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Defendant Law Firms Page 2
Second Fundamental Point In Perjured Claims Against Me To Conceal Serious Crime.
On Page 1 i’ve clearly demonstrated how the Group 1 Defendants and their Defendant Law Firm knew that they were committing criminal offences and when I demanded an explanation, they deliberately concocted malious and perjured civil claims against me that have spanned 5 years of vicious courtroom fights. It is proven in their own words in their own writing and in their own witness testimony that they themselves issued and served in a UK Court of Law. Because there are literally hundreds of pages of evidence, I am just picking out the most significant points, because this website will end up being 100 pages long. Before proceedings were issued against me to try to conceal crime and silence me from claiming damages that I am lawfully and rightfully entitled to, I had asked the Defending law firm represent FH Brundle to provide an affidavit to corroborate their statement that their client was ‘only a reseller’ and was an ‘entirely separate entity’ to the other Defendant firms involved, as they testifed. They refused to provide an affidavit because it would have been another count of perjury and there would be consequences for the other Defendants because I could pursue them and FH Brundle wouldn’t be able to shield them from prosecution. Had they provided an affidavit FH Brundle couldn’t protect Betafence and they would be caught committing perjury, which now 6 years later and in hindsight is exactly what has happened anyway.
The Group 1 Defendants and Defendant Law Firm told the court that the reason for bringing their claim against me was: 1). “Because if anyone found out about this we would lose business” 2). ‘We didn’t know” and “it wasn’t us” (to try to conceal the crime and pretend the firms were all separate entities as they testified in their own witness statements so that none of the firms would be liable for an offence under the Patents Act before it was amended in 2012. However; they have at this point already committed hundreds of transactions of fraud, perjury, attempts to conceal the crimes, and had the sheer arrogance and contempt for the entire justice system to issue and serve these proceedings, which undermines the entire Rule of Law. I refused to provide the undertaking they had asked for and they issued proceedings in early 2013, drafted by Defendant law firm and barrister Stuart Baran, Patrick Wheeler and Collyer Bristow LLp in conjunction with false statements from the Defendant Michael Brundle acting for his daddy’s little firm FH Brundle. The copy of the summons and witness statement signed and declared as a statement of truth can be found in the 20 Section White Numbered Bundle, link found on page 1 and on the Evidence Page. That is yet another count of Perjury and Fraud. In 2010 I had written to FH Brundle to see if they had any interest in stocking my products or licencing my patents because I was carrying out sales efforts to widen my business. They replied with a letter that stated “we don’t sell wooden fencing, only metal fencing” and claimed they had no interest whilst they knew that they had been defrauding me since 2004. After they had received my letter and when the offences were still unknown to me at the time, they suddenly formed a new company in companies house and put all of their money into it because they realise they had been caught even though I didn’t know i’d caught them. Their statement of “we don’t sell wooden fencing only metal fencing” was made because in my patent I related the invention to wooden fencing even of course the invention can be used on any material used to construct a fence. They thought that this would give them a legal argument around the patent. However, it makes no difference because they had already committed a criminal conspiracy as outlined on page 1 and flooded the market with goods stolen from my patent. This is important because their witness statement used to serve proceedings and their reply to my defence and counterclaim states that they dont have any knowledge of the letter that they sent me and stated that I had never sent them any samples and claimed that they didn’t know blah blah blah, which is yet another attempt to conceal serious economic crime and which is an offence of concealment. it is also fraudulent and perjurious. Yet another run of indictable offences with each offence carrying 7 years + in custody. I had lost my copy of the letter and during one hearing when I requested to subpoena evidence, Judge Mann denied me all access to it. If the Defendants have disposed of their copy this is yet another offence of concealment and tampering with evidence; another 7 years + in custody. it goes on. All they had to do in 2004 was say to me “ we love your product, lets get together and sell it and here’s a sign on bonus and royalty”. They could have gone about their business in a lawful way but because they’re all ‘exclusive members’ of the Plymouth Brethren cult that believe in ZOG they think everyone else is dirty and diseased. The Defendants go around committing serious crime under the guise of Christianity. At the moment we’re only at the start of 5 years of legal fights and thousands of pages of paperwork and evidence. It is irrelevant at this point whether there is any judicial fraud or corruption or not - these are crimes being carried out long before any courtrooms and long before any hearings in any courts. If their excuses are: But Judge Hacon didn’t find any patent infringement and so to prove fraud you have to prove patent infringement (as they told Wiltshire Police in 2015), then why are they fraudulently using my name to order all of the goods???? If they were going about their business in any lawful way they wouldn’t need to use my name and they wouldn’t need to concoct and carry out criminal plans. When I demanded an explanation as to why they were using my name to order these goods, (which is also yet another criminal offence of Fraud and passing off), they immediately tried to change my tax details at HMRC to make it look like I had moved to live and work within 45 minutes drive of their Head Office. They did this on the 23rd June 2012. I reported it to the Serious Fraud Office who refused to do anything. HMRC told me that they didn’t change the tax records because whoever it was couldn’t give the correct National Insurance number details. So the second fundmental point is that they’ve refused to either: 1). Confess and make amends or reconcile, 2). provide an affidavit to support their own witness testimony which is now proven to be false. 3). tried to conceal crime by: i). writing letters they know to be fraudulent to steer me away from finding out about the crime and then denying it under oath, ii). attempted to change my tax details at HMRC to give an alibi as to the use of my name to order the goods, iii). attempted to keep the three firms involved separate prior to and during the early round of proceedings to support their false witness testimony to evade the Patents Act boundaries (as described on page 1), iv). issuing false and perjurious proceedings against me in a United Kingdom Court of Law which is a serious crime especially when done by a barrister and a London Law firm. The Reply to Defence and Counterclaim and copy of summons can be found in the 20 Section White Numbered Bundle. LINK FOUND TOP OF DEFENDANT LAW FIRMS MAIN PAGE. BACK ONE PAGE.
