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Richard Perry Versus.
To demonstrate how I have tried to mitigate this situaiton, in 2015 I offered the Defendants yet another chance to settle my claim for only £5m after tax and in addition £100,000 in cheques; said cheques made payable to half a dozen people that have also suffered the dreadful consequences of this case. The cheques were to be accompanied by a compliments slip from the Defendants that simply said ‘with sincere apologies’. The point of it was to offer a few people some reward or compensation for consequences they had also suffered - my ex-girlfriend and my mother amongst the priority. The Defendants declined my offer. In fact they declined every offer and claimed that they didn’t have any intention of paying anything at all without judgement of a court - a court that they have paid off or bribed and know that will protect them at any cost. Nor have they ever been able to demonstrate proof of funds to pay me. So to clarify: they’ve conspired to defraud me, concocted an evil plan to steal patents, carefully executed this plan, made themselves millions of pounds, spent that money that belongs to me and indulged themselves on their big homes, their big bonuses and new cars and now can’t afford to pay me. They’ve all given themselves a big pat on the back at their big Christmas parties, chinked wine glasses together and given big speeches and high fives about profits made from products they know full well they have stolen and which they neither thought of in the first place or paid for. They have indulged themselves in the proceeds from crime such as buying new Coventry warehouses. If there is any justice at all for this horrendous breach of position and public trust then they should be going to prison for a very long time. During the civil court cases a group of them sat at the back of the court laughing and giggling at my helplessness and hearing the obvious judicial bias against me and the Judge allowed it to continue, more or less joining in with them. It was humiliating and bewildering. This Judge is a Defendant in my case. You can read more about his involvement on the UK Judicial Corruption page click here. I’m no longer interested in offering pitiful settlements to these criminals - I just want to put them in jail for life imprisonment and for the tens of millions of pounds they have defrauded me of. I cannot find words, or words do not exist, that can comprehensively quantify the depth of emotional destruction that these wretched repulsive little men have caused. In other correspondence to me their defending law firm claimed that this is all my own ‘misfortune’ for trying to enforce my creative rights against worldwide firms of organised crime. I pointed out to him that they’re certainly not Hollywood lawyers; they are just petty little dishonest crooks with a licence to practice law. Hence my request for the disbarment and revocation of their licences to practice law. Then perhaps they can have a long hard think about what would have caused their ‘misfortune’. As one can imagine, this is very embarrassing for me having to detail these events and put this out in the world and it has diminished all of my pride and sense of accomplishment and manhood. I hope that nobody else ever has to go through this type of detrimental life altering event just because they want to create something and help make the world a better place. It isn’t just me who has suffered; there are many others who are being abused and having their creative rights stolen by big corporations but who don’t have the courage, tenacity or resources to stand up to these powerful corporations. These firms need to be brought to account for their recklessness, irresponsibility and organized crime and I hope my case makes a difference to them as well. In 2015 I entered into a new relationship with a long term friend, and at the time, I thought the civil cases were coming to an end and that I would have had compensation and restitution. I didn’t realize that the truth of the situation was that I would have corrupt judges making fraudulent and abusive judgements against me and that I would face a mountain of dishonesty and corruption from the Judiciary itself in order to try to prevent my claim being litigated. These judges have deliberately watered down and diluted the spirit and integrity of the entire patent system. These Judges involved in this corruption have been reported to the Police and there will be charges brought against them.However, in regards to the new relationship I entered into, this too has almost been completely destroyed after 18 months due to myself being completely impoverished through the consequences of the crimes, and being unable to even afford to spend any enjoyable amount of time with my partner. I thought there was fresh life ahead of me and I mistakenly believed that the tail end of this dreadful situation was in sight and that the Courts and the Police were going to do something about these hideous and ungodly circumstances. Sadly, not a single Authority in the United Stinkhole Shitty Kingdom has done anything at all to intervene and protect my rights, and all I am doing day by day is watching life get washed down the drain and my friendships and relationships fade away. I’ve been forced to sign relationship agreements which deadens the whole spirit of a conjoined relationship and leaves a bad and resentful taste in one’s mouth. It makes me feel alone and that the relationship doesn’t really have the depth or meaningfulness that it should have. It should be noted that some of the Defendants have just opened a new Coventry distribution centre, paid for from the proceeds of crime. They continue to