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Background: Also refer to Defendant Law Firms pages for the evidence in relation to this Group due to heavy overlap. Background: The background to this Group of Defendants isn’t as complicated as one would think. The ways the crimes have been carried out is complex, but the bones of the situation is quite simple: Between 2002 - 2003 I had been developing my first fencebracket which I filed for patent in August 2003. I wrote to the company Betafence asking if they would have any interest in licencing my patents or products etc. They declined. In 2010 I happened by chance to write to FH Brundle and sent samples of my products and asked if they would licence or distribute my products. They replied and claimed they didn’t have any interest and said “we don’t sell wooden fencing, only metal fencing”. Years later in 2012, I was approached by an Indian Manufacturer based in India who claimed that he had already been making my range of poroducts and selling them in the UK. I didn’t have any knowledge of any crimes at this point and replied to the Indian Manufacturer to find out what the hell was going on. The Indian Manufacturer provided all the details of the Betafence product that had clearly been defrauded /derived from my own products and patent rights and I was astonished to find out that it was being sold worldwide by the very same firms who claimed they didn’t have any interest in me or my products. The dialogue continued with the Indian Manufacturer (emails published under the Evidence page above top menu bar) and it turned out that the Defendants had sold around 8 million units of my products between 2004/5 to 2012. They had taken business away from the Indian Manufacturer and had caused payment problems or other issues with him and so the manufacturer emailed me directly to ask if he could deal with me because he thought that he had been dealing with me over all those years. The reason is because the Defendants had been using my name on their purchase orders to order all of the goods and to make it appear that I had given authorisation to use my patent rights, which I did not. When I demanded to see proof of this firm ever employing anyone by the name ‘Richard Perry’ one of the Defendants, (admitedly I don’t know which one) contacted HMRC (Her Majesty’s Customs & Revenue) and tried to change my personal tax details on 23rd June 2012 claiming that I had moved to live and work within 45 minutes of the the Head Offices of all three Defendant firms Betafence, FH Brundle and Britannia Fasteners. I reported it to the Serious Fraud Office who didn’t do anything at all. After a row with them, they eventually sent me a letter informing me that they were only interested in pursuing and preventing ‘new species of crime’ and that intellectual property ‘wasn’t one of them’. This is the mortifying attitude of the United Kingdom Government. Intellectual Property crime is one of the most serious crimes on the planet. It undermines the entire economy and ridicules everyone who is creating anything and investing their lives in it. After quite a bit more research and investigation of my own I found out that the three Defendant firms involved had concocted a criminal conspiracy between them to manufacture and distribute goods (which are essentially stolen goods) derived from my patent GB2390104 throughout the UK. In order to evade the previous wording of the Patents Act 1977, one firm manufactured the goods outside the UK, one firm imported the goods into the UK and one firm distributed the goods inside the UK. Their clever plan would avoid offences under the Patents Act but only until 2012 when the wording changed. See the details under ‘Defendant law Firms’ pages (>> Particulars of Claim Index Page). From what I can gather from the Manufacturer, the main firm Betafence have done it in other Countries as well. If the Defendant FH Brundle can ever prove they ‘didn’t know’ and ‘it wasn’t us’ (which was their pleged legal defence) they still cannot be absolved of conspiracy and other offences between themselves and Betafence, because FH Brundle also manufactured metal products in the UK. Even though there are three firms involved, only two firms are needed to commit the offence of conspiracy. They had access to all the usual and simple equipment needed to produce the product and so why didn’t they simply manufacture it themselves in the UK? It would have been far cheaper than going to India despite costs savings ,due to the logistics and import costs. I know because i’m in manufacturing. They had published their own catalogues that claimed they manufactured products up until they got caught and then they tried to remove all evidence of being a manufacturer by recalling and destroying any trace of these publications. In letters from their defending law firm they claimed only to be ‘ a reseller’ and wholesaler. These letters were used to issue and serve perjured legal proceedings in a court of law. Unfortunately for them I have managed to get hold of one of their old publications that claims they manufactured window parts and custom orders for customers, therefore proving they were in fact manufacturing and had the means to manufacture the offending Betafence product known as the Nylofor 3D. The reason they didn’t was because they knew it would have been outright fraud of my patent and wanted to reduce the risk of being caught. After I caught them in 2010 (and still at the time