Third Point: Prior to the issuing of proceedings, undeniable Proof the Group 1 Defendants knew they were committing the Offences. 1). Filing of suspect patent applications at the Patent Office on the same invention I had already patented. The Defendants refuse to disclose the details of this application because it proves they knew they were targeting my patent and trying to find a way around it, which they couldn’t and they continued to manufacture and distribute the goods anyway, proving a total contempt for Authority because any worldwide firm is well aware of how timid, weak and pathetic the United Kingdom Government is. The suspect application is not held by the Patent Office because the Defendants withdrew it before paying the fees. I found the application in the British Library. It was submitted on 13th October 2004 around 4 weeks after I had sent them my samples in 2004 asking if they would like to licence my patent or distribute my products. This proves that as soon as they had received my letter they immediately began concocting criminal plans to steal and defraud me. This is how sleazy and loathesome these little fools are. There wasn’t any other application between June 2003 to Oct 2004 for any other fixing or bracket.The application number should be where the blank space is. The spine of the book shows the applications published in the patents journal.
Application GB0422708.8 submitted by Bekeart Fencing that became Defendant known as BETAFENCE, a Belgium Firm. If the application had been continued it would have appeared in the space where the blank record is in the book shown above. Application found in the patents and designs journal - extract shown below (‘Fixing Means’, filed 13 Oct 2004):
2). False and Manipulated Design CAD Drawings of the offending product: Falsified copyright dates to make it look like their product preceded my patent by six weeks when in fact, and corroborated by their own witness statement in 2013, we know that the product wasn’t designed / sold until after I had approached the Defendants in 2004. Their witness statement claims “in 2005 when we first sold the product” which when compared with other evidence (detailed later) is the correct date of 2005 on the drawing which they have tried to amend to claim a date of 2003. This takes some explaining. to follow see page three - link bottom of page. The Law firms knew of this evidence and I had also submitted it to the Court. Therefore even if the law firm didn’t know of this prior to proceedings, they did know early on in proceedings and yet continued submitting hundreds of pages of false witness testimony to the courts. At this point they are being aided and abetted by Judges Arnold and Hacon and their corruption of refusing to recognise the value of, or enforce intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever - as proven in indisputable evidence. In this point again, this is another criminal attempt to conceal a crime, tamper with evidence and it is fraud by false representation. Copy of the manipulated design sheet can be found under the evidence page. The Defendants then submitted yet another false drawing to the patent office during the opinion request this time omitting the 2005 copyright date in an attmept to corroborate their testimony and false CAD design sheet (copy found 20 section white numbered bundle). These are more criminal offences of fraud and concealment.
Extract from Witness testimony in CC13P00980 Reply to Defence and Counterclaim 20 section white numbered bundle section 1:
Proof of attempt to conceal a crime, perjury and false witness testimony drafted by the defending barrister, corroborated and in conjunction with Defendant Michael BRUNDLE and issued and served by Collyer Bristow LLP “they are wholly independent business entities” - proving point of trying to maintain distance to get around the wording of the Patents Act, but nevertheless is a criminal conspiracy and attempt to conceal a crime. Later in 2015 and when they thought they were winning, they filed a change of representative form and told Judge Hacon to his face in court that they were now representing all three firms “for convenience” therefore proving that indeed they were all involved in carrying out the crime from the outset and the witness statement is false. This can be heard on the court tapes and Hacon confirms this fact in his own judgement of 25th Sept 2015 Para 1 - 4. Stuart Baran, Michael Brundle and Collyer Bristow LLp have authored and signed this statement as a statement of truth which they also did on the N1 claim form also found in the 20 section white numbered bundle. That’s another two counts of Perjury and fraud.
Sales, x 3 up to 1.5m and according to Indian mfr they have sold worldwide over 8m units, x 10 if they claim less than 10% we’re upto GBP11m in unlawful sales. That money, all of it belongs to me. ref: Apple vs Samsung. That was just one product and one patent stolen. I had 17 granted patents, and one GB2401616 has sold tens of millions of units by myself and the Group 2 Defendants conspiring with Group 1 to defraud that patent as well. Jealous little English Cheats. Hence the lengths they have gone to to try to conceal the crimes. My IP rights are worth in excess of 150m GBP. After professional input on value 150m is average and possibly low.
Extract from Betafence’s (James Timlin) witness statement found in 20 section white numbered bundle. “The figures start in 2005 because this is the year we first sold the bracket”.

Note: There hasn’t ever been any case litigated for fraud because the Judges involved in this deliberately prevented

it and steered the cases in a direction where I was unable to claim anything at all, except in one counter claim for

patent infringement when I made it explicitly clear that I wanted to sue for fraud etc. and this claim was unlawfully

blocked by Richard Hacon. There has only ever been one case which was a malicious prosecution against me and

my case that hasn’t yet been heard. I’ve never been allowed to ask a single question and i’ve only been able to put

forward an argument relating to patent infringement which was deliberately rubbished.


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