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What The Monarchy Should Be Doing,

DEMAND for 1bn in compensation and damages for

Mental & Psychological Torture, affects of Corruption, Judicial and

Police Force Crime, and serious and organized crime against me

Where the hell is the Monarch and law and order in all of this? If it were my Country and I was responsible for Government and the rule of law, I would not be allowing Judges, Police Officers and Government Officials to be left unsupervised and uncontrolled to simply do as they please; making political decisions that are not theirs to make which steer the entire nation in a downward spiral. This approach will eventually force the economy to collapse and lead to complete anarchy. The United Kingdom is the decay in the bones of Europe, and its hideous, reckless and thoughtless attitude towards intellectual property has destroyed one of the few trump cards the UK had left in its armoury to battle economic competition. The UK could very easily get out of recession and turn the dying economy into a land of prosperity again, simply by enforcing intellectual property. Large corporations would be forced to pay for it instead of stealing it, entrepreneurs and businesses would flourish. Innovators would have more confidence to develop products and invest because they would know their rights are protected and the revenues derived from these rights would highly likely stay in the Country; rather than being stolen and taken offshore by big corporations that refuse to reinvest in the UK after they’ve taken what they wanted. Honestly, I mean come on - the UK seems to be a land of retards and degenerates. Judges make fraudulent Judgements against entrepreneurs who are the lifeblood of the economy, Authorities do everything in their power to stop people speaking up about this absolute lawlessness and then the people wonder why their economy is bankrupt. Lets face it - the United Kingdom has had its day and it has turned to shit. The economy is dead, the people are not far behind that, and there isn’t anything the Country can offer because they hate profit and despise success. To my astonishment, the UK Authorities parade themselves around the world, sticking their noses into everyone else’s business, playing the ‘we’re better than you game’ and yet they refuse to do anything about their own faltering economy caused by lawlessness and recklessness like that of the Defendants. I have sent many correspondences to the Monarch about my situation, the consequences I have suffered and my grave concerns many times over the past 7 years. All I hear in reply is “we’re sorry you are experiencing difficulties but we cannot get involved” or “We understand your strength of feeling on this matter but…” or “the Queen says it is not possible to meet with you” or “ we’re sorry this isn’t the response you had hoped for” blah blah fucking blah. The problem is that the Monarchy seems to be completely disinterested in the future of the Country. They leave Government to lead the way when there is a total failure of a Government that is run and administered by corruption, people with titles that they don’t deserve or haven’t earned, or weak pathetic fuddy duddy old men who don’t have the strength of character or iron fist that it takes to stand up to giant corporate bullying and abuse of our constitution. Being a stong minded person with a lot of strength of character and being completely incorruptible, if I was in Authority and someone brought this matter to me, I would make it a priority to bring these loathsome people to justice. I wouldn’t put up with all this hiding behind law firms and trying to find ways out of punishment for serious crime - I would simply arrest the whole damn lot of them and ask questions later. I have the iron fist it takes to deal with this and yet all I come up against is corruption and dishonesty because I don’t have the privilege or power to sort this out alone. This patomime situation surely cannot be allowed to continue. It is extremely damaging to the Country, it tarnishes the reputations of all the good businesses and decent people who are not involved in these sinister trading practices, and it only makes a bad situation far worse. These weak and pathetic Authorities and the people running them all lack any morals or proper direction and they would rather watch their lives being wrecked and decimated than stand up to evil and cruelty. “it’s none of my business, oh it’s none of my business…, i’m a surpressed gutless little English twirp so it’s none of my business…” What a joke - and it’s on the people of the United Kingdom. So Monarch - what are you going to do about it? I’ve written to the Queen’s private Secretary and to other Royal Household staff in an effort to get their attention to sort this situation out for the good of everyone making a lawful and honest contribution to the Country.
Richard Perry 19 Yerbury Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. BA14 8DP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace 1 st August 2018. London. SW1A 1AA By International Post Also by email to:,,,,, RE: United Kingdom Crimes Against Humanity Your Majesty, My name is Richard Perry. I have written to your Office on many occasions about a terrible set of circumstances relating to the intellectual property theft and fraud of my lifetime’s work and the tragedy this has caused. The last dialogue was in 2017 where your Staff informed me that it isn’t possible to have any audience with you and that the Monarch cannot get involved in this situation. I replied and once again sent a list of the names of the Judges, Police Officials and Government Officials who have been complicit in this and are deliberately allowing this situation to continue. Not only are they allowing it to continue but they are actively carrying out crime against me and doing everything in their power to prevent me from enforcing my intellectual property rights, because in the United Kingdom, intellectual property is seen as being completely worthless. As you already know from my previous correspondence, I have taken an absolute battering from this war (and it is a war) and ended up bankrupt with immeasurable loss whilst being forced to watch and endure the annihilation of my lifetime’s work, business, and all of my friendships and relationships. It has been brought to my attention that the Judges, Police Officials and Government Officials involved in this situation are merely following orders. There is no way in any lawful and civilized society that national and worldwide corporations would be allowed to go around stealing and counterfeiting patents and products, making themselves millions of pounds doing it and then being allowed to bring perjured cases to civil courts that are based on perjury and false witness testimony to conceal serious crime, if they were not being aided and abetted by people with enormous power and influence. The orders that these people in Authority are following could only come from within your Household because all three ‘pillars of society’ are corroborating and doing their part to prevent me enforcing my rights, and those orders can only come from higher up. For clarity, I mean the privileged people that you have entrusted to ‘oversee’ the Government, Police Force and Judiciary to look after the interests of the nation. Not the actual Royal Family. It would be disdain for the value of life itself if the Royal Family were pulling the strings and I don’t believe that is the case. Being bribed by worldwide corporations and allowing them