not even realising that I had caught them) FH Brundle immediately set up a new firm at Companies House after, and according to themselves, ‘150 years of honest business’ and put all of their money into it to try to conceal assets and protect assets acquired from the proceeds of crime. Company no. 07168270. They are continuing to file false and misleading information at Companies House even today because they are well aware that they are still facing charges and still trying to conceal economic crime. In 2012 after I had been informed by the Indian Manufacturer, I wrote to the Defendant Betafence to find out what the fuck was going on and they replied through their Belgium Law Firm KOB. I wrote to the UK Head Office and received a reply from Belgium - where their main Head Office is. This is important because it also proves international corroboration and later Betafence acquired HESCo in the USA, which is a buyout that is based on funding from criminal activity. This gives me standing to litigate in US courts. KOB reply to me on 25th July 2012 with all the usual excuses and legal arguments as to why they didn’t infringe my patent blah blah blah. It isn’t important here (copy of letter can be found under the evidence page top menu bar above). In this letter there isn’t any mention of the Defendant FH Brundle at all because at the time I didn’t know FH Brundle were trading with Betafence, and Betafence had no intention of telling me who was involved and concealed the facts. I later discovered the firm FH Brundle allocated as Betafence’ s sole UK distributor on Betafence’s own website. I then wrote to FH Brundle in 2012 demanding an explanation and they immediately go running to the london law firm Collyer Bristow LLP to start concocting legal defences after having received only one letter of complaint from me. A letter of complaint from an individual to the Chairman of a national firm. These are not the actions of a firm doing ‘150 years of honest business’. Would the Chairman of a national firm go running to lawyers and start concocting legal defences everytime he recieved a complaint from an individual? Of course not - that is ridiculous. This proves a guilty mind, mens rea. Surely, you would reply to the individual through your own firm or just ignore the letter completely if there wasn’t any merit in the complaint? You wouldn’t go paying large law firms everytime you have a complaint - you would soon go out of business. Further, if you are approached by an inventor with a sample of a product that is almost identical to the one you’re already selling, and if you claim you have no knowlegde of the inventor’s patent/product, surely you would immediately make some enquiry or investigation into the legitimacy of the product you’re already selling? So to clarify for the reader, if you have the inventor’s product in one hand and the offending product in the other, surely you would automatically raise questions? (this guy says he has a patent on this product and we don’t - what is going on?). Is it believable that you wouldn’t make any correlation??? Again, of course not - that is nonsense. These people knew what they were doing all along and plotted and carried out elaborate criminal plans to try to evade the law for the gain of millions of pounds of profit. Continuing; the Defendant’s FH Brundle’s law firm reply to me in October 2012 with a letter to try to ward me off, but in this letter they claim that they have knowledge of the letter from KOB to myself of 25th July 2012 (three months earlier), which they couldn’t possibly have knowlege of, or know about, if they were not conspiring with Betafence. The letter from KOB to me is a legally priviliged letter. There is a lot of evidence surrounding this under Defendant Law Firms pages on the Particulars of Claim index page which in fact proves conspiracy and the fact that they don’t have any alibi or any letter between the firms indemnifying against loss for selling the offending product. Even if they did, what they are doing is unlawful and so it would only further prove fraud. In fact I have asked them to provide any such letter but they can’t because it doesn’t exist. The argument of October 2012 continued over several letters and then the law firm threatened me with legal proceedings claiming that I was making ‘unjustified threats’ against their clients. Because of the mention of the letter of the 25th July in the October letter, this has now later proven that the law firm, in corroboration with their clients, issued and served legal proceedings against me in a United Kingdom court of law based on fraud, perjury, and false witness testimony to try to get their clients out of serious criminal charges. This is serious crime. Sadly, they have been aided and abetted by the Judiciary, the Government and the Police Force who claim they don’t know what crime is. This is because the United Kingdom refuses to recognise the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. I am now going to be bringing criminal charges. Charges proven by their own false witness testimony and unlawful actions spanning 5 years of civil cases that led to my bankruptcy, and almost my death, through the immeasurable loss I have suffered as a result of their recklessness, dishonesty, crime and lack of any morals or responsibility. They have shown a complete contempt for the patent system, the justice system, Government and the entire Rule of Law. It is a public disgrace. The evidence is