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2019 Confessions and Revelations
1. Written proof and confessions from Begbies Traynor Group proves that Betafence and FH Brundle targeted me, set out to defraud me and committed serious crime against me. They then used law firms KOB (Belgium), Wake Smith LLP and Collyer Bristow LLP (London) to issue and serve a malicious and fraudulent prosecution against me to try to shut me up and prevent justice, said prosecution based on hundreds of pages of false witness testimony, perjured evidence and nonsense legal defences; “We didn’t know and it wasn’t us”. These Defendants were aided and abetted by Judges in UK Courts of Law deliberately rubbishing and destroying intellectual property rights; making fraudulent criminal judgements and causing my bankruptcy, which has led to my total loss of everything I had worked for and accomplished all of my adult life and as outlined in my Victim’s Personal Statement. This has now also sadly led to the break down of my marriage and divorce, and the United Kingdom Police Force STILL do nothing - “We don’t know what crime is”. After barraging Begbies Traynor Group in early 2019 with demands for explanations and evidence after FH Brundle, Betafence, Britannia Fasteners and Collyer Bristow llp failed to apply for a third restraining order against me now that they have been caught by the Police, Begbies Traynor Group confessed. In writing and within letters authored by Paul Haworth on behalf of their Chairman, I was informed in writing that in December of 2018 and after FH Brundle, Betafence, Britannia Fasteners and Collyer Bristow llp thought they were in the clear and I had been bankrupted, FH Brundle attempted to buy my patent that they had defrauded from Begbies Traynor Group who were then acting as Trustee, for GBP5000 (five thousand pounds), therefore proving criminal intent all the way back to when they began defrauding me and this patent GB2390104 in 2004 - as proven in all the other evidence throughout this site. Begbies Traynor Group however refused to sell it to them because they knew that they were participating in serious crime and luckily I had previously warned them in writing that I would issue criminal charges against them if they disposed of any of my IP rights especially for an insulting 5,000 and to the very people that had committed the crime in the first place - FH Brundle and the others. Paul Haworth replied to my questioning and provided the confession. The letters he authored were written very deceitfully and he tried to be too clever to try to get himself and Begbies Traynor Group out of the consequences of committing serious crime whilst blaming FH Brundle and the others. He kept using phrases such as ‘former trustees’ and ‘first trustees’ and ‘second trustees’ and ‘creditors’, deliberately trying to mislead me and twist the situation in knots in order to confuse me or anyone reading the correspondence. However, because of course this has taken 8 years of my life away, I am heavily involved and know all of the correspondence or most of what was said and done and when, and I very quickly hammered this little loser with forceful replies pointing out all of his deceit and who these entities are. He was deceitful because the first trustees were the Bristol Official Receiver, who had aided and abetted the others and when they got caught they fobbed the bankruptcy off on to Begbies Traynor Preston and Michael Locke. M. Locke and his Preston office the ‘former trustees’ committed several criminal offences and deliberately blocked any further action or fraud claim against FH Brundle, Betafence and the others by refusing to sell me a right of action, set up any insurance policy or even investigate; exactly as the individuals at the Bristol Official Receiver had done and when they informed of serious crime. Paul Haworth also uses these other phrases such as second trustees and former trustees deliberately trying to make it look as if this is not Begbies Traynor Group but the Bristol Official Receiver, which it wasn’t; he knew full well that the former trustee that he is referring to in his correspondece is in fact Begbies Traynor Group in Preston. Anyway, at the end of these letters the upshot of it is that Begbies Traynor Group confessed albeit deceitfully that FH Brundle ‘the Creditors’ and ONLY Creditors tried to buy the patent that they spent five years and hundreds of thousands of pounds testifying in civil high courts that they didn’t have any interest in and didn’t defraud when they had made millions and millions of pounds from my patent. They continue to stick their fingers up to the United Kingdom Authorities and continue to sell the defrauded product know as the Betafence Nylofor 3D bracket. This has opened up an entire whole new range of questions and proves all of it - all of the last decade and everything they have done was criminal and I demand these people are prevented from trading and jailed. My final reply to Paul Haworth is found in the documents list below. It is a 9 page document wherein I am pointing out how and why his deceitful confession is still a confession and how and why it proves criminal intent. In that letter I am offering them an immunity deal to provide a fully pledged formal confession that they would testify to in court. They refused to reply or co-operate because at that point they knew they had given the game away. Then the criminally run United Kingdom Police Force intervened and prevented them from responding to me so that I couldn’t get any further evidence to bring a claim against the United Kingdom in the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity. A