to defraud and butcher the people (like myself) that keep the Country afloat, is not in the interest of the nation and it certainly isn’t Royal. The reason for this correspondence is to point out once again that I’ve paid your Government and Patent Office thousands and thousands of pounds earned through backbreaking work, to protect my creative rights and creations born of my human mind. Through my creativeness and extremely risky ventures I’ve employed dozens of people and paid them so that they could have jobs and feed themselves and their families. I’ve built up a successful established business and made a staggering and astonishing success of it without having any debts, borrowing or external investment, whilst scraping around to find money to pay extortionate patent fees when at many times I’ve barely been able to afford to feed myself. I’ve created fabulous market leading products that have been used by hundreds of thousands of people and that have inspired countless others to have a go and start a business and do something positive with their lives. My work has been used as a benchmark for staff training at your Patent Office which is also being run criminally. I’ve gone about my business and ventures in a lawful and ethical way even when I could have made vast amounts of money by cutting corners or trading criminally like the people who have robbed me of my life. I prefer to lead by example and try to follow a righteous life.
All of I’ve had in return from your Country is being left on my own trying to take on national and worldwide firms who are going around stealing and defrauding people through their sheer greed and jealousy, and because they can’t think of anything for themselves. These people are calling themselves Christians, running ‘exclusive brethren churches’ and donating money to charities for tax write offs and to make themselves look good; said monies that have been made from serious and organized intellectual property related crime. Your Household awarded one of them with a CBE that should be revoked immediately. I’ve reported this situation to EVERY Authority in England who have not only adamantly refused to investigate it, but they have acted to aid and abet the very firms and individuals carrying out these hideous and ugly crimes. I have undeniable proof of Government, Police and Judicial corruption in evidence in black and white, with hundreds of pages of correspondence and documentation proving improper conduct and participation in serious crime. All for the over-riding purpose of refusing to enforce intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. I have now begun publishing the details of this on my website. See I would like to know what good this is doing for me or the Country? How many people have to have their lives destroyed and their hopes and dreams obliterated before your Household and these entrusted privileged people are going to do anything about it? I don’t believe that you have even seen any of my letters at all. They are just being intercepted by your Staff who have been given Lordships, titles and power that they clearly don’t deserve and they have used it to allow worldwide firms to tear people’s lives apart and undermine the United Kingdom economy for the sake of lining their own pockets. I would think that is tantamount to treason. Further, through the unimaginable trauma that I have been forced to suffer, your Government has effectively made me stateless and displaced. I’ve been completely knocked out of life. I’ve lost all of my friends, bar one. I’ve lost all of my relationships, bar one. My family life has been injured beyond words and I’m effectively homeless. The only places I have to stay are living with my partner and her parents in North America or returning to the UK to live with my mother – neither option is favourable or provides any stability or security. After everything I’ve accomplished and done for our Country, I don’t even have my own home and I can’t even afford to rent an apartment. It is humiliating, insulting and degrading. If both of those entities refused their hospitality at the same time, I would be homeless and on the streets. I’ve spent the last 5 -6 years trapped and embroiled in extensive civil litigation trying to fend for myself, stand up for my creative rights and accomplishments and defend everyone else’s creative rights. I’ve tried in vain to fight off armies of law firms in courtrooms packed full of my enemies, and worldwide corporations who have stuck their fingers up to the Country and our Justice system and have made a complete mockery of the entire Rule of Law. I’ve been stabbed in the back, crushed and persecuted by the very Country, its Authorities and Citizens who’s rights I’m fighting to preserve and uphold. I haven’t been given any support whatsoever and denied access to all legal advice provided by the Crown. Ironically it was the English Crown that went running to the United States during the Second World War for protection from the German onslaught, and yet you allow your own citizens to be butchered. One tiny little man without any power, wealth or Authority being torn apart by a pack of rabid dogs; diving in to rip the flesh from his bones. It is cold-blooded, inhumane and evil. What is the English Crown going to do about this? I am entitled to protection from the Crown in return for allegiance to the United Kingdom and paying your Government taxes and so on, and the Crown has broken this contract by a long long way. I deserve to know what the Crown is going to do about it. I would like a plan of what your Government is going to do to resolve this barbaric situation; what action they intend to take and the date by which it is to be done. I’ve already copied dozens of pages of Court files to Clarence House, The Office of the Attorney General and even your own Private Secretary and, every time I do so, suddenly and mysteriously events will happen that worsen the effect upon me and further injure me. I have lost the last two decades of my life and all of my hopes, dreams and achievements and I am entitled to compensation and damages. The value of my work and business seems to exceed a minimum of twenty five million pounds with a value possibly exceeding one hundred and fifty million pounds. Then there is compensation due for persecution and crimes against humanity. I’ve put a settlement offer to the Defendants online. I have published indisputable evidence of criminal conspiracies, corruption and crime such as law firms bringing perjured cases based on undeniable fraud and false witness testimony, the Police Force claiming that they don’t know what crime is, and judges denying all access to evidence that proves my allegations and then making fraudulent judgements against me claiming that I don’t have any evidence. This has been done even when the evidence I do have, such as the unlawful use of my name to order the counterfeit goods and proof of a criminal conspiracy is enough to land the ordinary person on the street with a lifetime prison sentence. Your Staff and Country is ignoring me and acting as if it is none of its business when the actions of these people undermine the economy, curtail trade and stifle innovation. It is an appalling abuse of power and it is inhumane. I would like this situation resolved and litigated in the criminal courts before the year is out. Please don’t insult my intelligence by more ‘fob offs’ and evasive nonsense. I’ve done far more than my fair share and it is time for the Country to step up and give me some support. I await your response. Sincerely, Richard Perry