extensive, found under Defendant Judges pages, Defendant Law Firms pages and the Evidence pages. I had also asked the Defendants to sign an affidavit to support their statements of “we didn’t know” and “it wasn’t us” and “our client is only a reseller” etc. They refused because it would have been perjury and they realised they were already sailing close to the wind. When they were asked by one Judge what the reason was for bringing their claim, they replied “because if anyone found out about this, we would lose business” - nooooooo, you fuckin’ think?? I’d be surprised if they have any customers at all when this is done, if they’re not in jail. Back-tracking a bit, I also found that Betafence had forged and manipulated CAD drawing sheets with false dates to use to submit to the Indian Manufacturer to try to prove that they had thought of my product before I did in case the manufacturer made enquiries about the ownership or validity of the patent rights. CAD drawing copyright date of 2005 with a pretend date of 2003 shown on the same drawing. Evidence and explanation under Defendant Law Firms pages. In 2004 and after only weeks of me contacting them with my patent, they had also submitted a patent application on the very same idea I patented only to find they couldn’t get around my patent. Evidence on Defendant Law Firms pages. They then abandoned the application and refuse to disclose the content of it to the court. This further proves intent that knowing they couldn’t get around my patent, they continued to have the goods manufactured, concocting plans to evade the Act and illegally using my name to order all of the goods. The question is: how did the Indian Manufacturer kow where to find or contact me? What was he told by the Defendants to make him believe I had authorised the patent rights? We know they were using my name, but what else has been said? The Police need to speak to this person in India. During proceedings in the request for an opinion from the UK Patent Office, the Defendant firm Britannia Fasteners then submited a second falsified drawing, this time omitting the 2005 drawing date to try to make the Patent Office believe they had drawn the drawing in June 2003, basically trying to precede my filing date of August 2003. During the course of civil proceedings in courts from one side of the Country to another, the Defendants and their law firms submitted thousands of pages of what is now proven to be false witness testimony, misleading and untrue statements to try to conceal the crime. I think their logic behind it was that if they kept going and submitting more and more that it would be believed. However, they have only made their own situation worse because the more documents they submitted the more it began to unwind their own defences and prove false witness testimony and perjury. I’ve stood in courtrooms with teams of lawyers and enemies against me, taking hit after hit because the Judges involved have more or less refused to allow me to speak, refuse to acknowledge anything i’ve said and whatever I do say has been twisted and turned around on me in order to aid and abet the Defendants, whilst they have the sheer audacity to stand in court telling barefaced lies to a judge. This foolish behaviour not only breaches their practice licences but it makes a complete mockery of the justice system and undermines the entire Rule of Law. The civil cases have been extremely traumatic. I wil never forget this terror as long as I live. Whilst they though they were winning, in fact they were merely sealing their own doom because now I have all the evidence in their own words in their own witness testimony, and so the reality is i’ve been winning all along. It has just taken 6 years of an absolute battering to get the evidence to prove the case. At one time I had even chewed through my own lips through the distress of it. See my Victim’s Personal Statement. Also during these years, it emerged that the Group 2 Defendants, who are trading partners and associates of the Group 1 Defendants, began counterfeiting and defrauding me of my second patent GB2401616 and main flagship product, my fence clip. This evidence is found under Group 2 Defendants, Particulars of Claim index page. It also turned out that these firms and individuals are all part of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Group that is directed by the same individuals involved. The defending law firm Collyer Bristow made a mistake in their letter to me of 22nd August 2016 stating that they had knowledge that I had been writing to JOHN ABERNETHIE and BIRKDALE SALES (Group 2 Defendants) which suddenly made the whole thing click into place because I didn’t realise that these firms were all trading together until I received that letter. This again proves conspiracy and fraud, intent, concealment and everything else. Copy of that letter found under Defendant Law Firms pages and Evidence pages. Throughout the civil proceedings the few judges involved denied me all access to any evidence that I asked to be subpoenaed that would further prove my allegations and then they made orders against me claiming that I didn’t have enough or any evidence. This is insane and especially when the evidence I do have, would usually be enough to land the ordinary person on the street with a lifetime prison sentence. These judges have also become Defendants in my claim. The UK Government denied all access to any legal aid, and some officials deliberately