claim that is needed to be heard because the United Kingdom is deliberately rubbishing intellectual property rights and robbing and cheating people out of their investments, time and money whilst they benefit from millions of pounds in tax revenues made from those rights that they refuse to enforce. The other fundamental aspect of the Begbies Traynor Group confession was that is also transpired that in 2018 BTG deliberately and criminally submitted a perjured and false application to Manchester Bankruptcy Court immediately after FH Brundle attempted to buy my patent and they refused to sell it, when they knew they were caught. They submitted this application to try to get out of their role as trustee and to evade criminal punishment because they now knew they had been caught and would face criminal charges and heavy punishment such as being disbarred and struck off. Begbies Traynor Group submit a perjured and fraudulent application to Manchester Bankruptcy Court to try to dispose of dealing with my bankruptcy and charge the UK Taxpayer GBP 46,000.00 forty six thousand pounds for expenses they didn’t incur and/or incurred but unawfully through a bogus administration when they knew they were acting criminally - it’s called theft and deception, and when they knew they were deliberately concealing crime and preventing justice, whilst aiding and abetting the Defendants Betafence and FH Brundle. BTG failed to provide me with any copies of the court paperwork or inform me of their application so that the Court wouldn’t know that their application was fraudulent and so that I couldn’t reply to it to expose their crime, in order to try to evade capture and punishment for participation in serious crime and fraud. I demand Begbies Traynor Group is served with criminal charges and a serious crime prevention order and that their legal practice licence is revoked. Correspondences and confession found in documents list towards end of this page, for you to see for yourself. I may not publish their letters to myself at this point because someone has told me that I may not be able to use it in Court if I do. However the confession that FH Brundle tried to buy my very patent GB2390104 from the Trustee after they had bankrupted me has opened up hundreds of questions over all the other evidence, has proven criminal intent to defraud me from the start especially when they spent five years and hundreds of thousands of pounds on malicious claims and legal defences claiming they didn’t have any interest in my patent and didn’t defraud it. This confession has proven serious crime going all the way back to 2004. Most of the above is explained in the 9 page letter to Begbies Traynor’s Chairman and in Questioning for Michael Locke found at the bottom of this page in the docs list. The confession has further proved criminal involvement of the Bristol Official Receiver (BOR) and individuals administering my bankruptcy and has also proven that FH Brundle, Betafence and Collyer Bristow Llp bribed and coerced the individuals involved at the BOR. This is because I had been pounding the Defendants with demands for answers and Begbies Traynor Group had confessed BEFORE the replies to my quesitoning arrived from the Bristol Official Receiver. Therefore what was said in those replies is now proven to be outright lies, deceitful and false, to continue trying to evade punishment and conceal serious crime because the answers they gave were false when the confession overrides everything. I have not published their responses yet because it was a few hundred pages of many of the communications between the BOR and FH Brundle, Collyer Bristow Llp, Betafence, Begbies Traynor Group and others, but in the docs list below are two of my letters to Hayley Bird and Mitzi Mace. These were responded to with over 100 pages of evidence consisting of many of the correspondences and communications between themselves and the other Defendants therefore proving serious crime in light of the confession. Some of the Defendants that were corresponding with the BOR (such as Betafence) didn’t have any lawful right at that particular stage in the adminsitration of the bankruptcy to be contacting the BOR. Hayley Bird admits in her own letters to the courts and emails to me that she was holding conversations with Betafence and Mark Serby (acting for Wake Smith LLp originally representing Betafence before their plan had changed to all be represented by Collyer Bristow LLp when they thought they had won and were in the clear), therefore proving the criminal conspiracy and the unlawful involvement of the BOR. This is lengthy and uin the next update if there needs to be one, I will publish all of these documents. Some of this evidence and explantion is found on the other Defendant’s pages under the Case page (Top Menu bar) and then Particulars of Claim pages>> Defendant Government Officials. Neither Betafence or Wake Smith LLp had any lawful right to be contacting the BOR to interfere in the adminstration of the bankruptcy when they had not petitioned any costs order and when there were still civil appeals going on which Hayley Bird tried to prevent and speed up to give the other Defendants an advantage. It is already proven in evidence on the other Defendant’s pages on this website that the BOR abused its power and tried to influence the outcome of Court cases and my appeals. This is very very serious. In 2015 and before the strike out hearing of IP2015000090 my fraud claim against the Defendants Hayley Bird and the Bristol Official Receiver deliberately refused to sell a right of action that they had promised to do so that my claim couldn’t ever be