attorneys do not have the power

to prosecute infringers.”

Crime carried out by corrupt Police Officials supporting the other Defendants.

Wiltshire Police / Action Fraud / City of London Police / Metropolitan Police This Police Force have been wholly negligent at best, but it is worse than that - they have also plotted to avoid making any properly conducted and formal investigation into any of the allegations and have committed criminal offences against me and the people of the United Kingdom. They have been complicit in the sinister moralless practices of the Defendants and have authored letters to me claiming that they don’t know what crime is. They claim that they can’t find any reason to investigate anything, they tried convincing me to pursue a civil court route when I made it clear I wanted to press criminal charges, and they deliberately merged Police reports and crime numbers that were reported months to years apart from one another, and used the excuse that they had already investigated incidents in the earlier reports which were incidences from the later reports that hadn’t happened at that time, which was therefore impossible. They claim that over 22 serious criminal offences are all the same offence as patent infringement which is an absolute insult to my intelligence and makes a mockery of the entire Rule of Law. I’ve then had different Officers and Police Officials corroborating false statements that they know to be untrue to try to avoid making any investigation into my allegations. I’ve had the Chief Constable MIKE VEALE refusing to provide details of conversations held with the Defendants Collyer Bristow who clearly told the Police “you have to prove patent infringement to prove fraud” which is nonsense, and then when i’ve demanded minutes of those conversations to be used in evidence I was told by the Chief Constable to ‘get a court order’ and he refused to co-operate. He is obliged by law to provide these details under the Freedom of Information Act and then refused to even do that using the excuse that because I had made a formal complaint they refused to hand over the evidence. Basically - ‘so fuck you, we’re not co-operating with anything’. This is serious crime being aided and abetted by the United Kingdom Police Force and all because the United Little Stinking Shithole Kingdom refuses to recognise the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever, regardless of who gets mutilated and fucked over, and regardless of who has their lives, careers and families torn apart. These are crimes against humanity. A nation of cheats and liars and I demand this is sued out in the International Criminal Courts. What a disgrace to the world. It is well documented in the public domain that Wiltshire Police turn a blind eye to serious crime. There have been many complaints from others where this force deliberately refuse to investigate anything at all and when one reports crime, they are told that everything is a ‘civil offence’. I will publish all the correspondence under the ‘Police Correspondences’ page under ‘The Evidence’ pages (top menu bar above). There are hundreds of pages of it. Particular events with Wiltshire Police: I was directed to my local force from the Serious Fraud Office and reported my suspicions of fraud to the Head of Complex Fraud; Detective Superintendent Jonathan Lee. I provided him with the case bundle at the early stages CC13P00980. I wasn’t provided with any crime number as I was told they would look through the bundle first before they would issue one. This isn’t following proper Police procedure. Anyway, a couple of weeks later DS LEE called me and told me to go and meet him to discuss it. I did. A meeting took place between us and his female colleague. They told me that they had taken the best part of a week going through the bundle. They told me that I was ‘confused’ about the civil and criminal routes to justice and they told me that “without any patent infringement there wasn’t any fraud”, which was clearly wildly incorrect and even as a layman and not legally qualified, I knew instantly that they were out of their depth as soon as the words were spoken. It then quickly transpired in a ‘post-meeting follow up’ letter from Wiltshire Police that DS LEE contacted the Defendant Collyer Bristow LLp who obviously told them that “if there isn’t any patent infringement there isn’t any fraud” or words to this affect to throw off a Police investigation. DS LEE claimed he wouldn’t investigate infringement of my patent which I wasn’t asking them to do. I’m not a bloody child - I know the difference between an allegation of patent infringement and serious fucking fraud and economic crime. At that point in the meeting I glanced at both of them, knowing that they were either out of their depth or that they just didn’t want anything to do with it and were deliberately preventing any investigation. That’s called obstructing justice - it is an offence. DS LEE tries to fob me off to CIPA and tells me that CIPA are a new Authority set up by the Government and who have power to prosecute patent related offences and I should go to CIPA. Both DS LEE and his colleague looked uncomfortable with their own statements. DS LEE was sitting there with with a bright red face - guilt. He then quickly added that he thought there was