interferred in the cases at the bequest of Collyer Bristow in order to throw my cases off track and give an advantage to the Defendants. This evidence and these allegations can be found under Defendant Government Officials pages, also on the Particulars of Claim index page. It has been an absolute tragedy and a complete persecution - these are crimes against humanity. It should be noted as a prominent point that the Defendants have failed to ever produce any evidence whatsoever that would give them any alibi. They’ve refused to sign any affidavits stating that that they didn’t commit the crimes, (although by now it doesn’t make any difference anyway), and they haven’t been able to say a single positive word about the product they claim to have invented - it has all just been negative, miserable criminal activity. If they had the evidence, why not simply show it to the court and say here’s our proof and alibi, you’re wrong - instead of 5 - 6 years and hundreds of thousands in costs of court cases that they couldn’t recover? To them spending that money was worth it because they thought they would get away with serious and organised crime gaining millions of pounds in revenues. There are quite a few other events involved. The Defendants had been making death threats against me telling me they were going to ‘bury me in concrete’ and there is a witness to this because they phoned him by mistake and thought he was me. They had also sent hate emails which I will publish shortly - it’s all quite pathetic really, but at the time it was frightening. The Police refused to do anything at all about it when these are also criminal offences under the malicious communications act. Other events were that the Defendants at Britannia Fasteners refused all the post and returned every single letter I sent to them. I have kept all of the letters as proof. These are attempts to evade punishment. One director David Arthur Ford even returned a registered letter claiming that he had moved house and ‘gone away’. These are gutless little cowards who don’t have any talent, any integrity, and who go around committing serious crime because they can’t think of anything for themselves. I eventually completely lost my patent GB2390104 because I was so crushed and financially battered through the events that I simply didn’t have the money to renew the patent. I kept trying to get the money together but couldn’t. Even the Patent Office (who hates me and I hate them) gave me a few extensions of time despite their unlawful involvement in this mess. It is soul destroying and inhumane. I will be lodging proceedings against the United Kingdom in the International Criminal Courts for crimes against humanity. It is in fact more serious; read my Fencebrackets Story and Victim’s Personal Statement both found on ‘The Case’ main page to understand how depraved this whole thing is. This is serious and organised crime designed to steal and defraud millions of pounds worth of intellectual property rights from an inventor because they’re too jealous and dumb to think of anything for themselves or enter into any lawful agreement. The United Kingdom refuses to enforce creative rights which is a breach of EU treaties and co-operation with Europe. It devalues human life and makes everyone’s life meaningless and worthless.

I’ve tried to bullet point the events below:

In 2004 after I approach them to ask if they would licence my patents or distribute my products - they claim they dont have any interest and that they have ‘passed on’ my idea within their group -never heard from them again. in 2004 they file a patent application on a product that they decide to manufacture that infringes my patent. This application is then abandoned when they realise they cannot get around my patent. They refuse to hand over the content of this suspect application. They publish CAD drawings which are backdated to June 2003 yet have a copyright date of 2005. The June 2003 date that we know is false and designed to try to make it look like they thought of my idea miraculously 6 weeks before I filed my patent. Other evidence of their own patent filing dates and other documents proves they did not design the product in 2003 as they claim. Their own witness testimony : ‘because 2005 is when we first sold the product’. Nobody puts a copyright date on their design drawings 2 years in advance. Evidence and explanation found under Defendant law Firms pages. They continue to make and distribute the product using one firm to order the goods in my name, one firm to import the goods from Indian and one firm to distribute the goods - a plan to try to get around the (at the time) wording of the patents act. This is a criminal conspiracy. I write to them again in 2010 still unaware of the product stolen from my Ip rights and they reply feining that they dont have any interest and ‘we don’t sell wooden fencing only metal fencing’ to try to evade the patents act by claiming a different use. At the same time in 2010 they suddenly form a new Company at Companies House and put 13m (thirteen million pounds) into it because they realise they could be caught and attempt to hide assets behind company entities, and then in a later malicious email, claim they have been ‘doing 150 years of honest business’. In 2012 the Indian Manufacturer emails me informing me they are making these goods and ordering them in my name. I try to find out what the fuck is going on and then get into rows and arguments and demand they pay me damages for stealing my work. Between April - June 2011 I demand that they show proof of ever employing anyone with the name ‘Richard Perry’. They refuse to respond or co-operate. In September 2011 by chance I have to visit HMRC to hand in my tax return. I am told by HMRC that on June 23rd 2011, ‘someone’ tried to change my tax details to make it look like I lived and worked within 45 minutes of the Defendants Head Offices. HMRC refused to make the changes because the Defendants didn’t give them the correct personal details. HMRC refuse to hand over the evidence. 