heard. The deliberate blocking of th claim is proven in evidence by an earlier letter from Mr. Chapman at the BOR adjudicator which, when pitted against recent pack of lies in testimony received from the BOR in 2019 also proves the 2019 statements to be false. This is a criminal offence akin to perjury known as tendering of false statements with or without oath. On top of which at the strike out hearing in Sept 2015 of my claim IP2015000090, judge Richard Hacon more or less refused to allow me to speak when I was telling him/the Court of serious crime and all of this misconduct and then he quickly ordered a restraining order and struck out my fraud claim because he knew he had already made fraudulent judgements that led to my bankruptcy in the first place. The letter written to me by Mr. Chapman who claimed to be the ‘adjudicator’ for the Bristol Official Receiver in reply to my complaints about their unlawful conduct states “ I can see from the emails that you tried to buy a right of action at least three times before September 2015”. I demand that all of these individuals are jailed. See the correspondences below. Whilst I have not published Begbies Traynor’s actual replies and confessions on their own letterhead, you will find my letter and reply to them, which shows any idiot with a brain the essence of what is being said. Begbies Traynor Group refused to provide details of the Chairman or owner of the firm to protect that person from criminal charges. All of the correspondences including the confessions were sent to the London Police and London Economic Crime Directorate who are now deliberately refusing to make any arrests even after they’ve had at least two written confessions and a further 100+ pages of false evidence and testimony in 2019 from the BOR that further proves the crimes of all the other Defendants. All correspondences found bottom of page. 2. Written Proof from the Police themselves proving Police Force Corruption, Abuse of Function and Treason to the Crown and United Kingdom. Police Force Staff deliberately writing fraudulent letters that are proven in evidence to be fraudulent in an attempt to conceal judicial crime, Police Force corruption and Government corruption, and doing everything they can to silence me and prevent justice, whilst they don’t have any intention at all of making any arrests, despite being handed confessions. It makes a complete mockery of Law Enforcement. Police Force Staff deliberately destroying video evidence of meetings with me in order to try to conceal their fraud investigation and to try to absolve other Police Officers from punishment for comitting over a dozen serious criminal offences. I am threatened with being arrested when I’ve spoken up about their corruption and Abuse of Function. All of it is proven in evidence in black and white on paper in their own words and on their own letterheads and yet they do nothing and allow the Defendants to carry on murdering me and undermining the economy. The actions (and inaction in light of the confessions) of the United Kingdom Police Force is treasonous. It used to be Death for Treason. Police Force proof of corruption and treason against the Crown, myself, and People of the United Kingdom: DELIBERATELY REFUSING TO TAKE ANY ACTION EVEN AFTER HAVING RECEIVED WRITTEN CONFESSIONS. ‘This matter is closed - we don’t know what crime is” . See below document list. 3. Judges involved denying all access to transcripts of Court hearing tapes that they know proves their own guilt and particpation in serious crime and, they go running to their employer and the Police to try to get help to protect them and evade prosecution. The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice continues to allow these Judges ( in particular Richard Hacon) to hold Judicial Office when they should be removed and jailed for Abuse of Function and a dozen criminal offences that is destroying investments and people’s creations, hopes and dreams. Witness Questioning for Richard Hacon and application for Court hearing transcripts found below in document list. Action Fraud report lodged against Richard Hacon found in list. 4. Law firm Collyer Bristow LLP heavily involved in serious crime fail to apply for a third restraining order against me after the second one expires because they know they have been caught and are under supervision by the Police. Aiding and abetting FH Brundle and Betafence, they had continually and fraudulently filed extremely defamatory and malicious restraining orders against me, one after another for several years and had deliberately requested thart HHJ Richard Hacon hear the applications because Richard Hacon is committing Judicial crime to help these little shits get away with serious crime - proven in undeniable evidence. In 2018 and after the London Economic Crime Directorate caught up with the Defendants, neither Collyer Bristow nor FH Brundle or Betafence dared file for a third restraining order after the second one had expired in March 2019. I do not have any restraining orders against me at all and then John Abernathie and Birkdale Sales (FH Brundle’s trading partners) went around the United Kingdom retail industry telling retailers not to stock my products because I had restraining orders against me which he knew was a lie. Then they coerced the Glee Show to allow them to continue selling their counterfeits at an international exhibition. The important point is that if Collyer Bristow LLp, Betafence, FH Brundle and Brittannia Fasteners ‘didn’t know and it wasn’t us’ as they testified, and after agressively pursuing at least two restraining orders year after year, then why didn’t they file for