distribute goods that have been stolen from my patents and continue to unlawfully make vast sums of money and laundering it into new revenues, without any conscience whatsoever. They call themselves Christians who think they are so far above anyone else that they refuse to share a meal with people not in their silly little club, known as the Plymouth Brethren (exclusive) Church. This is all going on whilst I’m left clinging on to remnants of my life and standing helplessly over my annihilated business looked upon by an apathetic Government who delightfully receive and enjoy tax revenues made from the proceeds of organised crime. I don’t have any doubt that when the Defendants read this, their automatic reaction will be to laugh, ridicule, jeer and belittle the immeasurable suffering and losses I have endured which is a direct consequence of their greed, jealousy and hideous organized crime. I don’t care what they think or what they say; thieves don’t have any goodwill towards others as proven by their actions. If I had the choice of either putting them all in jail for at least ten years or a multi-million pound payout, I would rather put them in jail. That reflects how badly I have suffered, and a few million quid isn’t going to do anything to put me back in the position I would have been in. By putting them in jail at least the message is loud and clear that I’m not prepared to put up with having my work stolen by every little fool that comes along who can’t think of anything for himself. I believe this statement to be true. Richard Perry

Update Summer of 2018:

In recent years and almost a year after the break up of my previous relationship, I reconnected with an old flame and entered into a new relationship. I went to live in North America, and already that relationship is also now on the rocks due to the severe mental and financial trauma that this sinister situation has had upon me. I’ve been forced to sign up ‘relationship agreements’ for the reason given to me ‘to protect us from your court debts’ which has driven a deep wedge between me and my current partner. It was her miserable yappy little mother behind it because when we discussed it several years ago we agreed we wouldn’t have any of those types of agreements because it breeds distrust and separation. It drives an immovable wedge into the relationship. So good or bad whatever would have happened we were not going to have one. A year later after it has emerged that her parents and I just don’t have anything in common and don’t like one another at all, and after speaking to her friends, she suddenly approached a lawyer and had an expensive and legitimate Agreement drawn up, which I signed reluctantly because that’s what she wanted. The good news for me is that if and when I ever come into any wealth, guess who isn’t going to see a penny of it! Again - all signed up in their own words in legal agreements. I’ll have the last laugh on that one. I thought that I would have had the bankruptcy order rescinded in 2017 when I presented undeniable evidence of serious crime much of which is presented in the Group 1 Defendants and Defendant Law Firms pages, and didn’t expect to come up against more judicial corruption and the United Kingdom Government treating people’s lives as trivial and meaningless, which is exactly what they’ve done. This is really a murder - a slow, long, agonising murder - because if I don’t get any resolution soon I don’t think I can take much more of it. My whole life has been ripped apart. The other evening I had driven up and parked next to the kerb (sidewalk) and was eating a sandwich across the street from a nice restaurant. I saw a truck pull up and park and a group of lads got out and went to meet another small group in the car park of the restaurant. They were outside for about ten minutes laughing and chatting between themselves. I was alone and without any friends, nobody to talk to or connect with, and I sat there thinking to myself that it must be good to have friends. It must be nice to have friends. A simple pleasure that is one of the things that makes people’s lives and which makes a life worth living. I begun remembering the friends/acquaintances I used to have over my lifetime and it made me feel extremely sad and depressed to have nobody around at all. Nobody to go out with or join in any fun with, and all because the United Stinking Little Shithole Sleazy Kingdom, the nation of sinners, has been sending agents to follow me around and investigate me, and allow and encourage serious crime to be perpetrated against me. I now automatically distrust anyone and everyone I come into contact with. I don’t want anything to do with anyone. I find it impossible to make any new friends because of it. This is severe trauma, anxiety and oppression and it is cruelty and crimes against humanity. I don’t even have the simple pleasure of having a group of friends. I am going to pursue my claim and allegations until I bury these people, because these loathsome little shits don’t deserve to walk the earth as far as i’m concerned, and they certainly don’t deserve to have the privilege of trading in any business whatsoever. I hope I can find someone in Authority that will land a multi-billion dollar claim on these little cowards to bring them down and put them out of business for good. Would someone come forward and explain what the point or meaning to life is? If you’ve made it to the very top and a bunch of little low life losers can just come along, beat you to shit and then get protected by the Police, the Government and the Judiciary, what is the point of striving to achieve anything at all?? What is the point of having hopes and dreams? It’s all completely pointless isn’t it.