2012 - 2013 The Defendants refuse to co-operate and bring a malicious prosecution based on false witness testimony and perjury to conceal their serious crime and refuse to sign any affidavits to support their claims of ‘innocence’. Their reason for suing me is because they tell the judge: ‘if anyone finds out about this we would lose business’ and their defence is ‘we didn’t know’ and ‘it wasn’t us’. Between 2010 - 2015 they recall all of their catalogues and remove the word ‘manufacture’ or ‘manufacturer’ to try to support their claims that they are only ‘resellers’ to try to avoid the Patents Act. This is called concealment and tampering with evidence and it is fraudulent to try to conceal crime. Unfortunately for them I managed to get hold of one of these old catalogues that clearly states they cut and manufacture products to customer’s specifications. Evidence that has surfaced though the five years of civil cases shown on following pages. They are aided and abetted by the United Kingdom Governmment, corrupt Judiciary and Police Force. I spend 5 years in civil litigation fighting this lot and corruption and, surprise surprise, end up bankrupted through fraudulent judgements etc. and spending 5 years writing and photocopying over 30,000 pages of casework. The Defendants have over 200 patents covering everything they sell and yet dont have any intellectual property anywhere in the world on the products I claim they have stolen from my IP rights. Law firm involved make threats that they will apply for comittal orders against me to go to prison and make threats that they will sue me for defamation if I publish anything and when they stand in court before a judge committing a multitude of serious criminal offences that should see them face life imprisonment. Evidence emerges in their own letters to me proving conspiracy and serious crime: In a letter to me dated October 2012 they foolishly (and in their mocking and ridiculing tone) referenced correspondence that I had sent to one of the firms in July 2012, that unless these firms were carrying out a conspiracy and sharing these privilleged letters between one another in order to avoid criminal charges, one firm couldn’t possibly have know about the letter of july, in october. October was the first time I had contacted the second firm alleging offences had been committed. This is put to the civil courts in their own witness testimony used to issue and serve a perjured case in the United Kingdom High Court. This is serious crime and a disgrace to the public. It should have seen them put in prison but they were aided and abetted by the Judge involved who is also now a named defendant. In a conspiracy, and under the criminal law act 1977, the plot itself is the crime, whether or not it was successfully executed and has a punishment of life imprisonment. The law firm even verifies at least twice that they have submitted these documents to the court. EVERY DOCUMENT THEY SUBMITTED IS AN OFFENCE OF PERJURY. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED.
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Page 2 onwards: Other Defendants of Group 1 and what they did, Offending products and evidence, and how they are linked and conspired with Group 2 and the Defendant law Firms.

Group 2 of the Defendants and their offences relating to the second

fencebrackets patent GB2401616. Group 2 trading partners of Group 1.

This is very important and shows how this Defendant Group have carried on committing offences against me because they mistakenly thought that Group 1 had stopped me enforcing my rights by their fraudulent prosecution that ended in my bankruptcy through corruption and crime. I will be petitioning the court to have that order rescinded. Click here to take you through to Group 2. (This little bit is repeated on that page).
Proof of product patent fraud found on page two next page. Letter to me from law firm yet again confirming knowledge of correspondence I have with Group 2 of the Defendants in relation to the 2nd patent theft by the second group, which, if the two groups were not conspiring to steal and defraud my IP rights, they couldn’t possibly know about, and wouldn’t have any lawful reason to know about. Both Group 1 and Group 2 of the Defendants are nearly all connected by their silly religious cult - they all trade with one another, are heavily involved with one another and think that they are better then everyone else because they believe in Zog. You’re good enough for them when they want your money but ask them to share a meal with you and they’ll make endless excuses. These people are going around pretending to be Christians whilst carrying out serious crime. They’re giving money to charity as tax write offs to make themselves look good and buying themselves new warehouses and lavish lifestyles from the proceeds of crime. I will write more about this in another update.