a third one when they knew they had been caught? Evidence and my letters to Collyer Bristow LLP, FH BRUNDLE AND BETAFENCE and BRITANNIA FASTENERS bottom of page in docs list. 5. Birkdale Sales, partners in crime with FH Brundle and others go around the entire UK retail industry telling retailers not to buy my products and to continue buying their defrauded goods because according to John Abernethie (Defendant) I am bankrupt ‘and would soon be gone’ and then the GLEE Birmingham Events Group allow them to exhibit their counterfeit and patent defrauded products at the Glee Show in 2019 despite being informed that criminal charges would be issued against their group for aiding and abetting and being subordinate to fraud. Glee Birmingham had no hesitation whatsoever in allowing serious crime to be carried out at their show amnd refused to deny exhibitor services to the Defendants. Correspondence between myself and ITE Events Group of the Glee Birmingham Show bottom of page. 6. The confessions received proves criminal intent and offences committed by the other Defendants known as Birkdale Sales and Individuals at the Bristol Official Receiver who did in fact reply to some witness questioning I sent to them after receiving the confession that they didn’t know about. Sadly they replied with outright lies and deceit and statements that couldn’t have been true or statements that were designed to conceal their part in these crimes - statements proven to be untrue considering the confession and other evidence. I haven’t yet gone through all the hundreds of pages of it but even in the first few there is proof that I tried to buy a right of action before Sept 2015 during the civil cases so that my claim for fraud could be heard. They deliberately refused to sell me a right of action and kept making up excuses in order to aid and abet FH Brundle and Betafence who were bribing them and inducing them to prevent any claim being lodged or heard. The proof of this is from their own adjudicator and the other events that have now happened which proves that Hayley Bird, Mark Forge and Mitzi Mace have committed serious crime and fobbed the bankruptcy off onto Begbies Traynor Group to try to absolve themselves of committing a dozen criminal offences against me, but Begbies Traynor Group confessed! I demand that those three individuals are removed from Government and jailed. Their replies to my questioning also prove criminal intent of all the other Defendants that I am aware of as found on the Defendant’s page top menu bar above. 7. United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service Corruption and Crime - pretending they don’t know anything about bringing a private prosecution, deliberately trying to prevent any action and any justice, refusing to admit that an individual DOES NOT NEED PERMISSION to issue criminal charges in the criminal courts because people have a legal right to justice, access to justice and a right to bring their oppressors to justice and demand explanations from them. I had several correspondences between myself and the CPS when I was making enquiries to find out how to issue cirminal charges in the criminal courts. In their own writing they deliberately lied to me to do anything they could to deter me from issuing those charges and tried to make me believe that only the Police or the CPS are able to lay an information in a Magistrates Court. This is fraudulent, deliberate deceit and preventing justice - serious criminal offences that any of us would be jailed for if we did it and yet the United Fuck Hole Kingdom thinks it can oppress and abuse people however it likes. The reader will see proof of their corruption and organised crime, deliberately trying to prevent justice in the documents list below. I want the Monarch to intervene and clean out these filthy, corrupt, and downright immoral and criminally run departments - fire the fucking lot of them, and make sure they go back to zero; with nothing, no hope of being in positions of Authority ever again, and no hope or chance of being able to drive people to their deaths. Evidence found in documents below - deceit and fraud proven in their own words in their own writing. 8. Mental & Psychological Torture and Humiliating and Degrading Treatment against me perpetrated by the United Kingdom. The UK Government spreads their English misery to North America and instead of stamping out serious and organised crime and corruption that butchers and murders everyone investing their time, love and passion into their carers, businesses, hopes and dreams, they allow one man’s suffering and torture to continue. This is what you get as a reward in the United Stinkhole Sleaze Pit Kingdom. Mental Torture Page Click Here for details. Yet all of this, and the United Kingdom, North American Authorities do nothing at all, except commit more crime against me trying to drive me to my death so that they don’t have to enforce anyone’s intellectual property rights, hoping that the problem would suddenly go away if i’m not alive to fight it. In Canada the Government is now sending agents to follow me around and take photos of me or send people to ‘coincidently’ make contact with me to try to befriend me so that they can gleen information from me, so I just feed them the information I want them to know - fucking mindless little idiots. They have intensified the torment I am going through and their actions have made me distrust everyone and anyone I meet or speak to. They’ve been unlawfully going around all of my suppliers making enquiries and asking questions about me which has now ruined relationships with suppliers. I demand justice and compensation.