something known as ‘passing on’ but he wasn’t sure and I corrected him and told him it was ‘passing off’ which he accepted but still didn’t do anything to help me. He also told me and reiterated several times (as can be proven in his own letters to me) that the Wiltshire Police were not a specialist in intellectual property. I then left the meeting realizing that these two idiots had no idea of what they were talking about or concealing something, although at the time I didn’t know what. Yet again it was another complete waste of time. I knew myself that there was in the very least fraud by false representation just by the Defendants’ unlawful use of my name to order all of the goods, and here we have the Head of Complex Fraud at Wiltshire Police telling me he has no idea what ‘passing off’ is - one of the most basic forms and methods of fraud and tort. I told the Wiltshire Police in other letters that if they didn’t have the expertise then they should pass the case back to the Metropolitan Police. DS LEE also didn’t tell me that I was entitled to have his findings reviewed, which is another procedural offence. A year later after having correspondences from Police Forces all over the Country, someone from the Victim Support Unit Horizon told me that I had a right to have the outcome reviewed under the victim’s charter. I went back to the Wiltshire Police Professional Standards department and then got into a row with 417 T. CORNER; another little clown doing everything he could to find reasons not to investigate. He then used the ‘out of time’ excuse to have my report reviewed and claimed he couldn’t see how there was any crime. He was heavily trying to protect his colleagues which is corroboration, subornation and conspiracy to commit misconduct. It is also improper conduct of a Police Officer. These are serious criminal offences. The rule is that one has to ask for a review within a year or they claim it is out of time. I also wrote to CIPA, as DS LEE advised, and their response was:
DS LEE tried to protect himself by making false entries about our conversation in the niche entry in the police records. He claimed that I had told him that if I had had legal representation I would be in a different position to what I was in now. This is an outright lie. I never said anything of the sort. That is fraud by false representation. Officer 417 CORNER provided the extract of the niche entry when he was trying to find ways to prevent an investigation and using the niche entry to corroborate DS LEE’s statements. In proof of the above, as I clearly wasn’t happy with what I had been told by Wiltshire Police, I then reported it to Action Fraud which is a division of the City of London Police. I received a crime number, which is the proper procedure unlike that at Wiltshire Police. Action Fraud were definitely more on the ball and understood more or less straight away the gravity of the situation. I was then instructed to send the evidence up to London for them to investigate. I didn’t have a great deal of evidence of fraud at that time, because a lot of it has only come to light in the last 2 years from 2016 - 2018, but nonetheless it still produced a good promising result. I was told over the phone whilst making my initial report that there were a few different avenues that could be investigated. I patiently waited for a few months and then I then received the letter from Action Fraud:
In a follow up letter from DS LEE he states in his own letter that he had held conversations with Defendant COLLYER BRISTOW LLp who clearly told him ‘you have to prove patent infringement to prove fraud’ because DS LEE then relays it to me and it was obvious his little brain didn’t know if or not that was true - which it isn’t. He claimed the Police don’t know anything about intellectual property crime, and so that ridiculous nonsense sentence was obviously spun to him by COLLYER BRISTOW. This is an offence of ‘Wasting Police Time’ as well as attempted concealment, and perjury. This is also Police incompetence, and obvious United Kingdom corruption. A ten year old could understand the principle of theft and fraud regardless of what the ‘item’ or ‘property’ is. In a subsequent letter from Wiltshire Police Professional Standards Department the Police then claimed that DS LEE states he didn’t even make any enquiries about fraud and he claims he was only investigating patent infringement when I made it explicitly clear that I was making an allegation of fraud. Below is a copy of the letter from DS LEE dated 30th June 2015 ref: 54150050705, proving in his own words he had contacted the Defendants and told me that “intellectual property crime isn’t something the Police will investigate”. His letter to me also confirms that death threats had been made against me by the Defendants and made excuses why he couldn’t investigate that either because he claimed the Police couldn’t trace a mobile phone call. This is also untrue because an Officer attended my house and told me the Police had a ‘High Tech Crime Unit’ that traces calls regardless if they are ‘burner’ phones or hidden numbers. The Police refused to do anything at all whilst i’m suffering severe trauma and anxierty, fighting worldwide corporations going around comitting serious economic crime, on my own without any help. Wretched little shits.

Police Corruption, Crime &

Corrupt Policing Authorities

This letter clearly shows that there is substantial evidence proving my claim, and that the Wiltshire Police were deliberately rubbishing my allegations and making fraudulent statements to give them excuses. However, this isn’t the end of the story by a long way. This is where more criminal activity creeps in as explained next. There is no way that the legal team at the Metropolitan Police and all of their expertise and wealth of legal resources ‘found sufficient viable lines of enquiry for a possible Police investigation’ if there wasn’t any crime. What they’ve said is there isn’t just one ‘viable line’ there are ‘viable lines’ plural. This also proves and reinforces my claim and fact that Wiltshire Police were wildly wrong in their advice and findings and that they were completely out of their depth as I have stated or in hindsight following orders coming from higher up. This entire situation has proven that the Defendants are very well aware of this failure in Government and have just completely used their corporate power to take advantage of it. When I told the trial judge in the second claim (again HHJ HACON) about this letter and Action Fraud he claimed he didn’t even know who Action Fraud was. I told him it was the City of London Police and he said ‘oh well they’re nothing to do with this court’, which again proves that the courts have absolutely no intention of aligning themselves with Authorities that are supposedly trying to cut down crime if it means the United Kingdom have to entertain any claims involving individuals enforcing intellectual property rights. After long rows with the Wiltshire Police and in 2016 I asked the matter to be reviewed and looked into again. Whilst those rows were going on (detailed over the next few pages) I reported it again to the Metropolitan Police who opened a new investigation separate to the Wiltshire Police review as clearly there is obviously underlying crime carried out by the Defendants.
Metropolitan Police: “I am writing to inform you that this crime is being assigned to a dedicated investigating officer.” Again proving that the Police are very well aware of the crimes being committed. They state in the letter that I will be kept informed at all times. They passed it back to Wiltshire Police again and nobody contacted me willingly at all. Nobody kept me up to date because Wiltshire Police refuse to investigate. However, I have copied a lot of the court emails and documentation to the Metropolitan Police and they haven’t informed me that their investigation is closed - so now’s the time to restitute me and deliver the policing that was promised to the electorate and tax payer.
There is now more proof of Wiltshire Police corruption found in the next letter provided to me by 417 T Corner in the Professional Standards Department who did everything he could to corroborate DS J. Lee’s fraudulent statements and corruption. Officer Corner provided an extract from the Police records niche entry system authored by DS J. Lee:
‘ The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has reviewed the information and have found sufficient viable lines of enquiry for a possible Police investigation ’ (a full version of this letter is found in the evidence pages, top menu bar above).
Letter of 30 June 2015
Letter of 23rd Jan 2017
It is an outright lie that CIPA are a prosecuting agency of the Government, proven by the response from CIPA shown above. DS Lee claims that the the Police do not have the expertise to investigate… and “this is not a matter the Wiltshire Police will investigate”… The reader should be aware that the Police have a specialist Intellectual Property Crime Unit which is run from London and funded by the tax payer. These statements made by DS Lee are designed to conceal the crimes of the Defendants, prevent them from being investigated and attempts to fob me off and prevent me from enforcing my IP rights. There is already proof found above that he contacted the defendants who told him ‘we don’t think there is any crime’ and so he says ‘I don’t think there is any crime’. In the last paragraph on the letter opposite DS Lee makes a fraudulent statement claiming that I had said because I didn’t have any representation it was a ‘handicap”. “He also alluded to the fact….that the lack of legal advice was a handicap”. ‘Alluded to the fact’ - these are the words of a Police Officer and certainly not mine. Having legal representation wouldn’t have made any difference because my enemy is a mountain of corruption and crime being carried out by the Police Force, the Judiciary and Government. Legal advice may very well have helped in any normal circumstances, but in this case it is in plain and obvious evidence that I am fighting severe corruption. 417 T. Corner did everything he could to prevent my appeal or any proper investigation and in other letters from this person he/she claimed that they ‘couldn’t see how there is any crime’ and deliberately merged different police reports and used excuses to prevent any investigation. This is improper conduct of a Police Officer, aiding and abetting, fraud, corroboration, subornation and as i’ve said before is a complete mockery of the Rule of Law and law enforcement.
Letter 31 Jan 2017 Wiltshire Police Professional Standards. Authored by 417 T. Corner