Update Jan 2020:

During 2019, Confessions have been received. The crimes against me are proven in evidence and yet the Royal Household refuses to intervene, provide any help or support and even after the Defendants including Judges, high ranking Police Force personel and corrupted Government Officials have confessed to doing it. The excuse from Royal Household staff is: “The Queen cannot be involved in matters of law or policy” - basically meaning the Monarch will not do anything at all. My counter argument to this was: The English Civil War 1642 produced the result that the Queen couldn’t rule without Parliament, however: when it is proven that Parliament is corrupted and conducted by sleazy deceitful and criminal actions, which are also proven in evidence, then it is the job of the Monarch to intervene. By the highest Authority in the Country and Commonwealth refusing to do anything at all and deliberately allowing serious and organised crime that murders people to continue, what does this say about your power, ethics and human dignity? What are you going to do about this situation? In 2019 I copied all the evidence to the Palace because of the amount of corruption and Police Force and Judicial crime I was suffering. Proven in the 2019 Confessions & Revelations Page. The Palace ignored all correspondence after I had proven the corruption and crime and has deliberately put a man in place heading the London Economic Crime Directorate to deliberately prevent any action being taken or any arrests being made. Also proven by the result that has been produced. If this was untrue then why haven’t the Staff in the Royal Household ordered the Police to start making arrests when the Defendants have confessed or don’t have any credible alibi to their $250m intellectual property crime against me and after I had sent them confessions from the Defedants and replies to my questioning that are deceitful and fraudulent and design to try to evade punishment. Therefore I demand that either action is taken immediately and arrests are made to detain the Defendants OR I will lay a claim against the United Kingdom for 1billion pounds in damages for breach of the Rome Statute, Breach of the 1984 United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11 (corruption and suffering caused by Public Officials) and Articles in the Human Rights Charter. In addition, would the Monarch please explain to the People of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth the reason why not a single Police Force will accept ANY CRIME REPORT WHATSOEVER if it is related to intellectual property rights and serious fraud of people’s creations and investments? ‘LEST WE FUCKING FORGET’. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT.