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Below is what has been done to me by the United Kingdom with the support of the Canadian and US Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. It is mental and psychological torture and crimes against humanity: Over the last 8 years since this dreadful tragedy was in its infancy and at a time when it could have been stopped immediately by the Police and UK Government, and even the UK civil courts, I have had to suffer extreme mental torture and humiliating and degrading treatment, and not a single person - not a single one, has come forward to offer any help or offer any sincere assistance to resolve it, despite me standing up for everyone’s rights, freedoms and liberties and whilst I have suffered severe loss as outlined in my Victim’s Personal Statement. However, even in addition to those losses, the mental torture has been the most sinister part of this and reflects how quickly and eagerly the Authorities of the world are willing to destroy someone and batter them to death if they try to enforce intellectual property rights. I contacted Police Authorities all over the world and not a single one is willing to receive any report or complaint about intellectual property rights despite the serious crime that is being carried out. If you don’t believe me, try phoning the FBI or Secret Service in the USA with a complaint about IP crime and they will immediately fob you off to the Patent Office and will refuse to take any complaint about any criminal offence if it has a molecule of anything at all to do with intellectual property. This is oppressive and abusive and makes a mockery of the value of human life and all of those talented people who have been given talents for the benefit and advancement of civilization. Ultimately and regardless of all the other arguments of curbing wealth or preventing people holding monopolies or building dynasties, and trying to oppress and control people or stop them accomplishing too much, the effects of limiting creation and talent destroys one’s soul. If life on the earth plane isn’t all about the journey and ascendence of the soul then what is the point to human life? YOUR life? It is pointless and meaningless and worthless. There isn’t any intellectual or educated reasoning why these creative rights should not be strictly enforced. I have thought about this over and over, going through all the possible scenarios and reasons for the last 8 years. I have consulted all sorts of people all over the world and nobody can think of any credible, humane and legitimate reason why people’s creations and investments shouldn’t be protected. Before I deviate into another dissertation, I want to focus on the immeasurable loss and suffering I have been subjected to by the United Kingdom and the Defendants, which contravenes International Laws on Torture; all caused by the theft and fraud of all of my creative works and innate talent. I do not know how I am still alive and clearly The Above is saving me for another purpose. During the last 8 years I have been reporting my allegations to every Authority in the United Kingdom as well as foreign entities. I have been dragged through 6 years of blatantly fraudulent civil court cases against me designed to deprive me of my creative rights. I expected the United Kingdom to uphold and protect those rights, especially after having paid the United Kingdom Government tens of thousands of pounds in good faith to do exactly that. I have gone to every Government Department and Law Enforcement agency I could find and even all of the Human Rights Commissions listed on the internet. Not a single one of them and not a single person has acknowledged my complaints and, in fact, I have been completely shunned by those Authorities and treated as if i’m an apparition and don’t exist or don’t deserve a right to life. A silent murder. This is my scenario to describe how the silence and inaction is mentally and psychologically torturing: Picture this. Imagine this. Try to think of a 3 - 4 year old child. Old enough to understand basic authority and that they have been born into the world and are alive, despite them not knowing how long life is or not having any comprehension of adult life as we all know it. They know who their parents are and know that those parents are the Authority in their life and their parents are in fact the ONLY Authority that exist to them. Imagine that child going out into the world and is one day walking down the street. The child comes across a gang who push the child around. They thump the child in the head. They kick the child in the stomach and beat the child down until the child runs off, injured, bewildered and in terror; running back to the only Authority the child knows - the parents. The parents see their child running in, beaten and in sheer fright and they immediately turn their back on their child and carry on chatting or doing whatever they were doing without a flinch - ignoring their battered child. The child tugs at the back of their clothing to get attention and they ignore the child. The child is bewildered and terrorised and doesn’t know which direction to turn to and runs off back into the street. The gang have followed the child home and as the child runs away from the parents, out of the house and back into the street, the gang catch up with the child and start beating the child again. Beating and pounding and thumping the child. Smashing the child in the head, in the body, in the legs, in the crotch, stabbing the childs eyes out, slicing the childs ears off, chopping the fingers off and battering the child until there is a slumped lifeless body on the street, which