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The Case

What is Intellectual Property?

The Charges

Remedy Sought

1). Compensation and/or damages unlimited but generally in excess of 150m GBP reflecting the value of my intellectual

property portfolio that has been completely destroyed by the Defendants. Based on some ‘off the cuff’ preliminary

evaluations produced by different large accounting firms this could now exceed 150m. See ‘The Background’ for my list

of IP Rights and ‘Richard Perry Life’ page for a brief history of my accomplishments.

2). Compensation for humiliating and degrading treatment, persecution and Human Rights Abuse. Invoking or using

powers of the state to support serious crime and attempts to conceal it. An amount in excess of 10m.

3). Compensation for the loss of business oportunity in excess of 10m.

4). Interim Order against every Judge and lawyer involved in this absolute lawlessness to be removed from public office

imediately, disbarred and prevented from ever practicing law again or holding any position of Authority whatsoever and, if

there is a jail sentence then so be it.

5). Every Government Official involved to be removed from public office and if there is a jail sentence, so be it.

6). Every Police Officer involved to be removed from any position of Authority whatsoever and if there is a jail sentence

then so be it.

7). Serious crime prevention orders issued against all of the firms and individuals running them so that they do not have

any access to directing or managing businesses or handling large sums of money ever again.

8). Return of my intellectual property that has been stolen and reinstatement of the IP lost, if possible.

9). All defendants to be remanded in custody until outcome of the Jury or bail set at 250,000 per person due to their

intent to cause as much damage to me as possible and taking into account the death threats being made to me.

UPDATE Sept 2018: After having comments from a large bank in North America, and if I have any standing in US

courts, we could be looking at a billion dollar lawsuit.

1. Conspiracy under the Criminal Law Act 1977. 2. Fraud (thousands of transactions of Intellectual Property fraud, counterfeiting, etc.) Fraud Act 2006. 3. Perjury and Offences Akin to Perjury under the Perjury Act 1911: i - False Statutory Declarations and other false statements without oath (S.5). ii - False Statements on oath made otherwise than in a judicial proceeding (S.2). iii - Perverting/ preventing Justice. v - Tendering of false evidence or statements (S.89 Criminal Justice Act 1967). 4. Corruption, Bribery, Trading in Influence under the Bribery Act. 5. Abuse of the Administration of Justice. 6. Conspiracy to commit misconduct in Public Office. 7. Corrupting Public Morals. 8. Corroboration. 9. Aiding, abetting and subornation. 10. Improper conduct of a Police Officer under the Courts & Criminal Justice Act 2015. 11. Dishonest Assistance. 12. Malicious Prosecution. 13. Fraudulent Trading under the Companies Act. 14. Concealment of evidence / tampering with evidence. 15. Failure to report a suspicion of money laundering. 16. Theft, and making off without payment. 17. Perverting the Course of Justice, or Unlawful Interferrence. 18. Tradesmarks Act 1994 offences and Passing Off, forgery etc. 19. Insider Trading or Unlawful Sharing of Information for the purpose of fraud. 20. Participation in serious crime (cartel offences). 21. Crimes Against Humanity/Human Rights Abuse. 22. Money Laundering. 23. Recklessness. 24. Attempting to Commit an Offence - Criminal Attempts Act 1981. 25. Barratry 26. Abuse of Function

Over the last 5 years or so, I have contacted all of the Defendants offering them the chance to admit what they have done

and compensate me. I have given them chance after chance and opportunity after opportunity to rectify their mistakes but

they refuse; they refused to pay anything at all because they knew they were being protected by a corrupt United Kingdom

Government, Judiciary & Police Force. I offered them pitiful sums of money from a few hundred thousand pounds (at the time

when that amount would have stemmed my loss and put me back on track and I could have recovered) upto the last offer of

only a mere 5m. Yet again a fraction of the value of my work and at a time before I was made bankrupt and when I could

have recovered some of my loss and continued my business. Now it is impossible to recover any of my losses outlined in the

Case Background/Particulars of Claim and my entire intellectual property portfolio, products and brands have been

completely destroyed. The Defendants have gone around the entire United Kingdom construction retail industry bad mouthing

me and ensuring that retailers refuse to order my products, causing bad blood and severe defamation. They have flooded the

North American marketplace with counterfeits and products derived from my patent rights after claming they didn’t have any

interest in me or my products. The Defendants also refuse to restitute me. They have failed to reconcile and forced me to

suffer a serious degree of harm and continue to think that they are going to get away with their lawlessness that they can

litigate in a civil court. This is now going to the Criminal Courts and there aren’t any settlement offers open to them because

i’m done suffering the consequences of unwholesome and loathsome people, especially ones claiming to be Christians and

carrying out serious crime under the banner of honesty and integrity. The whole situation is appalling. I will be laying my

information in a Magistrates Court shortly. These reckless people could have gone about their business in a lawful and ethical

way from the outset. They could have come to me in 2004 and said ‘we love your products - here’s a sign on bonus and

royalty and we’ll sell these products all over the world’. Instead they chose crime and now there are serious consequences.

The good news is that I only have to get each Defendant on a single one of those Charges and they are finished, and so the

odds are clearly in my favour. They will get what they deserve and Good Riddence.

For the people that perhaps don’t really understand what IP rights are, and in order to fully understand the depth and seriousness of this case, please read my content that describes what IP is (click here) and how it is the foundation of most of the worlds economies. Then return to this page to read my Particulars of Claim and background to the case. This will be the biggest criminal case in the history of the United Kingdom in relation to the enforcing of intellectual property rights and why it is so important that these rights are enforced, regardless of profits made whether it be by a person or corporation. Hopefully if individuals come into large sums of money, they will be responsible with it and use it to good in the world.