Victim Personal Statement Continued Page 3
Update Jan 2020 - Mental Torture, Oppression, and Divorce. Sadly, and very emotionally painfully, my wife decided to file for divorce in 2019. Because of my horror story and because everyone knows i’ve been left bankrupted and impoverished due to crime, her parents heavily pressured her to leave me because I didn’t have any means of providing a family home due to organised crime. Now i’ve had to respond to a divorce case as well, which has left me completely fucked, and my life barren of anything good. The best way to make money in the United Kingdom is to go around stealing and cheating people, STAB THEM IN THE BACK, BEAT THEM TO DEATH, and whilst they’re dying fuck them up the asshole with a spiked iron rod, because the UK Government, Judiciary and Police Force will allow you to do it as long as you don’t try to enforce intellectual property rights or your lifetime’s investments. Their conduct breaches the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11. and I demand compensation and damages in excess of $1bn to be paid. I’ve had word from the Australian Patent Office that all my AU patents have now been lost due to non payment of maintenance fees which I had no way of being able to afford due to being left destroyed by the Defendants. As anyone can see from reading the Home Page and 2019 Confessions Page, even after the United Kingdom Police Force and Authorities have received confessions from some of the law firms involved proving all of the crime from the beginning and proving the case against me that led to my bankruptcy and loss was brought by serious crime, the Police Force do absolutely nothing. Nothing at all to make any arrests, detain any suspects, and don’t even have the human decency or integrity to provide any update whatsoever in 18 months of their serious complex fraud investigation. Beyond that and beyond all respect for human life, the Police actually deliberately destroyed evidence in order to try to conceal their own corruption and crime - supporting worldwide firms going around murdering people. Besides breaching the Victim’s Charter, this is a serious breach of international peace and of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11. and it has left me bewildered and losing all faith in any Authority whatsoever. I advise anyone in these circumstances to take the law in to your own hands because otherwise you WILL suffer years of your life going WITHOUT ANY MEANS OF TURNING BACK THE CLOCK and you’ll never get any justice from any United Kingdom Authority. I still contemplate death and suicide and the feelings are far more prominent and exaggerated at times when I just don’t have any money left, because my career and business have been destroyed. Not having any money and having large bills to pay is an enormous pressure and worry all of it’s own as everyone knows, besides being butchered by worldwide firms. I have had to continue suffering terrible nightmares that leave me physically injuring myself when i’m actually asleep, meaning that they are so bad that whatever is going on in the dream and subconsious mind must be coming through to my physical body. An example is: I must be physically, lashing out or having fights in my sleep and it is causing me to actually fight with my physcial body even though i’m technically asleep. I’ve broken things and damaged furniture and objects to wake up finding blood on my toes and fingertips that I can’t explain. It is terrifying. Not forgetting at one point I chewed through my own lips. Even when i’m awake, i’ve been smashing things up through sheer frustration and torment - damaging things that had value to me and then when the rage subsides i’m sorrowful because i’ve broken things that had sentimental value to me. No amount of money is going to be able to heal these horrific events, and yet the United Shit Hole Kingdom does nothing to stop it, even when the Defendants have confessed!! Therefore, that on top of the feeling of being shunned, ostracised and persecuted by the so called ‘Authorities’ is phsychological torment and torture and I demand compensation and damages are paid in excess of GBP150m. It will be a billion if I have to take it to the International Criminal Court. Money doesn’t mean anything at all once you’ve lost decades of your business and career, all of your friendships and relationships and marriage, on top of being robbed of the chance of having children. Decent women and compatible partners do not want to go anywhere a Victim of serious and organised crime. Imagine trying to explain all of this to a future long term partner! I don’t have anything to talk about except court cases and crime. I’ve lost all love, passion and enthusiasm for life. It is a misery. United shitpit murderous little cunts Kingdom. Even my language which never used to be foul or ugly has become full of hate and misery and swear words - I feel completely degraded and after I made a phenomenal achievement and contibution to the world. This is what you get if you invest in the United Shit Pit Kingdom - you get murdered and tortured. I don’t know how i’m still alive or how i’ve managed to get through all the days, weeks, months and years. The only hope I have is that I will win this situation, get closure and be able to re-start my products and find a new woman to share my life with. That being said, i’ve been torn away from someone who I loved and married and now even though I do want a family of my own and need to find a new woman to share the rest of my life with, I don’t really have any enthusiasm for actually meeting anyone. I’ve lost all my confidence and all my youth has gone. Getting over a divorce and being forced out of a marriage is destroying. I’m now too old for having children and parenting because the last 8 years, all the good youthful years before middle age, have been robbed from me - all the good years where my marriage is unlikely to have broken down had the United Murderous Little Cunt Kingdom taken action years and years ago. Any decent reasonable person would find this deplorable and abhorrent. The only people that wouldn’t find this barbaric are those committing crime and trying to make excuses for their own pointless and meaningless lives. I pray that someone will come along and sink that wretched nation to the bottom of the Atlantic, and good fucking riddence. Rid the world of the misery of the world - the United Kingdom. Even the Royals don’t want to live there anymore according to the press. I didn’t use to be a person using this ugly foul language which has become full of rage and hate. This is a direct result of torture and serious crime by little like the Defendants. I want them jailed. MENTAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE PAGE CLICK HERE