is then stamped on by the gang that is circling the body and stomping on it until the bones are crushed and there is a nothing but a bloodied mess on the pavement. Then the gang kick the dismembered parts of the child’s body aside and then the gang walks off up the street, its members giving each other high fives and laughing their way off into the sunset to find their next victim. Nobody came to intervene and stop the gang, not even those caring parents with their own children. The child is dead. There wasn’t any life for the child after a short time on the earth despite the child’s innocence and potential for all of mankind and who would have forgiven the gang had they stopped or had they been prevented from the attack that murdered the child. A loss for humanity and goodness and respect and love for your neighbour. I have been to every Authority I could find to get help and it should have been given immediately and freely and the loss I suffered could have been stopped. In my case, I first went to Judges. Imagine a circle of judges - the highest Authority in the Country representing law and the values and ethics of society, all standing in a tight circle, a hub, all facing one another and blocking anyone from outside of their circle from having any attention or justice from them. I was tugging at the backs of their coats and they knew that I was entitled to proper justice and attention and help to vanquish the gang (the Defendants) under the law. Instead and just through inaction and silence alone, they have bewildered me, tormented and terrorised me and I have been forced to learn, or very starkly recognise and appreciate, that nobody has any value at all. YOU ARE WORTHLESS. Their inaction and shunning of me has installed terror into me, tormented me and has led to a great hatred and/or a great pity for anyone in Authority. Judges are the little losers in life that need to be in power to give themselves some Authority when in reality they don’t have any at all. They have made me completely lose faith in any law, anywhere. I also realise that all of them are the same as me outside of that circle - completely worthless and powerless. Controlled and allowed to be alive by those controlling humanity. I’ve been mentally tortured and tormented now for 8 years knowing that I am lawfully and rightfully entitled to attention, help and justice from those that are supposed to be in Authority and representing the rest of society, especially as I made my achievements in a lawful way that have benefitted millions of people. I then went to a group of Police Officers grouped in a little circle, in a hub, all facing towards one another with their backs turned to me. A tight knit circle that I had no hope of entering or penetrating because in terms of power and influence I was in the position of the child and the Police Officers were one of the only Authorities I used to accept. They are supposed to be an Authority we can turn to for protection. The Police Officers didn’t do anything. They kept their backs turned to me and through their inaction and silence alone they have forced me to lose all faith in law enforcement and the goodness in people. Anyone at all. To me, everyone I now meet I pity and look upon as completely worthless living their pointless meaningless little life - whoever they are, whoever they think they are and whatever background they are from, until they die 100 years later. I was in the position of the child again, running back on to the street to be battered by the gang again - the gang known as the Defendants. Fighting this lot on my own without any legal power, and financial power or any political power was obviously and inevitably going to lead to this situation, especially when the Judges and Police Officers were helping them batter me. The loss is loss of my work and talent to the world especially with the world changing projects I was being given by The Above for the good of humanity. I have these feelings now because I made a phenomenal, incredible achievement. I made an accomplishment that pushed all of my talents and skill and knowledge to the limit. It took all of my love and passion, energy and time and I had to make monstrous sacrifices to accomplish what I did - making new markets, pioneering new construction methods, inspiring people all over the world and without any backing or funding and, despite all the trials and tribulations, and beneath everything that was going on, I expected my gifts to the world and achievements to have been recognised and rewarded for all the help and inspiration I have given to a countless number of people. Instead the Judges, the Police Officers and the Government, supposedly the three pillars of society, have condoned worldwide firms such as Betafence anbd Simpson Strong Tie who have battered and dirtied my success and who have beaten all of my love, passion and enthusiasm out of me and out of my life. I’ve realised how small and totally insignificant I am and how worthless and insignificant everyone is to those controlling the bloodlines of humanity. All of you are controlled. It doesn’t matter what position you are in - you are a worthless human being without any value. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have achieved. Plenty of them with vast wealth and success, reward and recognition and satisfaction from their own efforts, hard work and accomplishments. Plenty of wealthy billionaires, but the difference between them and myself is that they’ve all had their rewards and recognition and satisfaction. They have experienced and felt those feelings and enjoyed those emotions and enlightenment of their souls. I’ve been left with nothing. Without anything at all. No reward, no recognition, and my own sense of pride and accomplishment and overcoming all those obstacles and hurdles has been robbed from me and battered out of me. I’ve had my business and career destroyed, my creations robbed and cheated from me, my family life ruined, my marriage now wrecked as my wife has now filed for divorce, and at my age, i’ve now most likely been robbed of having any family of my own. I have been left displaced, without the support from any family and feeling that I have had to flee the United Kingdom because every Authority was beating me, threatening me and trying to drive me to my death despite standing up for their rights and freedoms and those of their own children. The United Kingdom hasn’t done anything at all to put this right and refuse to take any action whatsoever to arrest the Defendants despite even having been handed written confessions ‘they did it’ from one of the Law firms involved. The affect of these feelings has given me terrible horrifying nightmares as outlined in my Victim’s Personal Statement. I have lost a lot weight, my hair has greyed, my fingernail have ripples all over them, and my life has been left in tatters. I have lost all confidence in starting a business or even a new relationship because I haven’t got anything to offer. All that goes through my head is court cases, dozens of court cases and the names of the Defendants going around and around in my head and thoughts of how I can find a way to get them and drive them to their deaths. These are natural feelings that anyone would feel being in this position. I can’t even afford to feed myself most of the time and either have to starve or accept charity. It is humiliating, derogatory, degrading and abusive. I’m having to continue with a dead end, job to job, construction business which doesn’t give me any hope of any proper retirement fund or even any proper vocation. Despite the fabulous projects I build for people, I end up without any savings and being in poverty after having made an astromonical achievement. I am also very well aware that the Defendants continue to carry out their crime and the inaction of the Authorities is so frustrating and cruel that I smash things up in my house and destroy things that I enjoyed and loved to try to release the hate and anger and torment. I don’t have any hope at all of being able to restart by invention career. When I go to quote for building work and even when i’m doing it, i’m looked down on by everyone and treated like shit or they will try to find ways not to pay for the fabulous work they’ve had done. I don’t have any chance of re-starting my (what was) an internationally trading business and having assets worth hundreds of millions of pounds on paper. All people see is a poor contractor who is worthless and who can’t offer anything in a relationship and so I don’t meet anyone. I have terrible headaches and anxiety and apprehension about anything and everything because I now know how pointless and worthless everything is. I have had to go all the way back down to zero, and trying to start again at my age and without any youth or even any enthusiasm is soul destroying. I have self-harmed and even beat myself sometimes to relieve myself of the intense psychological torment which is caused by the thoughts of knowing that the Authorities are deliberately allowing the Defendants to carry on destoying my life and defrauding me. Seeing them selling their counterfeits all over the world and walking into DIY stores to see products on sale that are cheated from my work and investment drives me into an outrage - a silent internal outrage. Especially when i’m scraping around for every penny and the store staff see me as a loser contractor, unaware of the staggering things I had accomplished that dwarf anything they have done or anything most of them are ever likely to do. The only thing I do regularly is go to sit under the stars and sunsets and whispering to the skies that i’m ready for them to take my life away because I don’t want it anymore. One final anaolgy about how my career has suffered and how my enthusiasm for building another one has been obliterated. It would be like forcing a world renowed highly accomplished chef who has worked and trained and succeeded all of his adult life to go back to washing dishes and telling him that one day if he works and invests his entire life in cuisine, as he already has done once, he may have a chance of becoming a world renowned chef! It is barbaric, insulting and annihilates the value of human life. The Definition of Mental Torture: Psychological torture is a type of torture that relies primarily on psychological effects, and only secondarily on any physical harm inflicted. Although not all psychological torture involves the use of physical violence, there is a continuum between psychological torture and physical torture. Torture is variously defined, but the most widely used definition is Article 1 of the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture: Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions. United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11 Read more Here: The United Kingdom has intentionally inflicted mental torture upon me. These murderous, loathsome people have taken abuse of power to the limit, worse than that of Hitler, except it is all silent and they thought they would do it all behind closed doors so that nobody would ever find out. Even if you read recent news, Jihadi John who cruelly beheaded all those poeple for some fanciful unknown cause, came from the United Kingdom. Misery breeds misery, like rubbish breeds rubbish. The UK Judiciary have