Particulars of Claim

This is a statement to be read by the Jury about how this tragedy has affected every part of my life and wellbeing and the destruction it has caused. Click the title or click the link here: Victim Personal Statement

Brief Background To Case

I imagine by now the reader already has some idea of what has been going on! I have repeated some of the information found on other pages because often visitors will land on this page and miss or bypass the other pages. Therefore I apologise for some repetition. It may be a good idea to go to the Home page and come back here. A very indepth account of events can be found in my Particulars of Claim pages - links further down . In 2003 I filed a patent for my first fencebrackets™ invention. See the Fencebrackets Story Click Here. In late 2003 and in 2004 I wrote to all of the Defendant firms and asked them if they would licence or distribute my products. None of them had any interest. By 2012 and before some of the Defendants brought a perjured claim against me after I had found out that they had defrauded all of my lifetime’s work, I had amassed almost 20 granted patents, 5 product groups, market leading products and establihsed brands having considerable value. Each of the Defendant Groups found under the Particulars of Claim have targeted one or more of my products and patents and trademarks and concocted serious criminal plans to copy, counterfeit, or defraud my patents to sell these products around the world. They have made tens to hundreds of millions of pounds out of it whilst bringing perjured claims to UK courts of law that were based on false witness testimony to try to prevent me from enforcing my IP rights, when I demanded they pay up. There are several groups of Defendants, each group stealing and defrauding different patents and products that I created and own. They have all circled me like a pack of rabbid dogs taking turns to dive in and rip the flesh from my bones because they could see the profit and potential of my creations and yet haven’t been willing to pay for them. Not a single one of the Defendants have gone about their business in any lawful or ethical way and they are going around calling themselves Christians and promoting ‘exclusive’ Christian organizations based on serious and organised crime, theft, fraud and money laundering. Whilst I had embarked upon the long and perilous journey of bringing my market leading products to market, a journey which has been fraught with struggles and adversity, the Defendants have used their corporate might to concoct and carry out serious crime and criminal conspiracies to rob me of my life, my lifetime’s work and my start-up business enterprises. They have made tens of millions of pounds from my work and then when I have demanded that they pay for it they brought malicious prosecutions against me and bribed and enduced Government Officials, Judges and Police Officers into aiding and abetting them. I was embroiled in civil litigation for almost six years, trying to defend myself and my inventions, and on my own without any legal representation against armies of lawyers. It is now proven in undeniable and indisputable evidence that the United Kingdom has deliberately carried out crimes against humanity and human rights abuses against me in order to prevent me from enforcing my intellectual property rights. The United Kingdom Authorities have deliberately acted to support and encourage the Defendants which has led to my bankruptcy and the loss of my life. When I say loss of life, I don’t literally mean actual physical life (yet) but every aspect of normal life that makes one’s life worth living. I have also contemplated taking my own actual life many many times. Read my Victim’s Personal Statement (link further down) to understand the affects that this situation has had upon me. This is because the UK refuses to recognise the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsosever because they they hate profit and despise success of any kind. They would rather chop their own arms off than see anyone make a success of anything. It is a nation ruled by suppression, oppression, cruelty and sleaze. Through the extensive civil situation/cases that spanned 2012 - 2017, it is proven in evidence that the Defendants have committed over 20 different criminal offences and thousands of transactions of counterfeiting and fraud including even using my own name to order the suspect goods to make it looked like I had authorized the use of my patents, which I did not. They have used their corporate might and resources, and foreign sister firms, to flood the international marketplaces with products stolen from my intellectual property rights and then have gone to unfathomable lengths to conceal crime and dispose of evidence, including bribing Government Officials. and concocting elaborate plans and conspiracies to try to get away with their lawlessness. Revenues that are taken away from the People of the United Kingdom and money that also rightfully belongs to me. The Defendant firms went to the lengths of employing large Law firms, who have been complicit in this lawlessness, to bring years of civil claims against me based on perjury, false witness testimony and unlawful legal tactics. These crimes would see the ordinary person on the street landed with a lifetime prison sentence and yet they have been aided and abetted by Judges who have made corrupt and fraudulent judgements after corrupt and fraudulent judgements, and all because the United Kingdom refuses to enforce intellectual property rights despite having been paid for those rights. I have reported this situation to Interpol in Berlin, The FBI in the USA, United Nations, and the European Parliament who have informed me that this is a breach of EU Treaties and sincere co-operation with Europe. I have also reported it to the Queen’s private secretary and provided the Monarch with a list of names of all the Government Officials, Police Officers and Judges involved in this hideous situation. I have also been sent the forms from the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Courts to lodge a claim for Crimes Against Humanity. Basically what the Defendants have done to me is barbaric. So here I am on my own as usual, trying to stand up for my rights and everyone elses rights against a nation of crime and worldwide companies with endless resources, all of whom who have laughed at me, mocked me and ridiculed me and all because they can’t think of anything for themselves. We will see what a jury says, won’t we, when I lodge the biggest claim in the history of the world relating to intellectual property rights.
My life as an inventor / entrepreneur and the amazing success story robbed from me by the Defendants.
On This Page: Background to the case / situation Link to Particulars of Claim Link to the Fencebrackets Story Link to Victim’s Personal Statement The Charges & Remedy Sought
The indepth details describing and demonstrating the lawbreaking and crime carried out by the Defendants. This is a more precise account of events relating to the evidence and pin points who did what, where and when and details the involvement of every one of the Defendants supported by undeniable and indisputable evidence. This proves Government corruption, Judicial corruption, Police corruption and clearly shows how the Defendants have stolen and defrauded my intellectual property rights, bribed Government Officials and corrupted public morals. This could be fifty pages long. I may put this into a pdf doc on the server.

Settlement Offers

Case Background, Charges & Remedy Sought: