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Defendant Government Officials: What they did, where and when and evidence.
Crime carried out by Government Officials supporting the other Defendants. Bristol Official Receiver in relation to Group 1. The Defendants: 1. Mark Forge (solicitor for Bristol Official Recevier) 2. Hayley Bird (acting for Bristol Official Receiver) 3. Mitzi Mace (The Bristol Official Receiver) The Charges: Preventing or perverting justice, unlawful inteferrence/tampering, concealment, fraud by abuse of position and false representation, conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, inducement, tendering of false and misleading statements on oath or without out, Perjury Act, Aiding, abetting and subornation to perjury. Summary of what they did, where and when: Claim in their own letters to me informing me of holding conversations with Defendant known as Betafence when this Defendant did not petition costs or have involvement in bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore, there is no lawful reason for the Defendant at the Official Receiver known as Hayley Bird to be holding any conversations at all with this other Defendant. She claims in her own statement and emails to me that she had held conversations with Mark Selby at Wake Smith solicitors who were initially representing Betafence. She claims to have written to the courts to try to speed up the process and secure hearing dates when it gave an advantage to the Defendants. She didn’t have any lawful right to do this at the time because the procedural rules are that if appeals were still going on the Official Receiver could not intervene. This proves another part of conspiracy because the london law firm Collyer Bristow LLP were not representing Betafence at the time, in order to try to maintain their own false witness testimony of ”these are wholly independent businesses and separate entities” (2012) and “are definitely not working together”. Official Receiver staff deliberately refusing to sell a right of action as promised until after the September hearing in 2015 and after the other Defendants had my claim struck out due to rights of action. Aided and abetted by the same Judge involved - Richard Hacon. After my letters to them alleging their involvement and criminal actions they immediately fob the case off onto Begbies Traynor law group another named Defendant to try to get out of criminal charges. Subpoena the details of this arrangement and correspondence. Defendant Mark Forge continued to make up ridiculous excuses and reasons as to why they wouldn’t sell me a right of action to allow me to pursue my fraud and conspiracy claim that had not been litigated. The rights of action vested in the Official Receiver and at the time the undeniable proof of conspiracy hadn’t yet come to light even though it had been there in plain sight all along. After I had accused him of participating in this lawlessness he then made up pathetic and untrue statements about ‘how he had not given my case the proper attention’ blah blah blah and only after the strike out hearing of 25th September 2015. See correspondences between myself and the Official Receiver’s office found on ‘The Evidence’ page top menu bar. This may not appear yet if I haven’t yet uploaded it. These three idiots: Mark Forge, Hayley Bird and Mitzi Mace were all trying to cover their tracks, trying to protect one another from any blame and continually making up nonsense and excuses to try to get themselves out of it. Hayley Bird unlawfully and deliberately interferred with the civil court cases at the bequest of Betafence and Collyer Bristow when she had no lawful right to do so because my appeals were still in process. She submitted her requests to the court as evidence against me. She also proves in her own words that she contacted Mark Selby at Wake Smith law firm. The Official Receiver didn’t have any lawful right to interfere in these appeals and she wrote to the courts to try to get them to speed up their decisions and due process. She later denied it even though I have it in her own emails and correspondences. This is called obstruction of justice or perverting the course of justice. It is a serious criminal offence. it is also Human Rights abuse because I had a right to a fair trial that she tried to throw off course. More to follow.

Update Jan 2020 -

Confessions received in 2019 proves organised crime and criminal

offences carried out by Mitzi Mace, Mark Forge and Hayley Bird at the

Bristol Official Receiver. Participation in serious crime.

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