deliberately made fraudulent judgements, have done everything they can to prevent justice and allowed my suffering to continue. They haven’t done anything at all to stop it because the United Kingdom refuses to recognise the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. I demand the immediate arrest of the Defendants, ALL OF THEM, and I demand criminal charges are brought against ALL OF THEM. I don’t give a flying fucking pig shit about the money and the only way they have out of it is to pay a hundred and fifty million pounds in compensation and damages reflecting the damage caused. Whatever the offers and outcome, in addition I demand that Richard Hacon is removed from judicial office, the law firm Collyer Bristow LLP struck off and disbarred, the bankruptcy order against me rescinded entirely and my IP rights returned to me in full - every fucking patent and design and trademark which I filed using my time, love and passion, since 2004 and a televised public apology broadcast around the world. One final analogy of how this has affected all of my desire, passion for what I was doing and love of life. My passion was my inventions and creations. I loved every bit of it because i’ve been given the gift for it - it is an amazing gift. This situation has drained all of my enthusiam to create anything else because I know that the Authorities will just allow the same thing to happen again and again and again. The analogy is a simple one really: it must like pinning down a cat next to a large bowl of milk and deliberately keeing the cat a millimeter away from being able to lick and lap up the milk. All the cat can think of is how desperate it is to get to the milk to fulfill the heavenly desire to lap up that delicous milk which is more important than anything and the frustration and torment of being pinned down right nex to it helpless and unable to do anything at all is destorying the cats mind. Torturing it until it’s brain explodes. This is how I feel about my work because I had an incredible business, dozens of products both selling and in development and I had huge plans for all the extravagant projects I desperate to do and create. Not because there is profit in it, but because I have this burning desire - a relentless desire to create things. It is my God given gift and purpose. All the projects I was working on and that I had planned have been lost, delayed for a decade or are no longer viable and I have had the giant boot of the United Shit Hole Kingdom stomping on my head and pinning me to the floor for a decade - keeping me alive but ensuring that I am not allowed to do anything at all - I can’t even afford to file a patent. I’ve had to watch as all of my life has been destroyed. All of the people around me are more or less gone and I no longer have any really connection to my own immediate family. It is mental torture and I demand damages and compensation. The murderous little cunts in the London Economic Crime Directorate don’t even have the integrity or dignity to tell me when they expect to make arrests, if at all, despite being handed written confessions from the Defendants ‘they did it’. This is what else the United Kingdom and it’s Government and Public Officials have done to me to try to prevent me enforcing my intellectual property rights, and with the Canadian Government being complicit in the English Crown’s misery: 1. They have dedicated an entire team to unlawfully monitor all of my telephone calls and all of my emails, and deliberately delete anything at all that I publish about this situation within minutes of it being published. This is serious crime and corruption to deliberately silence me (or anyone at all) from exposing United Kingdom corruption, crimes that destabilize the economy and destroy hopes and dreams and is a significant breach of international peace, as well as it being a total abuse of power. 2. They have sent undercover agents to follow me around unlawfully taking photos of me and causing fright and emotional distress. This was reported to the Wiltshire Police in the UK who refused to do anything at all to intervene. One was following my wife and I around a supermarket (Asda in the UK) and at one time he stood there in the aisle picking up two large water melons and licking them !! What a fucking clown. He then continued filming me. We went straight to the Police and they refused to do anything at all to intervene because they were complicit in the corruption. Another one was following me around in Safeway supermarket in Canada, taking pictures of me as i’m shopping. He was an asian man dressed again as a contractor because for some reason they think that by dressing like tramps I’m too dumb to fucking know when someone is following me around and taking photos of me. The Canadian Authorities have now been doing this for three years and it abusive and unlawful. What they do is they walk past me or stand next to me holding up their phones and filming me and pretending to talk to whoever is on the other end of the call, or having nonsense conversations because they think I dont know when i’m being filmed. They are losers - denegenerates that don’t have any talent or ability and don’t even have the skill to carry out surveillance without being caught. Dumbies. Complicit in English Crown misery which is having the psychological affect upon me whereby I think everyone is spying on me. This torment breaches the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11. The effects of this has now led me to distrust anyone I talk to and anyone that I come into contact with and I demand damages are paid for mental and psychological torture. Another time a Chinese girl in a long black trench coat was following me in a park in the middle of summer. It was ridiculous - she stood out like a sore thumb. She had dark glasses on and actually asked if she could take my photo. She thought she was Miss. Big in her ridiculous outfit. I didn’t have any choice because she would have taken the photo it anyway. If these little assholes wanted information they could have simply picked up the phone and asked me for it, but this is United Kingdom and English Crown sleaze and it stank of UK corruption. 