n’t us, it was them, it wasn’t them it was him, it wasn’t him it was her, it wasn’t her it was them…. BS, BS, BS….

The effect is that each firm avoids punishment under the previous wording of the patents act that was limited to the person manufacturing the goods within the territory: so one firm uses my name to order the goods from abroad under authorisation of the second firm so the first is not manufacturing anything. The second firm uses a third party manufacturer so they can claim they didnt manufacture the goods but send the goods to the UK and deliver them to the third firm so they avoid the Patents Act. The third firm distribute the goods and claim they are only a reseller and not a manufacturer and therefore did not breach the (at the time) Patents Act either. However, the defending law firm involved state in their own witness testimony submitted to the civil courts that: 1). these are all entirely separate entities, 2). that they are only a reseller and not a manufacturer: we have undeniable evidence in their own witness testimony that this is untrue, 3). they claim that ‘we didnt know and it wasn’t us’. Prior to their malicious prosecution against me, I asked the Defending law firm of the third firm to sign an affidavit to state that they were only a reseller and so on so that they would be excluded from proceedings I would bring against the firms defrauding me and they refused. They refused because by doing so would also commit Perjury and it would be signed in court. Also in 2012-2014 the wording of the patents act changed to punish anyone at all handling infringing goods. I asked them what their excuses would be now that the wording has changed. They refused to reply. However again, whilst they carefully devised this plot to get around the patents act, in doing so they commited a criminal conspiracy which led to intellectual property fraud. Wiltshire Police claim that over 20 different serious criminal offences and thousands of transactions of counterfeiting and patent theft are all the same offence as patent infringement and the Police don’t investigate patent infringement. See Police Corruption Page here which details the corruption and crime being carried out by Wiltshire Police and correspondences under Evidence page. They refuse to divulge minutes of the conversations held with the Defendants and claim that as I have made a complaint they refuse to provide the information that under the Freedom of Information Act I am entitled to see. The main Judge involved instructs mew to go to IP Pro Bono and ask them to provide me with a legal argument of infringement of the second patent by Group 2 of the Defendants and then take it back to him. I do what he tells me. IP Pro Bono ask for my argument on counterfeiting which I present in a precise and accurate way. They ask me ‘what is your argument for validity of your patent?’. My reply is: Because the United Kingdom Patent Office granted my patent and on the back of that grant of rights, I invested decades of my life and hundreds of thousands of pounds. I also present a very good and accurate definition of counterfeiting. The IP Pro Bono then say: “we’re glad to hear you are going to take criminal proceedings and therefore we’ve closed your file.” Ip Pro Bono refused to provide me with a legal argument and refused to provide the name of the person behind the emails. The IP Pro Bono Unit is heavily involved with the Judge making all the corrupt and fraudulent judgements. By IP Pro Bono agreeing with me, it proves his judgements are fraudulent and therefore they closed the file instead. The only possible outcome from IP Pro Bono could have been that the product infringed my patent, because to say anything otherwise would clearly implicate them in participation in corruption and serious crime. Bristol Official Receiver hold conversations with the Defendants, then deliberately inteferre with the cases before the Bristol and London Courts and refused to sell me a right of action until after the September 2015 hearing when the corrupt judge involved dismissed my claim using the reason about locus standii and due to not having the right of action as it was held by the Official Receiver (OR). The OR staff then contact me after the hearing and say: we’re sorry we didn’t have time to reply, we can sell you a right of action now for 150 pounds. I agree to this and ask where to send my cheque and then they refuse to sell the right of action anyway and immediately fob the case off onto BT law group who refuse to co-operate and unlawfully take action to futher injure me. Fraud by abuse of position of a trustee, aiding and abetting, perverting the course of justice, subornation to fraud and perjury. I then go back to Action Fraud who sent the letter stating there are several viable lines of enquiry for a Police investigation and they now claim they can’t see how there is any crime. This is corruption and there is obvious tampering and interferrence by Government Officials who have been bribed by the Defendants who are doing everything they can to evade punishment. The Defendants then bring an application for another restraining order against me that is wholly based on hundreds of pages of false witness testimony and perjury and the very same judge refuses access to the evidence and then gives them their restraining order when he should have been giving them a jail sentence for doing it. Collyer Bristow LLp wrote a letter to me on 22nd August threatening to apply for a committal order against me and they were desperately trying to find a reason that they could pursure in court to claim I had breached the injunction against me, depsite it being obtained through their own crime and the unlawful aiding and abetting by the main judge involved Richard Hacon. This proves that the Defendants don’t have any hesitation in going to any lengths necessary to protect their silly little firms and their Christian organisation based on crime.