The Defendant’s Organised Crime Ring has collapsed like a house of cards - Confessions prove criminal intent to defraud me and destroy my life and all of my accomplishments, as well as undermining the United Kingdom economy, Justice system and Patent system in a $250m (150m) conspiracy and fraud of my Intellectual Property rights AND MARKET LEADING PRODUCTS, and yet the Police and United Kingdom Authorities do absolutely nothing. This is a murder of an inventor by the United Kingdom. This shows and proves how worthless YOU are.
THE EVIDENCE REVEALED AND FOUND IN 2019, PROVING THE ABOVE STATEMENTS The evidence uncovered in this in 2019 is all documentary and even in 2019 alone there are 350 pages of it, largely letters that I had written to the Defendants, Confessions from Begbies Traynor Group, fraudulent and criminally authored letters sent to me by the United Kingdom Police Force and physical evidence in the form of the Court Hearing Tapes that I have been denied access to at the public expense by the judge involved making the fraudulent judgements. When I had applied to have transcripts of the tapes, Richard Hacon (the judge involved in serious crime) denied all access at the public expense becasuse he knew what could be heard on those tapes proves his fraudulent judgements. They prove he has manipulated earlier transcripts to deliberately omit and conceal his own perjury and fraud and prove that he denied all access to any evidence and made fraudulent judgements. He did this when he knew that the evidence I was asking the Defendants to produce either proved my allegations or disproved their unlawful claim against me, because by producing the evidence it proves serious crime and by not producing it meant they didn’t have any alibi. Then when I turned my attention to Richard Hacon and what had gone on in the civil cases and demanded access to the tapes at the public expense, he went running to his Employer (known as the Ministry of Justice) to tell them to go running to the Police Force to do anything they could at any expense to block me having access to those tapes and to protect himself from prosecution. You can go to the Rolls Building in Fetter Lane in London and go into any of Richard Hacon’s Court rooms to listen to his dishonesty over anything to do with Intellectual Property rights. He had even binned correspondence which I had sent directly to him so that at least one appeal didn’t ever see the light of day. Due to the other confessions received early on in 2019 that had opened up a whole new wealth of witness questioning thus leading to the proof of my allegations, I had written to Richard Hacon asking him to answer to my questionning to be used in criminal courts in evidence. He refused to reply. Document downloadable below. It means that all of his judgements, contempt of court orders, restraining orders and communications against me are criminal and fraudulent. During the fraudulent application hearing for a second restraining order against me by FH Brundle, Betafence, Britannia Fasteners and Collyer Bristow LLP I demanded that the Defendants provide the evidence I was asking for which would have meant there wasn’t any way in hell that they would ever had any lawful grounds for a 2nd restraining order let alone anything else. Before Richard Hacon was about to make another of his fraudulent judgements I said to him “well lets see the evidence then” and he replied “oh…well.. NO” and refused to order any evidence that he knew proved my allegations to be adduced and then ordered a second and extremely defamatory restraining order without any lawful reason whatsoever, to prevent justice and to add to my suffering. This can all be heard on the court tapes which I demanded access to. I demand this person is removed from judicial office and jailed. There were many of the same or similar statements made by Richard Hacon throughout 5 years of civil cases - all of it can be heard on the court tapes therefore proving his written judgements to be perjurious and fraudulent. He has participated in serious and organized crime to destabilize the United Kingdom economy. This situation surrounding the tapes triggered a letter from the London Force from Ian Younger in June 2019 (earlier involved in the Fraud in 2016) who claimed he couldn’t see any judicial crime and that the matter was closed, which was in stark contrast to what Wiltshire Police Officers had told me in May 2019: “the City of London (Police) are carrying out a complex fraud investigation and we can’t get involved because it’s their investigation”. I was also told by those Officers that visited me that by failing to provide me with any update in the investigation whatsoever was a breach of the Victim’s Charter and it is unlawful. Basically it is yet another breach of Human Rights - humilating and degrading treatment and failing to provide any victim support whatsoever. They told me to keep writing to the London Force and demanding an update. Eventually I had a reply from the City of London Economic Crime Directorate (LECD) headed up by Commander Karen Baxter informing me that they would meet me and provide a full update, but they claimed that they didn’t know what my address was, didn’t know what situation I was referring to and didn’t know who the Defendants were, which was yet another criminally authored letter coming from the Police Force. Their reply which came via Sarah Ferguson assistant to Commander Baxter was a total insult and abusive when I knew that they have had a special task force working on this situation for almost a year prior to these events. They have, and still are, monitoring all of my emails, sending Government agents to follow me around all over the world and sending me written responses on Police Force letterhead telling me they don’t know what crime is. It was an insult to my intelligence and it is extremely degrading and has directly