3. Brought unfounded and malicious prosecutions against almost every single one of my businesses to try to intimidate me into dropping my claims or to cause as much strife as possible in every area of my life to try to intimidate me into dropping business pursuits. 4. Sent covert agents to enquire about, or pay for me to carry out, building work so that they can ‘assess’ me and try to befriend me in order to gleen information about my plans and the case. 5. Sent undercover Officers to buy things from my ebay sales when I had to try to sell personal belongings in order to feed myself and try to find some way of paying my patent fees. When I asked one of them who was masquerading as a ‘builder’ (in order to try to conceal his cover and try to gain a rapport with me, because they obviously know I have been in the construction industry) that he must have some stories to tell, he didn’t know what to say and clearly didn’t have any knowledge of construction at all. Then he tried to show me his ‘van full of tools’ to try to make me believe him when he clearly hadn’t ever done a proper day’s work in his life. 6. The United Kingdom has prevented any of the Defendants from contacting me and have blocked all of my email addresses so that I cannot get any public support or any help from anyone, or receive any confessions or further evidence from the Defendants, besides the Defendants being too scared to contact me. The UK Authorities have stopped, interferred with, and delayed all emails from the email from reaching intended recipients such as Human Rights Commissions around the world, any news and media agencies, any foreign Law Enforcement agencies and anyone that would be able to help me to being to justice the Defendants and the United Kingdom. 7. The UK Government has used its power to contact every owner of every large media channel and newspaper all over the world to prevent, deter and intimidate anyone at all from publishing anything at all about this situation. They have done dodgy corrupt deals with media firms such as Google to prevent my website being indexed. Instead, if you perform a Google search about me or this case you will find that the only result that comes up is provided by NP LAW and other law firms involved acting for the Defendants who have drafted websites to defame and slander me in order to conceal their crime and try to help the other Defendants ‘get away with it’. NP law and Jane Lambert have committed serious crime aiding and abetting Stuart Baran and Patrick Wheeler - Defendant lawyers working for Defendant Collyer Bristow LLP. In the early time of this I had a few reporters try to write news stories and all of them suddenly disappeared. 8. The Police Force refuse to make any arrests and just shun me even when the Defendants have confessed !! They even had the fucking audacity to threaten to arrest me if I pursued my allegations when they knew they were breaching international peace treaties and Human Rights treaties and even United Nations Conventions, by their corrupt and illegal actions. They refuse to provide any update on their fraud investigation as they are obliged to do under the Victim’s Charter. As you can see from above, this contravenes international criminal law on psychological torture because it intensifies the torment upon the victim and leaves them feeling as if they don’t deserve to live. They denied all access to the Victim’s Fund and this year i’ve had to look on in horror as all of my Australian patents were lost because I couldn’t afford the fees after being left bankrupted and impoverished. After having to stand by, watch and suffer all of my European patents being lost one after one and then having to watch all of my US patents being lost one after one and then having to stand by and suffer all of my Canadian patents being lost one after one; I can assure anyone that it is like watching your child being slaughtered in front of you and being helpless to do anything at all, without any means of saving it, as you look on in sheer terror as it is mutiliated and battered to death. This is what terror and torment is: it isn’t Muslims; it is United Kingdom sleazy under- achieveing loathesome little shits that are the misery of the world. I bet most of the world’s problems stem from them. 9. The UK Judiciary and legal channels refused all access to any legal aid or legal advice and the Chancery Bar Pro Bono Unit deliberately made deceitful excuses as to why I couldn’t have any help during the civil cases. The Royal Courts of Justice Pro Bono Advice Unit made excuses such as ‘everyone is ill or sick or on holiday and we can’t help’. Then when finally someone suddenly became available the day before an appeal, the excuse was ‘I can only answer one question’ and ‘that is beyond our expertise’. When Judge Mann ordered thaty I had a free Barrister for one appeal and the barrister told him there shouldn’t be any bar to any evidence in these circumstances because this is what the whole thing is all about, Judge Mann made silly feeble excuses denying all access to an enormous list of evidence that I was aksing the Defendants to produce because he knew it would prove my allegations. He then also made a deceitful and fraudulent judgement to aid and abet Richard Hacon the main culprit behind all the judicial crime. 