REF to: 25 page bundle of correspondence, 20 section white index bundle of perjurious witness statements authored and signed by the Defendants. From the above after the hundreds of pages of evidence are verified by the Defendants themselves in relation to correspondence that was shared between the Defendants for the only purpose of concealing crime and trying to get away with it, I ask the following question (and these are law firms and barristers who have taken oaths to practice with integrity): The problem is Mr. Wheeler, that unless, (as you state several times in your own witness statement), your ONLY client, on 15 th October 2012, ‘FH Brundle’, WAS IN FACT ‘working together’ with Betafence Ltd, and sharing privileged and confidential information about my complaint, for the only possible purpose of conspiring to injure me or concealing their conspiracy, how could you or your client ‘FH Brundle’ have possibly known that KOB acting for Betafence Ltd had written to me on 25 th July 2012? (3 months before I had ever contacted their client). Their own witness testimony states : “these firms are entirely separate entities” and that “they are definitely not working together and that has never been the case” and they verify that they have submitted all the false, misleading and untrue statements to the court themselves, and the judges involved have allowed them to carry on doing it for SIX FUCKING GOD DAMN YEARS OF MY LIFE. Basically if the firms are ‘entirely separate entities’ and are ‘definitely not working together’, there literally isn’t any lawful way that one firm could have know about my letters to the other. This is in black and white in undeniable and indisputable evidence. When I put this to the Court in the March 2017 hearing, the Judge involved supports them saying one could have gone to the other asking for indemnity over the alleged offending product. He cannot come up with any other explanation. I say ok then, if that’s what happened (which we all know it didn’t) then lets see a copy of that letter and the evidence (which would have to be tested in a lab and proven to be authentic that might possibly give them an alibi). Judge says “ oh, well, no” and refuses all access to any evidence and then immediately orders a second restraining order against me when he is well aware the defendants standing before him are committing serious crime right in his face, and these are fucking law firms for Christ’s sake!! Law firms bound by oaths and practice licences!!! If the Defendants could produce that evidence, then why not offer it freely to the court and say “here’s the evidence, you’re wrong” - when you are being accused of serious crime?? An honest person, and especially a chairman of a national firm, doesn’t immediately start concocting court cases and legal defences after receiving one letter of complaint if they know they are innocent and if they could provide evidence if they have any that would give them an alibi. Also even if one firm did go to the other asking for indemnity - what they are doing is comitting serious crime and therefore any indemnity would be invalid. The Judge is then contradicted yet again by another of his own colleagues, Judge Birss who makes a subsequent judgement 14th June of 2017 that states : “the true purpose for the evidence [I was requesting evidence to be subpoenaed] is to support Mr. Perry’s claim for conspiracy and fraud because it would prove those documents don’t exist” (therefore proving my allegations). This judge still denies access to the evidence. This whole thing is shameful and dispicable conduct. I have appeals left in those cases to rescind the restraining orders but i’ve lost all faith in that sinister and abusive sleazy civil court. It is a court run by corruption and crime, aiding and abetting crime. Sleaze.
Update Jan 2020: After all of the above, Begbies Traynor Group confessed in 2019 that FH Brundle then attempted to buy the very patent from Begbies Traynor Group in Dec 2018 - intent in getting their hands on my work at any costs necessary, even undermining the United Kingdom Justice System, the Patent System and bribing and corrupting Government Officials and Police Officers to carry out their sinister crime.