contributed to and increased the mental and psychological torture I am being subjected to. I don’t think Karen Baxter is blocking the arrests and this isn’t about lack of evidence any more - this is being blocked my a man whoever Karen Baxter is reporting to. This would prove how high up the corruption is going - to the Royal Household who control the little man. There is a go-between, between the London ECD and whoever is pulling strings in the Royal Household, no doubt without the knowledge of the Monarch, who is deliberately preventing justice and preventing any arrests being made. The copies of the correspondences between myself and LECD can be found below. This man is knowingly preventing justice whilst the Defendants such as Betafence and FH Brundle are sitting their laughing their heads off at the stupidity and recklessness of the highest level of Police in relation to economic crime in the United Kingdom. This is how weak, pathetic, dumb and irresponsible the United Kingdom Law Enforcement is. EVERYONE IN THAT SHIT-HOLE NATION IS WORTHLESS. At time of writing this, it is now Jan 2020 and after requesting an upate only two weeks ago, the London Police Force refuse all correspondence and treat me as if I don’t exist. Copy of letter below in document list. See the Mental Torture Page click here for details of everything these people are doing to destroy me and destroy all of our creative rights and business investments - because they hate profit and despise success. Unless you are from one of the bloodlines of humanity you are a worthless little idiot controlled and allowed to live within certain boundaries until you die your pointless meaningless life. The proof of this is in the result that has been produced - the highest Authorities treating this as if it doesn’t exist and didn’t happen and then deliberately allowing it to carry on whilst I am tortured. Their conduct is a direct and deliberate breach of the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11. I would like international sanctions imposed upon the United Kingdom. The Wiltshire Police had paid an unannounced visit to me in May 2019 threatening to arrest me because I had told them that I would issue criminal charges against the Wiltshire Force for Abuse of Function. This offence is a serious constitutional offence because the act of committing it undermines Law Enforcement. It has been introduced to try to stamp out corruption. I informed them I would issue criminal charges against their department because they (in particular Jonathan Lee Head of Complex fraud) have continually told me since 2015 “we don’t know what crime is” and intellectual property crime isn’t something the Police will investigate” and “I think there is something called ‘Passing On’ but I don’t know” when he (and the Wiltshire Force) knew the offence of Passing Off (Defendants using my name and impersonating me to order all of the counterfeit goods) carried a lifetime prison sentence. The two Officers that visited me clearly didn’t have any idea of what was going on. When I demanded copies of the body worn video footage of the meeting (which was also witnessed with my mother present) the Police deliberately destroyed the body camera footage because what was said in the meeting proves the fraud of the London Police and proved the Wiltshire Police were deliberately preventing justice in 2015. All of the correspondence can be found below. I demanded a copy of the body worn video footage so that it could be used in evidence in a criminal prosecution. The Wiltshire Police then authored letters to me that they knew to be fraudulent, deliberately tried to manipulate Police reporting Niche records and claimed that I had ‘mental health’ problems in order to try to conceal their serious crime, the consequences of which would jail the Officers involved under the 2015 Criminal Justice and Courts Act - Improper conduct of a Police Officer. Then they maliciously referred me to the North Wiltshire NHS for a assessment for ‘mental health’ problems, trying to find some way, any way at all, of evading liability and accountability for their own criminal offences and improper conduct. The whole thing is dispicable. Improper Conduct of a Police Officer is an offence. It is where Police Officers are jailed for involvement in crime and precisely this type of recklessness and deceit: “we don’t know what crime is” and allowing the suspects to walk away laughing their heads off with the alibi: “we didn’t know and it wasn’t us”, and even after they’ve confessed to committing the crime - deliberately ridiculing law enforcement. I told the NHS that I would attend their silly assessment providing that a Human Rights legal team were there to witness and supervise it because I would use it as evidence in the criminal court. Needless to say, they didn’t pursue that assessment. Anyone trying to stand up for their rights, liberties and freedoms should be made aware that this is the new United Shit Hole Kingdom’s excuse for anyone speaking up or trying to battle corruption. You will immediately face the defamatory and slanderous accusations that you have ‘mental health problems’ in order for them to downplay their own corruption and crime and to mock and belittle people trying to get justice for their suffering caused by people like Betafence, Simpson Strong Tie, FH Brundle, Collyer Bristow LLP and all the others involved in ripping people’s lives apart. The evidence proving all of this, and every word of it is true, is listed below so that you can read for yourself the barbaric and mortifying suffering, recklessness and abuse, perpetrated by the United Kingdom Authorities. You can see why I have had to endure the suffering for so long and the sacrifices I have had no option but to make, in order to try to uphold my rights and everyone’s investments and creative rights that are the future of world economies and civilization.