10. The Office for Judicial Conduct and Investigations deliberately made deceitful and fraudulent replies to my complaints about judicial crime during the civil cases. They made feeble lame excuses refusing to investigate any misconduct and crime being carried out by any judge. This is a criminal offence called Abuse of Function. They made written excuses telling me they couldn’t see how there was any judicial crime etc - the usual sinister sleazy response deliberately allowing my suffering to continue. 11. The UK Government has brought malicious court claim after malicious court claim against me for the last 2 and half decades. Persecuting me with anything they can find. They have harrassed me and hounded me for money that hasn’t ever been owed, forcing me to pay taxes that were not ever due, refusing to pay damages when i’ve beaten their sleazy Government Departments in civil court cases and breaching all Human Rights laws as it suits them. There was one case in particular where I smashed Companies House into the ground for their failed and flawed registrar system that they refused to solve or fix and which they were using to sue thousands of businesses for fees that were never due to them etc. It’s called fraud. I printed off all the information and proved their system was a total failure. United Kingdom sleaze and corruption, the misery of the world. 12. The United Kingdom Police Force and Government turned a blind eye when the Defendants were making death threats during the civil cases which is a serious criminal offence on its own, threats against me which caused me to be in severe fright and apprehension all day every day for years. The Police refused to do anything at all and made up nonsense excuses to prevent any action even after a witness also phoned the Police and reported it. The effect upon my mind was that everytime our front door had a knock or a bang I was frightened to death that it was a gang coming to bludgeon me to death. The United Kingdom Authorities - murderous sleazy little shits, did absolutely nothing. A man walks into a Police Station soaked in blood. He says to the Policeman behind the desk “Afternoon Officer, i’ve just slaughtered someone with my machete and chopped his head off. I did it - i’m handing myself in.” Policeman says: “well hold on, first tell me more, did it have anything to do with intellectual property rights by any chance?” Murderer says: “well yes of course - the victim refused to allow me to defraud and steal all of his creations so I had to murder him for the fun of it and out of my own sheer greed and jealousy. He had to die because he achieved something I couldn’t do.” Policeman replies: “ yeah… thought so. Don’t worry about it Pal. We don’t do anything at all to murderers if the murder has anything to do with intellectual property rights and people’s investments.” Murderer: “Are you sure? I mean all his family were crying and terrorised, he had made stuff that has changed stuff all over the world. Do you wanna just check? I’m saying I did it, I don’t mind if I have to go to jail until the day I die - I feel a bit bad about it ya know?” Policeman chuckles: hee hee hee hee. Winks at the murderer: “in fact, between you and I, [Wink Wink)] we pretend that we don’t even know what intellectual property crime and serious fraud is.. haaaaaaa ha ha. Chuckles again. “ yeah, so, you’re free to go, but if I were you i’d clean up that shirt before you go home - it looks a bit messy!” Murderer: “ok Bob, see you again next week. Thought i’d just check anyway..” This is exactly what is happening in the United Kingdom. I now have feelings of sorrow - deep regrettable sorrow all the time, and especially when I don’t have anything to occupy my mind with because all I can think about is having my life ripped to shreds and how I might be able to stay alive another day. I’ve been readin the above back today before I publish it. This whole thing is very very sinister, ugly and cruel. There are not words to describe who dark and evil this is. I have been thinking about my own character and personality and I am tormented by having to use foul language and think up analogies designed to provoke the United Kingdom into taking action, which should have been done years ago. What I have experienced I hope nobody else ever has to go through and I hope this will result in the protection for everyone investing in their hopes and dreams and intellectual property rights. Fighting corruption and crime is terrifying. I don’t just sit here typing this all out willy nilly without a care in the world. I am terrified. Often I can’t even look at this site for days at a time to finish typing whatever part i’m working on and I go to sleep crying or being filled with sorrow. I have to control my breathing to stop any panic attacks because I think I’ll have a heart attack. I get up again and carry on the fight. This is what you get if you invest in intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth - sleaze, crime, death and destruction instead of feeling exhuberant, joyful, excited, accomplished and worthy. In truth, all I really wanted to do was produce my fabulous inventions and rebuild my business but 2 years later and after 5 years of civil cases i’m still in a war.
Human Rights Lawyer Wanted unafraid of the United Shit-hole Kingdom, to help me issue criminal charges in the International Criminal Courts for Crimes Against Humanity.
Please contact me, write to me, even if it takes a month for your letter to reach me! Someone please help! See contact page.