I NEED YOUR HELP to get this message out around the world so that someone in power and in the bloodlines controlling humanity will step in and put this right FOR ME AND FOR ALL OF US. SHARE THIS WEBSITE WITH EVERYONE AND ANYONE YOU CAN FIND! HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER WANTED TO HELP ISSUE CLAIM IN THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST THE UNITED KINGDOM - claim in excess of 1bn.
Questioning for FH Brundle and Collyer Bristow LLp and explanation for the reader as to why they failed to apply for a 3rd restraining order against me AFTER THE 2ND ONE WOULD HAVE/HAD EXPIRED MARCH 31ST 2019. These letters and questioning were sent to them so that they could be put to the civil court to prove they wouldn’t have had any lawful reason to obtain a third restraining order. If they had made that application and were granted a 3rd one it would also give more evidence against Richard Hacon. The Police had already intervened by this point and the Defendants were prevented from contacting me or from filing anything else in any civil court. They had been caught by the London Police and didn’t reply or file anything: Letter to Collyer Bristow LLp 27th January 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to Collyer Bristow LLp 11th March 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to FH Brundle 6th March 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to Collyer Bristow LLp 27th March 2019: CLICK HERE Letter Questioning to Britannia Fasteners 2019: CLICK HERE Letter Questioning for Wake Smith LLp 5th February 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to Chandi Rhani (Collyer Bristow LLp) 15th May 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to Stuart Baran (acting for Collyer Bristow LLp) 14th May 2019: CLICK HERE
Letters to the City of London Police Economic Crime Directorate demanding an update and fraudulent and deceitful replies: JULY 2019, and after the Wiltshire Police told me to hound the CoLP for an update: CLICK HERE December 27th 2019 (demand for update or lawful reason why arrests not being made): CLICK HERE January 27th 2020 (demand for update under the 1984 UN Convention Against Torture): CLICK HERE
UPDATED Questioning for Judge Richard Hacon 13th March 2019, BEFORE the 2nd restraining order against me had expired and in anticipation that the Defendants would criminally make a an application for a 3rd restraining order and after Begbies Traynor Confession received: Questioning for Richard Hacon: CLICK HERE Application for transcripts of the court hearings: Pay attention to the first two pages which is an email dialogue between myself and Hacon’s Clerk informing me access was being denied and then I demand a credible reason why access is being denied. The truth is obvious because if you look at pages 10, 15, 16, 25, 30. 31. 40, 45 and 55, it is clear that I am stating that Richard Hacon and the other judges have participated in serious crime and the tapes will prove this crime, which Richard Hacon knows very weel. Access to the tapes was denied and then these Judges went running to their employer to go to the London Police Force for protection to try to evade capture and punishment. This triggered the fraudulent letter from Ian Younger ‘there isn’t any judicial crime and this matter is closed”. The next obvious question to put to Richard Hacon is: If you didn’t have anything to hide and didn’t have anything to fear from the Court hearing tape transcripts being exposed then why deny access to the tapes? This is serious judicial crime. Application Document: CLICK HERE Action Fraud Police Report Lodged Against Richard Hacon: CLICK HERE
Begbies Traynor Group my notes and letters to their Chairman that extracted their CONFESSION: CLICK HERE Letter to Begbies Traynor Group Chairman 5th March 2019: CLICK HERE My 9 page letter to the Chairman: CLICK HERE Replies from the Chairman’s Office AND CONFESSION: CLICK HERE (LINK NOT YET ACTIVE) Questioning for Michael Locke after confession received: CLICK HERE
Next update if the Defendants haven’t been arrested and charged or if any settlement hasn’t been made to me will be sometime this year 2020. If this website suddenly disappears, it is for one of two reasons: 1). Because the United Sleaze Pit has blocked and destroyed it to try to conceal the torture of an inventor who invested decades in that sinister little Island to end up murdered (and i’ll provide a new 2020 definition of murdering someone is). Mental & Psychological Torture Page CLICK HERE. 2). Because the Defendants have paid me a ridiculous amount of money and I have removed the website as part of any settlement agreement. Readers will know which reason it is, because I have now set up a new website, (not yet launched) known as: www. richardperry . win (so that people can follow my work) and also and if that site doesn’t appear when this one is taken down after payment or justice, you will know that the United Stink Hole Kingdom continued to drive me to my death and I probably didn’t make it, which shows how sinister and worthless YOUR life is.
Police Force Correspondences: refusing to investigate using nonsense excuses, later to be told that the Wiltshire Force cannot get involved because the London Force are investigating. Threatened to arrest me after I threatened to bring criminal charges for Abuse of Function, Fraud and Corruption etc. after failing to make any arrests even after they have been handed confessions! Letters between myself and Wiltshire Police 2019: CLICK HERE 29th July 2019: CLICK HERE Summary of events at Wiltshire Police to go with email of 29th July (above): CLICK HERE Proof of Wiltshire Police destroying video evidence and trying to conceal the fact that there is a complex fraud investigation. The Niche report is found here: CLICK HERE Letter in reply to Laurie Smith Wiltshire Police Disclosure Unit when they destroyed evidence: CLICK HERE
Letters between myself and the Crown Prosecution Service proving deceit, DELIBERATE CRIMINAL ATTEMPTS TO PREVENT JUSTICE; crime by the CPS: CLICK HERE
Letters between myself and Action Fraud, City of London Police Force claiming they didn’t want to see evidence and would destroy all evidence sent to them - including written confessions! Trying to conceal the fact that there was an active Police investigation and to prevent justice. I already knew there was an investigation because the Wiltshire Force had told me there was one! Batch of Correspondences proving Action Fraud tried to prevent and obstruct justice: CLICK HERE Letter from Ian Younger 4th July 2019 Action Fraud CoLP, claiming he had thoroughly investigated everything in 2016 (which was absolutely impossible especially after hundreds of pages of evidence and confessions received between 2016 - 2019 and that he definitely can’t find any judicial crime - deliberately trying to prevent or deter me from getting my hands on those court tapes therefore proving all the corruption and crime carried out by Richard Hacon and his fraudulent judgements designed to rubbish intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom. He also told me not to contact the Police and that I should go all through the civil courts all over again when he knew over 25 criminal offences had been committed against me. Ian Younger’s letter is proven to be fraudulent by the statements tendered by Wiltshire Police who clearly had no idea of the correspondence going back and forth between myself and the London Police Force. Therefore proving Ian Younger’s participation in serious crime: Ian Younger’s letter to me: CLICK HERE Email Cover Summary to Ian Younger that was emailed around the world to go with letter below: CLICK HERE Reply to Action Fraud Deputy Ian Younger 22nd July ‘19, proving his letter (when related to the Wiltshire Police visit in May 2019) of 4th July ‘19 is fraudulent: CLICK HERE
Birkdale Sales and John Abernethie conspired with FH Brundle and Henry Hulme - all members of their silly Plymouth Brethren cult. They used Graham Coles to try to conceal the crime. Questioning for Birkdale Sales and John Abernethie 18th March 2019 after Confession recevied: CLICK HERE Letter Questioning to Graham Coles Solicitor acting for Henry Hulme 29th April 2019 : CLICK HERE Letter Questioning to Henry Hulme (conspiring with John Abernethie in patent fraud of 2nd patent GB2401616), 29th April 2019: CLICK HERE
Proof of ITE Events Group (Glee Birmingham Show) participation in serious crime and knowingly supporting the Defendants marketing and distributing counterfeits and patent defrauded products at their show: CLICK HERE
Questioning for Bristol Official Receiver, their replies and my correlation of those replies to the confession and other evidence, therefore proving serious crime: Letter to Hayley Bird 25th February 2019: CLICK HERE Letter to Mitzi Mace 27th February 2019: CLICK HERE PDF of documents sent to me from the Bristol Official Recevier in 2019: CLICK HERE (NOT YET ACTIVE) Letter from Mr. Chapman 2015/2016: CLICK HERE (NOT YET ACTIVE)
Correspondences List 2019 - Jan 2020 All of these correspondences were sent recorded and tracked mail/post. All of them were received and signed for. There were about two dozen more but I haven’t published these yet.
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